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 Season 1

Episode 43

(It's feels so good)

When Helen came out of the kitchen again, she saw John pushing Nina against the table and kissing her. She quickly raised her hand to cover her eyes and sighed, "Oh, these young people nowadays!" These young people couldn't help but make out with each other even at such an early hour.    

Helen silently turned around and went into the kitchen before the two could notice her presence. She decided to make another bowl of porridge. When it was almost done, the noise outside became louder. Helen blushed with shyness and put several red dates into the porridge.   

 About ten minutes later, the noise of intimacy outside subsided.    

Helen had been taking care of John for more than ten years now. In all these years, no woman could ever get close to him, let alone make out with him.  

Helen took the golden opportunity to inform Sam. It wasn't until then that she figured out that the woman John had brought back was his wife.    

She was overjoyed with excitement.    

John was now thirty years old. It was the right time for him to establish a family.  

  And if there were a few more babies to come, the North Yard would be very lively and homey.    

Helen went out with two prepared breakfasts, grinning from ear to ear.    

"Mr. and Mrs. Shi, it's time for breakfast."    
John and Nina had already sat down. Nina's face was blushing, and she didn't dare to say a word. John, on the other hand, was in a jolly mood and smiled.   

 After their battle of wits, he was able to unravel a rule when it came to dealing with Nina. She would be at her most vulnerable clingy self when she got drunk, and would be at her most obedient state when it came to physical communication.  

From now on, he had a technique that he could use against her. If ever she had the urge to hit him, he would let her drink. If she wanted to scold him, he would gag her mouth with a kiss.    

"Mr. Shi, this is the seafood porridge you wanted me to prepare. Mrs. Shi, this red dates porridge is for you,"  Helen said as she put the two bowls in front of the two. Then she went to the kitchen and brought the rest of the breakfast.   

 Still blushing, Nina raised her head and looked at the feast before her—milk, bread, eggs, bacon and fruits of different variety. All of them looked really healthy.    
As Nina didn't have dinner last night, her stomach began to protest in hunger. She began to eat red dates porridge first.    She didn't dare to take even a peek at John at all. Her mind was full of the scene that happened just now, and his seductively teasing voice still remained ringing in her ears.    

"Here, take this seafood porridge,"  John offered and pushed the seafood porridge in front of Nina. He proceeded to take the red dates porridge for himself, thinking that Nina liked seafood more.  

His voice was very magnetic-sounding, soft and a little hoarse, arousing something primal in her. Hearing this, Nina pursed her lips in a tight line. This voice was very similar to the one that had just murmured tempting words into her ear.    

"Okay,"  Nina nodded. Her faint nasal voice sounded a little soft and shy.    Hearing this, John's heart skipped a beat. He reached out his hand and touched Nina's head tenderly. His eyes were full of affection.   

 "Mr. Shi, this red dates porridge is made especially for Mrs. Shi,"  Helen reminded him in time before he could eat it himself.   

 It was not until then that John noticed that Helen had been addressing Nina as Mrs. Shi. The smile on his face deepened with contentment. He explained, "She likes seafood porridge."    

On the side, Nina tensed up a little. It didn't matter that much to her when Helen addressed her as Mrs. Shi, but for John not to refute it was one thing. To make matters worse, he even answered back.  

What was he trying to imply?    

Nina struggled with confusion in her heart, while slowly putting the seafood porridge into her mouth.    

"But red dates porridge can nourish the blood and build up energy. It is good for her health." Helen stopped him in a hurry, seeing that John was about to eat the red dates porridge himself.   

 'Mr. Shi must have tortured Mrs. Shi for a long time last night. Now, he is going to eat her red dates porridge. Poor Mrs. Shi!' she thought to herself.    

"To nourish blood and build up energy?" Both John and Nina looked up at Helen in total confusion.  

  Helen smiled kindly, as if telling them that she knew everything and there was no need for them to be shy in front of her.    

"Red dates porridge is beneficial for Mrs. Shi's health. Mr. Shi, you can eat something else." Helen turned around with a knowing grin and texted Sam as soon as she entered the kitchen.  

The two at the table looked at each other rather awkwardly, and then both of them immediately looked away, seemingly guilty. They kept a safe distance from each other, but Nina could still see her own reflection in John's clear eyes, and it made her heart beat erratically.   

