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 Season 1

Episode 42

(Verbal gratitude)

The following day, the morning sun slowly rose in the horizon. A glimmer of light coming from the east carefully dyed the light blue sky with warmth. Soft wind swept the curtain, making ripples.    

Morning had come and brought with it a tranquil silence.    

Meanwhile, Nina was slowly waking up and groaned as she came around. She turned over unconsciously and rolled over from John's supple and comfortably warm body to the bedside. When she came in contact with a slightly cold place, she pulled the quilt tightly around her, leaned her back against John and gravitated closer to him.    

As she did so, John's body tensed up beyond his control. His eyelashes trembled slightly, and he stared helplessly at the ceiling. After a few seconds, he breathed a long sigh of relief.   

 He was not able to sleep last night.  

His chin was covered with stubble, and his hands and feet were sore and numb. It was difficult for him to move and even a slight movement would cause pain all over his body.    

Nina had a good night's sleep, while he, on the other hand, had almost been tortured to death.    

Well, he had to get up now, even if his sore muscles were in protest.    

He got up quietly, took a shower to refresh himself, changed into casual clothes and went downstairs wearing his slippers.    

This villa was called North Yard. It was located on an exclusive hillside in the suburb of the city. Standing on the balcony, one could overlook the whole city. It was also the only villa here.    

This was John's place of residence. The villa was not that big, and consisted only of two floors and a small yard. Covered by the early morning mist, the place had a quiet and tranquil ambiance.  

"Mr. Shi?" Helen Li was the servant who was responsible for taking care of John's daily diet, as well as his basic daily necessities. This morning, she got up early as usual and was about to go to the market to buy fresh ingredients. To her surprise and confusion, she found John already awake.    

She looked at her watch. It was only half past five. Why was John up so early?    

"Hmm,"  John replied and reached out his hand towards his head to pinch his aching temples. He felt a little uncomfortable because he wasn't able to sleep all night. In the past, he made it a habit to make sure that he would sleep well every day.    

But this was the second time in the past month that he hadn't slept at all throughout the night, and it was all because of Nina. The very same Nina, who was still sleeping soundly in bed, completely unaware of the havoc she was wreaking on John.    

"Helen, make one more breakfast this morning."  

"Yes, sir." Helen was even more confused, but didn't dare to ask more.    Just as she was about to go out, John called her again and said, "Make a bowl of seafood porridge."    

He knew Nina liked eating seafood.    

He had seen her eating seafood porridge with gusto in the Seafood Restaurant the last time they dined there.    

John sat on the sofa comfortably, turned on the TV, and silently watched the news. When he smelled the aroma of breakfast wafting out of the kitchen, he slowly went upstairs.    

When he pushed the door open, he saw that Nina had wrapped herself like a cocoon, revealing nothing but her face, which was glowing like a pink rose.    

"Wake up, sleepyhead. Breakfast is ready,"  John said as he reached out his hand and tenderly patted Nina on the face. She frowned with annoyance, mumbled something incoherently, turned around and continued to sleep without a care in the world.  

Suddenly, an impish idea came into John's head. He raised his voice and shouted, "Fire! The house is on fire!"   

 "Fire? Where is the fire? What are you waiting for? Come on, let's run!" Nina abruptly woke up from her dream and jumped up in panic.   

 'Oh my God!    

We've got to run!'    

She was about to run to the door in a frenzy, and did not notice that she was not in her small apartment, but in John's bedroom.    

With a smirk on his handsome face, John crossed his arms and looked at her leisurely.    

She really was so cute that he could watch her all day.    

Nina ran to the door as fast as she could, but she suddenly stopped when she seemed to have brushed past something in her haste.  

When she turned around, she saw John, who was standing idly with an annoying smirk on his lips. 

 Before she could grasp why this irritating man was here, she turned around and grabbed his wrist with urgency, ran out, and lambasted, "Stupid man, don't just stand there. Run!" At the same time, John was briskly dragged out by Nina and they ran downstairs together. 

The whole process was smoothly completed in less than two minutes. 

Just then, Helen Li came out of the kitchen with a bowl of seafood porridge in her hands. She saw a petite woman wrapped in a quilt running frantically towards her, followed by the towering John. He didn't look like he was angry at all, and even ran with the woman happily.  
"Mr. Shi, what are you doing? What is happening?" Helen Li asked in confusion, unable to contain her curiosity this time around. 

