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Season 1

Episode 46

(Go To hell)

Before she went in search of Nina at the university, Isabella went into the living room and hid a knife in her bag.

She knew that there were only two outcomes depending on what Nina said. If Nina agreed to help her, the Zhang family could still be saved; if Nina refused, the Zhang family would go completely bankrupt.

If Nina helped her, she would show her gratitude by letting her go. If she refused however, Isabella was going to kill her.

This was all uncertain though. The only thing that was absolute was that she had to avenge herself. Nina had constantly disrespected and beat her in almost every aspect. She needed revenge.

She thought that the only course of action was to kill her. She refused to let her live her life knowing what Nina had done to her.

She surveyed the area and saw just a few people walking around, here and there. There was a row of trees between the sidewalk and the road, tall enough to hide her.

She surveyed the area and saw just a few people walking around, here and there. There was a row of trees between the sidewalk and the road, tall enough to hide her.

Isabella clenched the knife in her hand and walked towards Nina step by step. Every time someone walked by Isabella, she hid the knife behind her back and faced her back towards the trees.

She hastily marched onward, getting closer and closer to Nina.

'Nina, go to hell!' Isabella screamed on the inside.

"Nina!" Suddenly, Albert appeared. He was waving and walking over to Nina.

Isabella was shocked. She hid the knife behind her back and tried to slide it in her bag. She lowered her head, hoping nobody would notice her.

Albert, however, seemed to see the knife in her hand.

What should she do? How was she going to deal with this?

Isabella's heart was in her mouth. She gritted her teeth and her body tensed up. She pretended nothing had happened as she turned around to leave.


Albert said, stopping her.

'Oh my God! Albert would surely try to defend Nina.

Damn it! Nina! Why is Albert always there to help you out?

How do you have such good luck?' Isabella questioned inwardly.

Isabella's rage flowed through her body like blood flowing through her veins. She grabbed the sides of her clothes and tugged on them violently. She probably wished that she could tear Nina's face like that.

Nina turned around and glanced at Isabella. She stared at Albert a little confused. "Are you looking for Isabella?"

"Yes, I have something important to talk to her about. Be careful on your way back, okay?" With a gentle smile, Albert walked past Nina and called Isabella again.

Isabella was always quite fond of Albert. From the first time they met at the charity dinner, she was completely infatuated by him.

Albert was very gentle and handsome. He was the top student in L University. To top it all off, he was now the head of the Song family as well.

More importantly, Albert stood up for her a while back and she had never forgotten that moment.

From that moment on, Albert was the only man in Isabella's eyes. She had to have him. She had met Albert several times after that, but he didn't seem to remember her.

It was not until she went to L University and became friends with Nina that Albert remembered Isabella, the apple of the Zhang and Fang families' eye.

That was all she ever was.

"Albert, why...why are you here?" Isabella wiped the tears from her eyes while her lips quivered uncontrollably. She didn't dare look up at him because she couldn't bear the judgment. She was terrified that Albert knew what she was trying to do. Isabella knew how well Albert treated Nina. It was yet another reason she hated her.

Albert still smiled and looked at Isabella's lowered head. His steely gaze lost its intensity and turned quite soft. "Come with me."


She was expecting an interrogation but he didn't seem to care. Isabella was dumbfounded and looked at him with tearful eyes. Albert had already walked over to his Maserati a few meters ahead.

Isabella hurried in pursuit. She felt even more nervous sitting in the car.

Usually, no woman was allowed in Albert's car. Only Nina ever sat in it and she did so on several occasions.

Isabella finally got to sit in there, so she should have been elated. However, the darkness in Albert's face was really unsettling her.

After what had happened just now, Isabella felt perturbed and finally asked, "Albert, what do you want?"

Albert didn't answer, but looked sideways at the empty alley across the road. The alley was tight, squashed between two large buildings. There were various bits of rubbish on the ground which didn't help the rough aesthetic. If you went far enough down the alley, nobody would be able to see you.

Surely, this was the place you would try to kill someone.

After a while, Albert withdrew his sight and said slowly, "If I were you, I wouldn't try to kill someone in such a public place."

Kill someone? He knew!

"What?" Isabella's face turned deathly pale, like she had seen a ghost.

He did see the knife!

If Albert knew that she was about to kill Nina, would he get justice for her?

"Albert, what are you talking about? I don't understand," Isabella stammered, feigning ignorance, and couldn't help trembling.

Albert admired her courage. Seeing her trembling only tarnished that image. "Why are you trembling?"

"What? I'm not trembling." Isabella's palms were sweating. She looked up at Albert, who looked back out the window.
He put one hand on the steering wheel and impatiently tapped his other hand on the bottom of it. His soft smile quickly turned rather wicked.

"If I were you, I would lead Nina into a corner without being followed. Then I would kill her and make it seem like she committed suicide."

"I...I didn't. I didn't want to kill Nina. I didn't." Isabella shook her head and denied. She felt her spine tingle as she feared that Albert knew her plan. She was petrified. "I just wanted to ask Nina for help, not to kill her."

Hearing Isabella's trembling voice and feeling her inexplicable fear, Albert felt a great sense of satisfaction.

He turned his head again and got close to Isabella. He touched her head and raised her chin. "Nina can't help you, but I can. Why didn't you come to me?"

Facing Albert's sudden enthusiasm, Isabella was at a loss. Tears of excitement flashed in her eyes. She grabbed Albert's hand, as if holding a glimmer of hope.

Maybe she could finally save her family. Maybe Albert had a thing for her.

Albert didn't seem to share her fantasy. He looked down in disgust at her hands clutching his wrist. He waved them away dismissively.

Isabella withdrew her hands sulkily and didn't know what Albert was going to do.
"I have a way to save the Zhang family, but you have to listen to my every word, understand?" He pinched her cheek playfully, still hurting her though. He still had a smile on his face, ignoring what was happening.

Tears streamed down Isabella's face. Albert withdrew his hand in disgust. How did he change so much from the Albert she knew?

He continued smiling but somehow looked more evil than ever.



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