 This kind of itchy and titillating feeling made her blush again. She looked like she had applied rouge on her cheeks, making her appear even more beautiful.    
Nina was really going crazy!    

Why did she have to blush uncontrollably as soon as she saw John?   

 'Calm down, Nina!' she told herself inwardly.   

 Seeing how she avoided any eye contact with him, John guessed with accuracy that she was shy, so he became more complacent and sure of himself. Though he was unaware of the meaning of Helen's words, he pushed the red dates porridge over to Nina and smugly said, "Eat this later."  

As he was speaking, John couldn't help but stroke Nina's head with affection.    

Ever since he saw her crying after getting herself drunk last night, John found Nina very cute and adorable.  

  "Don't you dare touch my head. I am not your pet,"  Nina warned him while taking his big hand away, and bravely stared back at John.   

 If the man touched her again, believe it or not, she would beat him back without mercy.    

"Okay, I won't touch you anymore." John consented instead of getting angry, and smiled. Then, he pinched her face. "What if I pinch your face?"   

 The nerve of this man!    

Nina's anger burst all of a sudden. How could he be so shameless? 

   She was so mad that she brazenly stared straight at John and almost opened her mouth to give him a bite.  

"It feels good,"  John teased, not afraid of the little girl at all. No matter how angry she would become from now on, she would always be cute in John's eyes.    

His little girl was so adorable that he wanted to pinch her cheek all the time. At the thought of this, he stretched out both hands and pinched her cheeks.   

 "Don't touch me!" Nina gritted her teeth in frustration and forcefully grabbed John's hands. Seeing that his hands were caught, John realized that the little girl was really livid with anger.    

He thought he was about to be thrown in a suplex. When he was about to let go of her, he keenly noticed that she was about to move her foot. Just as he wanted to dodge, a devilish idea occurred in his mind, and he deliberately failed to guard against her attack.    

Nina kicked him hard on the abdomen and forcibly threw him half a meter away from the chair. She didn't seem to have noticed that she was putting in less force than she usually did.  

"Oh, it hurts..." John complained as he covered his stomach with a big hand and pursed his lips tightly. He seemed to be a little angry and helpless.    

Nina raised her chin with pride and conceit, moved her neck, and glanced at him haughtily to challenge him. She could, however, not stop her face from blushing.    

She decided to eat the red dates porridge leisurely. John felt both mad and funny at the same time.    

The more tolerant he was, the more rampant and shameless she became.    But he was more than willing to put up with her tantrums like this.   

 While in thought, John suddenly heard a sound from the kitchen. He immediately brought the chair back and sat down in a relaxed manner, pretending as if nothing had happened just now.    

"There, good girl. Drink it all up." He carefully picked up the red dates porridge, spooned it, and handed it to Nina's mouth to feed her.  

Nina was speechless. 'What is wrong with him?'   

 Helen, who had poked her head out of the kitchen to take a look at how they were progressing, sighed with relief. "Mr. and Mrs. Shi seem to love each other so much."   

 Seeing how lovey-dovey their interactions were, she continued with her work in the kitchen.    

John frowned again with annoyance and continued to feed porridge to Nina.    

Why did Helen have to come out at such a crucial moment? He had already planned to pretend to be in pain and take the opportunity to force Nina to take care of him.    

But now, someone was watching him on the sidelines. How could he still pretend? He still wanted to keep his dignity after all.    

However, Helen was bothering them like an unwanted chess piece!  

  Nina abruptly grabbed the spoon from his hand and ate up the rest of the breakfast herself. She left nothing for the man who was still frowning and holding his stomach painfully with his big hand.  

'Is her heart made of stone?' he wondered.   

 He had pretended to be in so much pain, but she didn't even bother to look at him or ask him how he was. Instead, she ate all the breakfast on the table.    

Nina caught a glimpse of John's pitiful deep eyes. It seemed it was as if he was waiting for her to take the initiative to care about him. Without his knowledge, he acted more like a spoiled child.  

  Nina couldn't help but chuckle at the mere thought, but quickly became serious after a short while.  

  'Calm down, ' she told herself again to pacify her spiking emotions.    

"I have to go now because I still have classes." Nina stood up and was about to leave. If she were to take a glance at John again, she was afraid that she would lose her resolve to be tough with him.    

Wasn't he himself the embodiment of coldness and ruthlessness? Why did he change all of a sudden?  


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