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 Season 1

Episode 39

(I'll Deal With you Later)

John was willing to wait for Nina.    

It didn't matter if she didn't want to drink; he would convince her to do something else.    

He was going to wait, but not everyone was as patient as he was. Wilson, who had been trying to get the money, grabbed the whole bottle of red wine in John's hand and opened it.    

He was dying to get the three hundred million. He just needed her to drink, then he could surely secure the money. He was so excited, he almost jumped out of his skin.    

Adams couldn't stand it anymore. He stood up and shouted at Wilson, "Nina doesn't want to drink. Why are you opening the wine?"    

"Shut up! Don't you want the three hundred million? Don't you want to start the project again? You know what we have to do."  

Wilson came from such a high social class that you would expect him to be a little less crass.    

Mr. Zhu, who was watching aside, smiled menacingly. "Yes, you can get three hundred million dollars if you drink the wine. Mr. Shi has shown you nothing but respect."   

 "Miss Lu, drink it now,"  Wilson urged, handing Nina the bottle.   

 This wasn't a request, he was forcing her at this point. He didn't simply pass her the bottle; he lifted the bottle to her mouth and kept telling her to drink.    

Staring at Wilson's face, Nina paused for a few seconds. Suddenly, she raised her leg and kicked him hard. He stumbled back against the wall and shattered the vases in the cabinet.   

 Bang! Bang! Bang!    

Several vases fell to the floor, crashing into a million useless pieces.  

With a muffled groan, Wilson's face turned stark white. He curled up in the corner and slumped to the floor with the wine bottle in his hand. The bottle shattered as well leaving broken glass on the floor. He didn't seem to notice as his hands had shards of glass piercing his skin. Fresh red blood mixed with red wine flowed onto the floor.    

Most of them were stunned. They stood up and looked at the mess on the floor.    John, on the other hand, was calm and gazed at Nina appreciatively. It seemed that he knew what she was going to do before she did it.    

He put his right hand behind his back, an ashtray in it. He wouldn't admit it, but he had just tried to help her.   

 He wasn't blind. He saw that Wilson was trying to force the wine down her throat. He was about to smash his head with the ashtray, but she was faster.   

 "What did you do?" Adams' team members saw what Nina did and frantically stood up to question her. Their legs trembled at the sight of this crazy woman.  

Looking at the Nina, everyone else felt a little scared in all honesty.    

They weren't expecting such a little girl to be so feisty. She could kick a grown man and knock him down like it was nothing. It's like she had superhuman strength.    

"Don't you dare order me around again!" Nina dusted her hands and picked up a stack of tissues from the table. She threw them on the floor and pressed the sole of her right shoe on them. She seemed to be wiping her shoe clean.    She watched Wilson wail on the floor, and sighed.   

 It'd been a while since she actually worked out. She couldn't control her strength; she had wanted to knock him out.    

She decided that she needed to practice her fighting skills more often in the future.    

Mr. Zhu didn't expect such a violent explosion from her. He was just counting his lucky stars that he wasn't the one that provoked her.  

It was still a bad idea to hit someone in front of John though. Perhaps she was still a little too immature.    

A devilish scheme crossed Mr. Zhu's mind. If he could get John to punish her, he could swoop in and save the day.

Maybe that would be enough to steal her away from him.   

 "Mr. Shi gave you that wine. How can you be so disrespectful and break it right in front of him?" Mr. Zhu said emphatically. He was trying to draw John in by questioning his authority.    

Was John really going to take the bait that easily? John was somewhat fabled for how he dealt with his enemies. Was this going to be one of those moments?    
Everyone else waited on the edge of their seats to see what he was going to do with Nina.    

All eyes on her, Nina glared back and said, "Why are you looking at me? You should send him to the hospital? Are you waiting for him to go by himself?"  

"Yes, send him to the hospital."    

"Wilson, Wilson..."   

 Wilson's men finally decided to rush to his aid.    

Adams heaves a sigh of relief. At least he knew Nina was able to protect herself.    

Nina turned to him and smiled gently. "Uncle Adams, please go to the hospital to check up on him. I can get the three hundred million for you."    

He hesitated for a bit but finally nodded.    
After watching him leave with a smile, Nina stopped smiling and said bluntly, "Will you give me the money after I drink the wine?"    

She flipped her expression so quickly it was actually shocking. She composed herself so well, nobody was really sure what just happened.    

"Yes,"  John said with a slight nod.  

Then he ordered for another bottle of wine to be brought to them.    

Neither of them reacted to what Mr. Zhu said. It was like they were in their own little bubble. It made Mr. Zhu feel so small and worthless. What could he do though? He wouldn't dare question them so he had to just accept his position.    Looking at the wine in front of her, Nina was a little hesitant. She knew that she could very easily get drunk and someone could take advantage of her.   

 What would happen if she got drunk and hit someone? Nobody would stop her.    No, she had to find someone to deal with the aftermath.    

Michelle didn't know about all this, so she couldn't ask her for help. Albert had taken over the family business, so he would have too much on his plate already. So he was out of the question.  

  Nina finally came to the conclusion that she could only rely on James. It wouldn't be her first choice because he was unreliable, but it was all she had.  

"Wait a minute." Nina took out her phone. She called James on WeChat and asked him to come look for her at the Fragrance Restaurant. She asked him to get her under control no matter what.    

After she finished talking to James, she tilted her head back and poured the wine into her mouth. For any flaws she did have, one thing could be said, she was bold.   

 She was the focus of everyone in the room. They all silently watched as she drank the wine effortlessly.    

In her elegant dress and her neck tilted back, she looked quite gorgeous. The more she drank, the more flushed her face became. Her ears turned red and she started feeling hot. She gulped the wine far too quickly and it spilled down her neck. It was driving everyone insane with attraction.   

 She had drunk more than half of it by now. Her face was not as calm as it was at the beginning. She frowned and looked miserable.  

How could she not feel miserable?    

She was used to drinking small bits of wine. This definitely exceeded her normal limit.   

 Since she had promised Adams to get three hundred million, she had to keep her word.    

John's eyes darkened. It looked like two endless black pits in his head.    

He still wanted to punish her, so he let her drink it up.    

Soon after drinking the whole bottle of red wine, Nina took a deep breath and smashed the bottle. She stumbled, but no one dared to help her. She leaned on the table behind her to prop herself up. 

   "Wow..." Nina felt so dizzy. The world was spinning and the shadows cast on the floor distorted her even more.    

Just as she was falling to the floor, John quickly rushed to her side and caught her in his arms.  

"You really can't hold your liquor!" John said unimpressed.   

 It sounded like he was scolding her for stealing his wine. He looked down at her so pitifully.    

She shook her head trying to regain her senses. Her eyes wandered to the door, but James hadn't arrived yet.    

She didn't want to hurt anyone in her drunken state, so she held onto his neck and waist firmly.    

"Take me back now. I'm deal with you later!" she threatened.  

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