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 Season 1

Episode 44

(Call him by his name)

"Wait!" Since Nina was leaving, John didn't want to go on pretending to be in pain anymore.    

He stood up and straightened his slightly wrinkled clothes. Without asking for her permission, he simply said, "I'll drive you to school."   

 "What did you say?" Nina asked, flabbergasted. What did she hear just now?   

 "Are you seriously sending me to school?" she asked again when he didn't reply, and felt that something was out of line.    

Was he scheming to play tricks on her again?    

"Is there anything wrong?" John probed. Why would she not believe it? Did he look like a bad guy who was out to hurt her?    Besides, why would it be strange for him to send her to school?  

He didn't think there was anything wrong with it.    

Nina had already become his woman. Of course, there was no issue to send her by himself.   

 "No, but don't you need to go to work today?" Nina raised her hand in protest and indicated him to look at his own watch. It was already eight o'clock in the morning.    

There was still plenty of time before her class began, so she would not be late. 

But for John, that was not the case. If he went straight to work now, he could still arrive at the company on time. However, if he insisted on bringing Nina to school, he would definitely be late for work.    

"No, I don't,"  he argued. Could the company not operate normally by itself if he didn't arrive at work on time? If not, then why did he have to spend so much money on employing so many people?  

  For the time being, sending Nina to school was the most important agenda for the day.  

Nina blinked incredibly. With such an uncaring boss, the company would definitely go bankrupt.   

 But she could not refuse. In the end, she still let John drive her to school himself. The moment she left the North Yard, she felt that she had indeed made a wise decision. If no one drove her back, she might really have to walk some distance to school.    

The North Yard was located on the hill and was so far away from the city.    

After getting in the car, Nina kept vigilant at all times, in fear that he would leave her halfway. There was no way for her to buy a car here. On the other hand, she was a little afraid that he would take revenge on her. It would be easy for him to drive her to the mountains, and try to do some lewd things to her.   

 Thus, Nina kept a close eye on the road ahead, and was concerned of her environment. From time to time, she would pay attention at John to gauge his mood. She had to be vigilant and careful in order to be able to protect herself well.  

"Uncle John, is it okay for me to address you in this way?" Nina inquired to make polite conversation. The first step to negotiate with others was to call his name in a proper way.   

 In actual truth, she was still at a loss on how to address him. If it was up to her, she would just call him by his name.    

But ever since she had known him, she hadn't heard anyone call him by his name directly. Everyone addressed him in a respectful way.   

 "No, it's not,"  he replied, and clenched the steering wheel in a tight grasp.    

He didn't want to hear Nina calling him Uncle John, because it would sound as if his nephew's wife was calling him.  

  It was, after all, pretty obvious to everyone that she was his woman, not James'.   

 In an instant, his hatred for James flared up again.  

Meanwhile, Nina continued to look at her surroundings. The trees on both sides of the window were dazzling, and her heart was thumping with anticipation. She could sense that the speed of the car became obviously faster, and she grabbed the seat belt with her hands out of fear. Gradually, the speed returned to normal after a while.   

 With a lingering fear for her life, Nina pried softly, "Then how about Mr. Shi?"    "Mr. Shi? I don't like that." He couldn't accept the fact that Nina would address him as Mr. Shi as it sounded like they were not that close.   

 "Then, how should I call you?" Nina questioned anxiously. What was this man trying to imply? Why couldn't she call him Mr. Shi like others normally do? 

   She really wanted to lift his skull to see the inside his brain and know what he was thinking of.    

When he heard Nina asking him for his personal opinion, the expression on John's face softened considerably. With a small smile at the corners of his mouth, he conferred, "What else do you have in mind except for those two? What do you want to call me?"  

"Well, are you asking me?" It was a big surprise for Nina that he asked her for her opinion.   

 'What's wrong with this man? Was it because I have beaten him too hard last night after getting drunk, and it caused some serious sequelae or trauma to the brain?'    

She carefully took note of John's appearance. His head was not deformed, and there was no bald patch anywhere on his head. His hair looked perfectly normal, slightly curled and black, with a little maroon highlights.    

His face was, without a doubt, good-looking, of course. He had dashing high eyebrows and starry eyes which could draw a person in. His pursed lips were actually not very thin, and they had a tinge of pink color. He would often inadvertently lick his lips, which was hardly noticeable, but would leave a lasting seductiveness to his actions.   

 Just like now, he had licked his lips again, ever so captivating. He looked very irresistible from all angles.  

Nina thought that in this time and age, good-looking men were common. 

