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 Season 1

Episode 41

(Throw herself into his arms)

"Fix your hair!" John tested his hypothesis with a serious look.    

As expected, Nina tidied up her hair obediently without any complaint, revealing her whole face. Her face was clean from any makeup and her small mouth was slightly pouted. She was just sitting there limply with her eyes slightly closed.   

 "Here, drink some water."    

John held a bottle of water in front of Nina and she simply took it without demur and drank it. Water drops were still on her lips after she finished drinking it.    

"Wipe the water on your mouth,"     

he ordered, and Nina did as he said. 

   From then on, no matter what John asked her to do, Nina would do it without any objection.  

John was inexplicably glad that she would be this obedient and would listen to whatever he said when she was drunk.    

After a while, John scolded her, "Why did you drink?"    

This time, Nina didn't answer right away. She lowered her head morosely and kept quiet for a while. Eventually, her eyes became moist, and big drops of tears fell uncontrollably.    

Nina missed her family so much.    

Although her parents would always scold her and forced her to do many things against her will, she knew her parents dearly loved her. It was just that they didn't know how to express their love in the right way.    

Her parents were not aware of the fact that Nina was very fragile and insecure and needed their care and love. They didn't know that she longed for their company and didn't want to be forced into doing something she didn't want to.  

If not for her caring bother who had accompanied her throughout her ordeal, she would have collapsed and given up    Thinking of her brother made her even more morose, and she couldn't help but burst into tears.   


John was startled by her sudden whining, and he stared at Nina, who kept on crying desolately.    

"Why are you crying? Stop it." Although John had only known the little girl for less than a month, he knew how strong her personality was. Every time he saw her, she would deal with problems in a calm and sensible manner.    

Why was she crying so dejectedly now?  

  His voice might have sounded a bit harsh and accusing, but he had not laid a finger on her. What caused her to cry so dreadfully?  

He quickly took out a piece of tissue to wipe her tears away. He was at a loss and patiently explained, "I was not scolding you just now. All I did was ask you why you drank?"    

John put an emphasis that he was just asking, and was in no way reprimanding her. Henry, however, was of a different opinion.    

Henry gloated in his heart and thought, 'You sounded so fierce that Mrs. Shi was scared and began to cry.'    

As soon as John wiped away Nina's tears, she cried even louder than before. Had there been no person to give her comfort, she would have cried for a short while only. But since someone was comforting her, she couldn't stop crying and was soon drowning in her own tears.    

"Boo...hoo..." She sobbed incessantly.    

"Don't cry. Stop crying." Never had John ever encountered such a situation before.    

Henry said, "Mr. Shi, please try to coax her. She is still young."  

"Coax her?" With his tyrannical character, he wouldn't know how to coax anyone.    John was so unaccustomed to Nina's cries that he could do nothing but wipe her tears.    

But the more he wiped, the more tears she would shed. John just took out more tissues to wipe her tears for her, but he didn't open his mouth to coax her. After all, he had no idea what to say.    

She pursed her lips and continued to sob, and eventually, her loud crying turned to quiet sobbing. She sniffed with sorrow and her shoulders trembled.    

Nina looked at the man who was wiping her tears. No one had ever wiped her tears before. Her parents had strictly admonished her not to cry. Whenever she cried, they would tell her that she was useless. So on the very few occasions that she had indeed cried, she even had to find a place where no one would see her shedding tears.    

Growing up, she had heard these harsh words ever since she was a child, so she seldom cried, much less dared to cry.  

But she couldn't keep it in any longer. As a matter of fact, all she ever wanted was to have a warm and loving family. In the future, she must be a good wife and a good mother, so that her child wouldn't experience the same pain and struggle that she had been through.    

"Boo...hoo..." Once again, Nina's bout of crying intensified and she burst into tears. She threw herself into John's arms and buried her head to seek comfort in the man's chest. Her cry became much muffled.    

