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(Misery (2)

Mu Yuchens deep voice was calmly heard as he took a few shallow breaths, then looked quite calmly towards Ah Mo, I hope that if one day

When he said this, Mu Yuchen suddenly stopped again and lowered his gaze in a pensive manner.

Ah Mo looked at him in silent confusion and waited for him to continue. Nonetheless, Mu Yuchen fell silent for a long while and did not continue. He only silently turned his head and looked out of the car window, his expression as indifferent as the wind.

Ah Mo did not ask further, yet he understood that Mu Yuchens conversation with Qi Feng must have been a really troubling one!

As for Qi Feng, Ah Mo felt like perhaps he could have tolerated the man before, but he had hurt his respected brother, and that was something that he would not stand aside and watch! As he thought about it, his gaze suddenly darkened and his hands by his sides tightened into fists too. He started thinking about how to get back at Qi Feng and give him a lesson. City Z was not up to Qi Feng to do as he wished!

However, just as Ah Mo had this thought, Mu Yuchens shockingly keen eyes easily captured the change in his expression.

As for the matters between Qi Feng and me, I hope that you wont interfere. Now that Lingshis pregnant, just focus on protecting her well. Qi Fengs quite a person of depth, and you might not be his competition. Hes already very different from six years ago. He can easily grasp ones fatal points, and youll only be disadvantaged facing such schemes, Mu Yuchen said evenly.

Bro, I know, but I Ah Mo wanted to say something more, but Mu Yuchen cut him off.

No buts, you just need to do as I say. As for the rest, I have my plans. Lingshis identity might be exposed very soon. At that time, your responsibility to protect her will be even more important. If Doris or Gu Lingsha knows about Lingshi, I think both your lives wont be very peaceful anymore.

Mu Yuchens words obviously made Ah Mo vaguely feel the uneasiness that came right before a storm.

Nevertheless, Mu Yuchen was now not only worried about these. At least, to Wang Hui and the rest, this news was not a secret anymore. Right now, there was just a very thin layer above this news that would break with a nudge. The world could find out in an instant, thus he was most concerned with how to keep the damage minimal.

Yes, Bro! I understand! I will do my best! Ah Mo responded. Mu Yuchen did not continue and slowly turned to look out of the car window.

There was the pitter-patter of the rain outside. It was much heavier than before. On both sides of the road, it looked quite bleak and empty while the raindrops that hit the car windows made the car feel even quieter, so quiet that one felt a slight chill.

It was a rare weekend. Wang Hui and Mu Yinan had gone over to Mu Lingshis placeearly. Since there were two days of rest, they wanted to go back to the old Mu residence to stay. Xi Xiaye had even considerately let Aunt Fang and Aunt Lin take leave, so only she, Mu Xiaocheng, and Sis Wang remained in the large Maple Residence.

In the afternoon, the sky remained very hazy. Silver droplets continued to drop from the bleak and vast sky while the air was filled with a chill. Xi Xiaye could not stand the cold, so she put on a simple jacket and walked towards the balcony. She was about to close the half-opened window when she vaguely heard the sound of a car parking outside all of a sudden.

She hesitated, then walked towards the balcony and looked down by leaning against the parapet. Indeed, she saw the villa gates slowly opening.

The man held up a large black umbrella and slowly walked through the rain into the villa. His handsome and tall figure was engulfed in the gloomy weather, and he seemed quite sad. She did not particularly observe the way he walked, but from what she saw, she could tell that there was a loneliness that he could not conceal. To her, it made her feel slightly pained.

Mu Yuchen walked ahead for a few steps, then keenly detected the watchful eyes from upstairs, so he quickly looked up. Indeed, he saw Xi Xiaye leaning against the balcony, and he stopped walking immediately.

She watched him and met his silent eyes. Immediately, she gave him a calm smile and took in all of his expressions. Moments after that, a calm voice that brought a hint of warmth traveled through the rain and reached his ears, Who bullied you? You look very upset.

When he heard that, he was stunned. He was shocked that this girl could so easily capture his mood.

While she seemed to be able to detect the questions in his heart, she quickly continued, When youre not happy, you frown habitually, Mr. Mu.

Then, with his eyebrows raised, he silently looked up the woman sitting above and softly asked, Is it that obvious?

Xi Xiaye chuckled before she cleared her throat. Its not obvious. I just have a keen eye. I could immediately tell because when you left the house this morning, you werent like this.

Her light smile greeted his dark eyes, easing the heaviness in his chest much more. He suddenly felt a faint warmth as he looked at her for quite a while before he suddenly reached out towards her. His deep voice sounded like there was no room for rejection as he said, Come down!

Xi Xiaye was stunned for a while, but she reacted shortly by nodding gladly. Obediently, she turned around to go downstairs.

When they walked out of the villa, he was still standing on the staircase. Before she even completed her descend down the steps, he immediately pulled her into his arms. Her meticulous touch brought a faint hint of warmth with it, he immediately felt much less colder.

Xi Xiaye was also surprised by his sudden hug. Her arms that fell to the side paused, then she slowly lifted them and gently hugged him too. Her tone was still warm as she asked, Whats wrong? Did something happen?

Nothing, he softly responded. In that instant his voice finished, he lowered his head to plant a kiss on her forehead.

Alright, go in first. Its still raining outside. I still cant tell what youre thinking. Usually, when you say that its fine, it usually isnt. When you left the house this morning, I already knew something was odd about you, I called Li Si and I know you went to the cemetery.

She did not hide what she knew from him as she looked up at him honestly with clear, twinkling eyes.



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