Whether it was purely natural borne out of good genetics, or by well-packaged artificial means, any person who had the means would not look ugly. But for John, it was effortless. He didn't have to do anything, smile nicely, or say anything pleasantly to become charming. To top it all, he was born with an undistinguished dignity.    

At the moment, he was not wearing a business suit. What he had on was a simple white shirt with a loose bottom hanging down to his thighs. Below, he had put on black trousers. The way he dressed was simple and casual, making him look like a twenty-year-old young man. He did not have the usual heavy aura that he emitted whenever he was wearing a suit.   

 Thus, Nina kept staring at John with a slight admiration.    

Despite herself, she had to admit that John was really charming.    

"Is there anyone else in the car?" John had been staring ahead while driving and didn't notice that Nina had been gaping at him for quite a while already.  

Had he noticed it, he would have felt more confident in his handsome and charming face.    

Nina's thoughts were stopped in their tracks. She just wanted to give herself a beating in her heart. How could she have kept ogling John and even had such nonsense thoughts about him?    

"Okay, then I'll call you with your name." At the end of the day, Nina thought it was proper to call him by his name.    

John readily agreed with a passion. He felt it sounded more like they were contemporaries, bypassing their age gap.    

Now that they had finally decided on the way how Nina would address John, she needed to have a good austere talk with him. "John, I have hit you twice and you have already retaliated against me twice as well. Now, we are clear and on equal footing, aren't we?"    

"What? What did you just call me?" His attention was completely focused on the way Nina had called him. Very few people called him John. They didn't even dare to do so.  

How could hearing his name being called sound so pleasant to the ears when it came from Nina's sweet lips?  

  "I called you John,"  Nina retorted, a little stunned and somewhat disappointed. Did he even hear and understood what she just said?   

 "Okay,"  John replied with a satisfied smile. "We are clear now."   

 The past would be buried in the past, and the future would be the future.    

"Really? Are you sure?" Nina was beyond ecstatic that she almost cried out with glee. She could not clearly figure out the meaning of his words and had to confirm to avoid any misunderstanding. "You won't trick me behind my back again, will you?"    

She wasn't worried of John taking his revenge openly and aim his attacks directly at her. What she was really scared of was his underhanded tricks behind her back.    

Most importantly, he even had her friend involved in the mess. It was not easy for her to find a friend, so she didn't want Michelle to be involved in any kind of trouble simply because of her.  

"Am I that kind of person in your eyes?" John asked in a relaxed manner. A faint smile was visible on his face, but the smile was true and it came from the bottom of his heart.    

Even though the weather that morning might have been cloudy and misty without the warmth that sunshine would bring, but he felt as if he was surrounded by a radiant warmth that enveloped him. 

   Nina nodded without any hesitation. "Yes, you are."   

 As usual, John was rendered speechless by her tactlessness. Why did she have to speak out so bluntly what she had thought of in her mind?    Suddenly, he found the grey mist really annoying.    

When the car arrived near L University, Nina insisted on getting out of the car from a safe distance. Since John couldn't change her mind to drop her off at the entrance, he had to agree. While she was not looking, he gave her a peck on her warm lips. Seeing how she ran away at breakneck speed with a red face, he grinned happily, pleased with himself.  

'Oh, it's so sweet, ' he silently rejoiced.    

That day was a first for John not to go to work on time. Everyone in the company began to feel nervously agitated and uneasy because it was out of the ordinary. Through their WeChat group messaging, they asked Henry for the reason why he was late.    

As a result, Henry's phone kept vibrating throughout the whole morning. Since he was following John around, he was made to suffer a lot.    

"I can hear you've got plenty of messages, remember to reply one by one,"  John casually said and turned around. This was another precedent because it was quite unusual of him.   

 Henry was speechless for a moment. After confirming for several times that John wasn't blaming him, he replied apprehensively, "Yes, I'll reply to them right away."    

"Okay, do that,"  John told him as he pushed the door open and entered the office unhurriedly.  

Henry had to gasp for breath after John went inside. He had not expected John to let him go that easily and he did not even scold him just now.    

He quickly replied to the WeChat group message. "Mr. Shi is in a very good mood today. Those who need him to sign the documents, please come up quickly before his mood changes."    

In a flash, there were more than ninety-nine messages that popped out in the WeChat group. Someone even asked Henry out of curiosity why John didn't come to work on time this morning, and Henry didn't bother to give any reply.    

At four o'clock in the afternoon, Henry sent another message in the WeChat group that surprised the employees even more.    

"Mr. Shi has left and got off work earlier than usual."    

By then, Henry really felt that John would become a fatuous and witless CEO sooner or later.  


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