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 Season 1

Episode 37

(Satisfied with her service)

John had already sat down, and the others followed.    

Adams, with Nina hiding behind his back, refused to sit down for a while. Wilson kept winking at him, hinting he should just behave.    

"Mr. Shi, Mr. Zhu, I'm really sorry. I have something urgent to deal with at home, so I have to leave. I apologize deeply." Adams was about to leave with Nina.    

Nina was deeply moved.    

She used to have a lot of social events but her parents never wanted her to leave, quite the contrary. They forced her to entertain whoever was there, saying that it was her responsibility.    

"You must be Mr. He, right? Then the one next to you must be Miss Lu. We're just getting started. How can you leave so quickly?" Mr. Zhu asked with a wicked smile. It was so unnerving seeing a happy face that looked so sinister.  

Wilson also wasn't having it. He shouted, "Adams, sit down! Stop messing around."    

One hundred million dollars was enough to run their project for two years at least. As long as they worked hard, the research result would definitely be released. It would be a great honor.    'Adams is such a fool!'   

 Wilson frustratingly stood up to pull Adams back to his seat. Adams glared back at him with a scowl. Apparently, he was not afraid of Wilson at all.   

Seeing Adams wasn't changing his mind, Wilson tried to persuade Nina. "Miss Lu, what can be more important than our scientific research project in Adams' family? He and his wife have spent most of their lives on it. Now that Mr. Zhu is willing to help us, we have to thank him." 

   Wilson specially nodded and bowed to Mr. Zhu, trying to please him.    

"It's nothing. I'm a businessman and I believe in the ability of your team. I know you will give me a good return,"  Mr. Zhu said, looking at Nina.  

Her radiant face was absolutely breath-taking. Her lips were soft and a seductive red.    

Her waist was slim and she had such lovely legs that he couldn't help but touch them.    

Although she was well dressed, it didn't hide her incredible figure. She didn't need a stitch of make-up, and she was more beautiful than the girls in the entertainment industry.    

Those loose women were nowhere near as beautiful as Nina. Her pureness attracted him most of all.    

"Uncle Adams, have a seat." Nina nodded with a smile and gave him a reassuring look. Then she sat down.    

At the same time, she looked at Mr. Zhu calmly.    

Her enchanting eyes distracted him and pulled all of his attention. This beauty was not only pure, but also hot. He was completely captivated.  

It was rare to meet such an interesting woman such as Nina. He had to thank John for letting him invest in this project. If it weren't for John's idea, as an investor in the entertainment industry, he wouldn't have even invested in this scientific research project.    

He didn't expect her to be much more beautiful than her in the photo.    

"Miss Lu, you are a sensible girl. Mr. He, please sit down."    

Adams angrily whispered in Nina's ear, "Nina, don't worry. I brought you here so I will take you back safely."    

"Okay." Nina smiled brightly.   

 She wasn't actually afraid of anyone here. After all, she had beaten up the most powerful one here more than once.    

Although she despised John, she remembered the advice James gave her. As long as she listened to John like everyone else, he wouldn't bother her anymore.  

Nina found peace in this reassuring thought.   

 "Ahem..." Someone lit a cigarette. Nina, who always hated the smell of smoke, coughed slightly, but no one noticed it.    

Coincidentally, Mr. Zhu was handing a cigarette to John, to which he naturally took it. As soon as he lifted it to his lips, a thought seemed to cross his mind and he put it down.   

 "I don't smoke,"  John said lightly. This was his first sentence since he sat down.   

 Nina was stunned. She looked at his blank face, filled with confusion.    Everyone else stubbed out their cigarette. Since John wasn't smoking, they didn't dare smoke around him.    "Miss Lu, would you like to propose a toast to Mr. Zhu?" Soon others began to echo this proposal.    

Everyone knew that she was here to seal the deal for the investment. She was basically a bargaining chip to Mr. Zhu.  

Everyone knew and didn't give it a second thought. Mr. Zhu loved beautiful women so nobody saw a problem.    

John raised his eyes slightly, swirling the wine glass in his hand. He was eager to see how she was going to deal with this.   
 Nina didn't like to beat around the bush. She asked point-blank, "Will you agree to invest if I make the toast, Mr. Zhu?"    

"Miss Lu, you think a glass of wine will cost one hundred million? You think too highly of yourself,"  someone sneered.    They hardly thought very highly of Nina anyway, so they took their chances to take jabs at her.  

  "What do you think, Mr. Zhu?" Nina ignored their mockery and addressed Mr. Zhu.    

"We can talk about it later." Mr. Zhu laughed and stared at Nina. "Miss Lu, if I am satisfied with your service, I will give you one hundred million dollars, okay?"    

The crowd burst into laughter.  

Only John sat silently, waiting for her response. With her temper, she was bound to either fight back or pretend like his joke meant nothing.    

John didn't know what she would choose. He was almost looking forward to it now.    

Did Mr. Zhu really want Nina to serve him? He was really punching above his weight class.    

He didn't know what Nina was thinking, but he would never let another man to take advantage of her.   

 "Miss Lu, please proceed with your toast." Wilson almost wanted to raise the wine glass for her just so that she didn't mess it up. If she could just satisfy Mr. Zhu, one hundred million was secured.  

  Just the sight of Wilson's overly eager smile annoyed her. What Mr. Zhu said made her feel even more disgusted. She really wanted to beat the life out of him.   
 When she turned to look at John, she saw that he was watching them intently. She guessed that John wanted to see her grovel, just for the sake of revenge.

  James had told her that she had to obey John, or John would take it out on the people she cared about. Nina decided to give in for now.    

"Let's drink, Mr. Zhu,"  Nina said with a slight smile. She raised her head and drank it in one gulp.    

"You are quite the impressive drinker, Miss Lu." Was there anything that she couldn't do? Mr. Zhu was on the brink of falling in love.    

Nina put down the wine glass and put on an apologetic smile. "Mr. Zhu, what can I do to make you happy?"    

Mr. Zhu was overjoyed. He had thought that she was a hard nut to crack, but it turned out he was wrong.   

 "Come and sit here." Mr. Zhu waved at Nina. He kept his eyes on her eagerly.    Nina glanced at the John and saw the pure disgust radiate from his face.    

She was overjoyed. Since John was so annoyed, her plan must have been working.  

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