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Season 1

Episode 45

(You get what you deserve)

At around 4:30 p.m., near the L University campus    

On her way to her apartment, Nina chanced upon Isabella who suddenly appeared out of the blue.   

 But the Isabella in front of her was no longer arrogant and domineering. Instead, she looked depressed and downtrodden.   

 Her face looked tired, her complexion a little pale, and the makeup on her face wasn't as delicate and carefully applied as before. It seemed as if she was anxious to meet someone, but she was unwilling to be looked down upon, so she had hastily put on a casual makeup    Isabella, who used to spend hours trying to tidy up her curly hair every day, had now just combed it smoothly behind her. Despite that, it was still a little messy and unruly.  

In comparison to her previous glory, she now looked browbeaten and oppressed.   
 "Nina, please let our family go,"  Isabella begged pitifully and lowered her head before bursting into tears.   

 Never in her life had she ever thought that she would one day be begging Nina, a bumpkin, for mercy.    

But she was really left with no choice. Her whole family was in a mess right now, and the company had fallen apart in an instant. The Zhang family had gone bankrupt, and her family could only live with the Fang family.    

The Fang family could have helped the Zhang family, but the Shi family warned them against doing so. Otherwise, even the Fang family would be targeted.    

Isabella had always thought that even if the Zhang family went broke, she would still have the Fang family behind her, and she would be able to inherit the Fang Group in the future.  

But her father had bluntly told her that her family name was Zhang, not Fang. If she were to take over the Fang Group in the future, she would be despised by the Fang family. It would also affect the future development of the Fang Group in a negative way because she was the one who had offended the Shi family. Every person who had offended the Shi family would suffer their merciless wrath and meet their end.   

 In the end, her father was left with no choice now and no one was willing to lend them a helping hand.    

No one was bold enough to dare to go against the Shi family in fear of their backlash.    

Left with no other option, her last resort was to come and ask Nina for help. As long as Nina was willing to say something to James on their behalf, the Zhang family would have an opportunity to make a comeback.   

 "Nina, I'm so sorry. I'm really very sorry. I was wrong, it's my fault. Please forgive me. Please tell Mr. James Shi to let me off,"  Isabella begged as she burst into tears, her thin body pitifully trembling in the wind.  

Seeing how the once proud girl had been diminished to such a lowly status, Nina was not able to bear it. In the past two years that she had been in Lexingport City, it was Isabella who had been her constant companion. Although she was not as true and kind-hearted as Michelle, Nina was still grateful to Isabella.    

"Truth is, it wasn't James who dealt with your Zhang family. Had it been him, I would have already pleaded on your behalf, regardless whether or not he will listen to me. The person who dealt with your family is James' uncle, John,"  Nina revealed. By telling her the mastermind of her misfortune was the only way she could think of helping Isabella.    

As for what James had told her about John doing it for her sake, she was still very doubtful, and couldn't believe that he was doing it all for her.   

 Lately, she had heard a lot of negative rumors about John. He had always been cold, ruthless, and had shown no interest in women at all. Therefore, it would be impossible for him to do such a thing just because of a woman whom he had met by chance.  

She could just be a passing fancy because her pretty face had caught John's attention, thus resulting to him treating her a little better and more pleasant.    

With John's strong and domineering character who could elicit fear to people around him, he would not be as shallow as to deal with the Zhang family just for a mere woman.  

  People like them, who held high positions in society, were always scheming against each other. They had to carefully weigh the pros and cons of everything they did before taking the first step. So in order to maintain the dignity and dominance of the family, they had to punish those who had offended them as a warning. People shouldn't bother the Shi family. Or else, they themselves would be in danger of being next in line.   
 "Mr. John Shi was the one who did it?!" All the illusions and hope in Isabella's heart had been instantly shattered into a million pieces. She heard that Nina had fallen in love with James, so she came to ask Nina for her mercy.  

But how come it was not James? Why did it have to be John?    

