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 Season 1

Episode 47

(Passing By)

Looking at the gentle eyes of Albert, Isabella asked hesitantly, "Albert, will you really help me?"   

 "As long as you listen to me and do whatever I ask you to do, I will help you."    
"Okay,"  Isabella answered firmly. "As long as you will help me, I will do whatever you ask me to do."   

 Albert smiled and said playfully, "What if I ask you to kill someone?"    

"Kill someone?" Isabella felt a wave of anxiety smother her. She shrank herself in her seat. Her face turned completely pale.   

 Albert had turned into a wolf in sheep's clothing. He seemed so pleasant but Isabella knew that she would be in danger if she didn't listen to him.   

 "I...I will do it." Isabella submitted to his request.  

Hearing her answer, Albert gently patted her head like he was petting a puppy.    "Go to Ye Group and meet Kristina Ye. She will help you." When Albert mentioned Kristina Ye, the female CEO of Ye Group, a certain tenderness appeared in his eyes.   

 "Ms. Ye?" Isabella thought the Song family was going to help her. She wasn't expecting Albert to ask her to meet the Ye family, one of the three most powerful families in Lexingport City.   

 "As you know, among the three most powerful families, the Shi family is the most powerful and the Song family is the least powerful. The only one who can compete with the Shi family is the Ye family. So now you have to go beg Kristina for help." If there was any conflict between the Shi and Ye families, the Song family would benefit massively.   

 Albert refused to be the least powerful of the bunch. He lusted after more power.    

"But she may not want to meet me. The Ye family and the Shi family don't really have conflicts." Isabella was about to cry again. She was nowhere near influential enough to ask the CEO of Ye Group to help her.  

"You just need to tell her that I asked you to meet her, and she'll meet you. Whether she will help you or not depends on what you can give her in return,"  Albert said calmly.    

"What I can give her in return?" Isabella then quickly understood what he meant. Her family made skin care products. One of their natural products was the one most sought after. Maybe if she offered the recipe, she would get help from Kristina Ye.    

Did she have to hand over the recipe then?    

"I see." At the end of the day, her family was going bankrupt regardless of whether or not they had the recipe.    

"I like working with smart people. You know what to do. Go ahead,"  Albert smiled, pleased.   

 Nina stood at the intersection of the traffic lights about to buy some cake.    She suddenly saw the Maybach that almost ran her over a few days ago.  

It was John's car! The window slowly opened as a fair hand stretched out, gesturing for her to come over to the car.    

He used this gesture every time he called her.    

Nina couldn't help but walk towards him.    
Through the window, John looked at the young girl approaching gracefully. Her black hair was tied up loosely with a few strands hanging beside her mouth. He could do nothing but marvel at her.    

"Hi, little girl. Nice to meet you again,"  John said casually, as if it was just a random encounter.    

Without thinking too much, Nina asked him, "Why are you here?"    

"Passing by,"  John said nonchalantly. He was lying but he had to keep up his playboy persona.   

 He didn't have to act like this, but Adrian and Henry said that was what women were drawn to.  

It was no secret that John was quite a serious guy. To change his whole image in such a short space of time just made him look foolish.   

 Nina felt he was so weird.    

She became more and more convinced that it was because she hit him too hard that time she was drunk. He probably had some type of brain damage.   

 She felt incredibly guilty. He was kind enough to bring her back that night and yet she bit him. She really wanted to take him to the hospital at some point.    

Nina was just confused now. "Do you usually get off work so early?" 

   Nina raised her wrist and looked at her watch. It showed that it was three past five. She did a rough calculation and knew that he was off duty around four o'clock.    

John looked at Nina's watch. It was an ordinary digital watch with a green band. However, when she raised her hand to look at the time, John saw red numbers displaying the time, as well as the hour hand and minute hand rotated. He studied it closely and realized that there was more than met the eye. It was very well crafted with a few small buttons.  

This was no ordinary watch. It was one of a kind.    

He suddenly remembered what Henry told him. Maybe Nina was actually rich. After all, she could buy a car and drive it out the showroom like it was nothing.    

She clearly wasn't as simple as he thought.    

John looked at Nina with a deeper look in his eyes. He must find out who she married.    

"The company is mine. I decide when I get off work."   

 As he spoke, he stopped concentrating on the watch.   

 Nina was surprised at his sharp remark.    
His company would surely go bankrupt sooner or later.    

While she stood there, she received a call from Michelle.    

Usually, Michelle would send messages via WeChat. Why was she calling her? Something must have happened.  

As soon as the call connected, a sob came from the other side.    

"Mimi, what's wrong?" Nina's face quickly became filled with terror.    

Michelle was sobbing uncontrollably. "Nini, come and save me. I'm in the FG clothing store on the tenth floor of HD Square."    

"FG clothing store?" Nina had never been to HD Square to buy clothes. Her clothes were sent to her regularly, so she had never of the store.   

 "The Fashion Goddess. It's a popular fashion chain,"  John answered from the car.    

Nina glanced at John and coaxed, "Mimi, wait for a moment. I'm coming to you right now."    

Although she didn't know what exactly happened, she was worried purely because Michelle was crying.  

  It was going to take too long to go get her own car. Moreover, she had no idea where this store was. It looked like she could only turn to John to help her out.  

"John. Can you drive me to HD Square?"   
 "Sure." John nodded. Nina thought he was just helping a person in need, so she was grateful. As soon as she got in the car, he leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Aren't you going to thank me?" She knew it was too good to be true. He was never person to help someone out of the kindness of his heart.    

She had to do something for him as well.    

"Mm?" His warmth slowly surrounded Nina. His deep voice, with a little chuckle, came to her ears.  

  Nina said, "Thank... Mmph..."    

Before she could finish, John lowered his head and kissed her on her red lips.  

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