 Nina stopped running and with her eyes wide open, she stared at the servant in front of her. She had a bowl of porridge in her hand and was oblivious of the fire that was supposed to be raging.  

What the hell was going on?    

Nina blinked her eyes incredulously. It was really not an illusion. In front of her was a kind-looking woman more than 40 years old, and they were in a spacious and bright living room. Not even a scent of smoke or a flicker of fire were visible.

 The big screen on the wall was broadcasting news. Seeing the standard broadcast, Nina was brought back to her senses.    

As soon as she turned around, she was met with the mischievously smiling eyes of John. She was dragging him behind her.    

"Did you lie to me just now?" Nina asked John. Aghast, she loosened her grip, looked around and added, "And can you tell me why I'm at your home?"    

Helen Li, who was standing next to them, correctly guessed that John had taken Nina here last night without her knowledge or consent.    

Why would John do such a thing?    

"Have breakfast first,"  John uttered, trying to change the topic. He walked to the table and sat down elegantly.  

'What breakfast? How could he talk about breakfast?    

He hasn't answer me yet.'    

Nina angrily followed him, pounded her palm impetuously on the table, and fiercely asked in a bitter tone, "Tell me, why am I at your home?"    

The last she could unmistakably remember was that she drank the whole bottle of wine last night. But as for what happened afterwards, she had absolutely no recollection at all.    

"You came here with me voluntarily,"  John stated. Anyway, it was partly true. Last night, it was Nina who wrapped herself around John's body and didn't allow him to leave.    

"That's impossible!" Nina strongly refuted in disbelief. She would never be willing to go anywhere with him without coercion.    

Also, she clearly remembered having called James before she started drinking, and he agreed to come right away without hesitation.  

"I asked James to pick me up last night before I lost consciousness. Did you two conspired with each other to bring me here instead?"    

John was speechless beyond words. There was no need for him to connive with anyone if he wanted to take a woman away.   

 When Nina woke up, she didn't even bother to thank John. What was worse, she even had the audacity to mention James in front of him   

 Dismayed and unhappy, he retorted, "James didn't go there last night to fetch you, so you begged me to bring you back instead."    

Nina's eyes widened with incredulity. She was flabbergasted.   

 'James didn't come to pick me up?   

 And I begged John to bring me back?'    Nina didn't believe it one bit, but John's indifferent poker face seemed to be telling the truth.  

When John saw that she was already starting to believe what he said, he cunningly sneered and teased, "You threatened me last night to bring you home, and you even said you would deal with me."    

She had said that in his ear in a murmur. Had she said it in a normal tone, he believed that she would really do so.  

  But after getting drunk, she became a totally different person from her usual personality. He couldn't help but feel itchy and aroused when he thought of what she had said.    

If she had really wanted to deal with him in bed last night, he would definitely have given himself to her freely and willingly.

    'Well, that sounds like what I would usually say when I get drunk.' Nina was a little stunned. She slowly withdrew her hand from the table, and sized John up and down. Thinking of her habit of beating people up when she was drunk, she couldn't help but feel guilty.    

Based on previous experience, she never showed any mercy to anyone when she beat them up after having gotten herself stone-cold drunk.  

Fortunately, John's face was fine with no traces of having been beaten.    

If something had happened to his face, he would definitely take revenge on her.   

 Biting her lips out of guilt, Nina turned around and uncovered the quilt. She was relieved to see that the clothes she was wearing yesterday were still the same she had on today.    

However, the smell of alcohol remained on her clothes and she could not stand the stench. She had to cover her nose with her hand. Then, she threw the quilt on to the sofa and sat next to John. In a hushed manner, she mumbled humbly, "Thank you."    

As a consequence of her getting drunk, he must have suffered a lot. She hoped in her heart that her much appreciated verbal thanks would make up for whatever damage she had caused.    

John was exuberant. The little girl knew how to be grateful after all. The pain caused by her sleeping all over his body for the whole night had not been in vain. 

 "That's it?" Pretending to be dissatisfied, he turned his body sideways and looked meaningfully with his mischievous grin.  

  Nina was stupefied. What else could she do but say thanks? As a man of high status, he didn't lack anything, so she couldn't give him anything of material value. She whispered hesitantly, "I've already thanked you verbally."    

The next second, he kissed her with a fiery passion.  

  Nina couldn't say anything and was left speechless. Looking at his handsome face, she was so startled that her mouth was left opened wide. He took the opportunity to stick his tongue into her mouth.    

'This is what you could call a verbal gratitude, ' he thought.  

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