Once John had made a decision, it was like water that was poured out. No one would be able to save the Zhang family.   
 "What should I do now? Oh, what should I do?" Isabella whined and helplessly collapsed to the ground. Her face was covered with tears and her eyes were swollen and red from crying so hard.    "It's cold to sit on the bare ground. Get up first,"    

 Nina advised her and bent down to help her up, but Isabella seemed to think of something and her eyes lit up again.    Isabella held Nina's hand in a tight grasp and raised her head to beg Nina, "Nina, you can definitely help me, right? Are you not in love with James? If so, then Mr. Shi is also your uncle, and he could even be your elder. Please, go and beg Mr. Shi, okay? I'm begging you, please let go of our family. Nina, please."  

Nina frowned with annoyance. She felt a chill in her heart when she heard what Isabella said. How could she have been blind all these years and not known that Isabella was such a vile person before?    She abruptly withdrew her hand and said coldly, "Isabella, you are mistaken. 

James and I are just friends. James may not listen to what I have to say, let alone his uncle John."    

"You are just friends?" Isabella gasped incredulously. She didn't believe her one bit, and thought Nina was lying through her teeth. Out of desperation, she roared, "Are you saying that just because you don't want to help me? Everyone says that you have fallen in love with James."    
At that moment, Nina's anger had not yet reached its breaking point, and Isabella had flared out first. Did Isabella really think she was that easy to bully and take advantage of?   

 In this case, she would have no qualms and regard for old friendships.  

Nina chuckled, "Isabella, if you had not tried to frame me and taken advantage of James, do you think you would you be like this?"   

 "No! That's not true!" Isabella retorted furiously. "You were the one who seduced James and you made James misunderstand me. Didn't you beat me up?"   

 Isabella was so enraged that she stared at Nina as if she wanted to kill Nina right there and then. Her grasp was so tight that the bag in her hand had been deformed by her grip.    

"In the end, you get what you deserve. It's all your fault." Nina was looking down at Isabella while they talked. She was standing, but Isabella still sat on the ground. From afar, it looked like Isabella was the one who was being bullied and suppressed by Nina.   

 Isabella was rendered speechless by her harsh words and kept sobbing relentlessly.    

"Tell me honestly. Why did you give me that perfume? Why did you slander me on the school forum? Why did you betray me?" Nina asked with her heart on her sleeve. She had always wanted to know the reason, but she never had the chance to ask Isabella until now.  

She didn't have a chance, nor did she dare, in fear of getting hurt. Isabella was the first friend she had made in the past eighteen years of her life. She had accompanied her for two whole years. 

And all throughout, she thought she hadn't done anything wrong to Isabella.    But why did she have to do such heartbreaking things against her?   

 "Why did I betray you?" Isabella smirked with envy through tears, contempt and disdain apparent on her face. She slowly stood up, still thinking highly of herself like a noble princess.    

Since Nina couldn't help her anyway, there was no need for her to play the innocent party and pretend.   

 "Not even once have I ever treated you as my friend. You are just a lowly orphan without money, power or impressive family background. Do you really think you deserve to be my friend, Nina? 

Would I even try to get close to you if you are not good-looking enough to have caught Albert's attention? Who do you think you are? A country bumpkin who wants to be together with Albert. It's impossible."  

Hearing the mocking and sarcastic words coming from Isabella's lips, Nina realized how much Isabella hated her. She stared at Isabella for a while and couldn't say anything at the moment.    

So, everything boiled down to her beautiful face and Albert.    

Nina was not so surprised by Isabella's words anymore. She had initially thought Isabella was different from others and that she was just a little spoiled. How wrong she was to have believed in Isabella!    

"Isabella, don't appear before me anymore and get out of my world,"  Nina asserted in a frozen tone and left without looking back.    

Seeing that Nina was walking away in an arrogant manner, Isabella was so deeply antagonized. "The nerve! Get out of your world? You had the audacity to harm me like this, and now, you just want me to get out of your world?"    

Isabella was holding her bag tightly and she put her trembling hand into it. Like a mad woman, she took out a fruit knife and held it tightly in her hand. She fixed her gaze at Nina's unprotected back viciously.  

"Nina, you need to pay back what you owe me with your very own life."  

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