John's hand stopped in the air in surprise. The tissue in his hand slid through his long fingers, floated out of the window, and disappeared into the night in silence.    

When Nina threw herself into his arms so trustingly, he jolted in surprise and his heart seemed to tremble a little.    

This was the first time ever that the little girl had thrown herself into his arms out of her own volition.    

Still able to hear the little girl's muffled cries, John frowned with concern and gently held her in his arms. He patted Nina's back, as if coaxing a child to sleep.  

He had learned this method from his sister-in-law. When James was still a child, he would cry non-stop and he had always coaxed James to sleep in this way.    

Unconsciously, John became much more compassionate to Nina. He gently patted her on the back with care until the crying sound in his arms became lighter and lighter. After some time, her sobs finally turned into long breaths.    

Nina must have gotten tired of crying her heart out and eventually fell asleep while she was drunk.    

She was curled up into a small ball, with half of her body nestling comfortably in John's arms. One of her hands tugged at the sleeve of his shirt, like a homeless child afraid of being left all alone.    

In fear of waking her up, John didn't dare to move his body even slightly. He just sat quietly on his side and asked Henry to slow down.   

 When they arrived outside of his villa, it was already quite late at night. Both of John's legs were numb from Nina's weight, but he didn't have the heart to wake her up. She was still sleeping soundly.  

Outside the window, a gust of cold wind blew in. Feeling a little cold, Nina shrank back into the warmth of John's arms, wishing to lean her whole body in to warm herself up.    

Only the back windows had been closed, and the cold wind came through the front windows which had been left opened. As soon as he saw Nina shiver, Henry closed the front windows and bravely sneaked a peek at the two people who were leaning against each other in the back seat.   

 It was a rare sight for Nina to be so obedient, and it was an even rarer sight for John to be so gentle.    

"Mr. Shi, why don't you carry Miss Lu upstairs to sleep? It's not comfortable to sleep in the car,"  Henry suggested in a low voice for fear of waking Nina up.    

John looked down at the little girl in his arms and couldn't help but touch her head tenderly. He carefully held her head in his hands and leaned back against the back of the seat so that he could carry her upstairs.  

It was early April, and the night was still a little cold at that time. As soon as Nina left John's embrace, she frowned with annoyance, pouted and put herself back into John's arms.   

 "It's so warm here,"  Nina muttered contentedly, still half asleep. Her face remained as red as earlier, and she pulled the sleeve of John's shirt even tighter towards her.   

 John felt helpless. Awake, she would wish to stay as far away from him as possible and would not initiate any contact with him, but now that she was drunk and asleep, her behavior was the exact opposite. She was even trying her best to lean against him as intimately as she could.    

There was no reasonable way to deal with the little girl.    

He had to think of a way to bring her out of the car without waking her up.   

 After thinking about it for a while, he could only carry Nina out by letting her leaning against him. He covered her with a blanket to keep her warm before he moved his body and carefully got out of the car.  

As soon as she got out of the car, the night wind blew a cold gust, and Nina trembled from the chill. She leaned towards John again, her hands clung around his neck, and her head was hanging on his shoulder.    

As Nina moved forward and clung so helplessly at him, John was aroused. He looked embarrassed and his Adam's apple unconsciously rolled twice.    

'This is sheer torture!' he thought.    

He turned around and carried her into the bedroom.    

She was covered with the blanket and her body structure looked very large. In contrast, John had a slender figure and with the way he was carrying her, from a distance, they looked like a panda hanging on a bamboo pole.    

Henry was thrilled at the sweet scene before him and sent a message to Sam, informing him with glee that John and Nina would be together as a real couple soon.    

"Little girl, listen to me. Let go of me,"  John admonished Nina as he wanted to put her down to sleep. However, she was like an octopus, tightly grabbing his body and didn't want to let go.  

No matter what he said, she didn't let him go.    

Helpless, John was left with no choice but to lie down beside her and let her sleep like this.  

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