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(Misery (1)

When Ah Mo got closer, he noticed that Mu Yuchens face was frighteningly pale. In fact, he looked half-dead.

What happened, Bro? Did Qi Feng do this? Im going to kill him! Ah Mo clenched his teeth and was about to give chase, but Mu Yuchen stopped him.

Its fine. Help me get into the car. Head to the office right away and dont tell anyone about this. Mu Yuchen sounded weak and exhausted.

Alright! Hurry, everyone! Ah Mo helped Mu Yuchen get in the car.

He then handed Mu Yuchen some tissue to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth. Meanwhile, Mu Yuchen continued to endure the pain in his chest. Eventually, he lost his strength and felt like sleeping, so he closed his eyes and buried his sorrow deep within

It was not the first time Ah Mo was seeing Mu Yuchen act like this. He once acted the same when he found out that Mu Lingtian had passed away.

Qi Feng must have said something! Ah Mo was furious as he thought about such a possibility.

Ah Mo suppressed his anger before speaking to the chauffeur,To the hospital. The chauffeur nodded as he glanced at Mu Yuchen through the rear-view mirror and quietly sped up.

They finally arrived at Hospital T an hour later. Mu Yuchen had been sleeping the whole time. Although he was against going to the hospital, Ah Mo insisted, so he could not do anything but comply obediently.

There were a lot of people in the hospital around noon when Ah Mo went to the emergency ward.

A doctor soon came by and did a series of check-ups for Mu Yuchen. Ah Mo felt like he had been waiting for an eternity after the doctor was done.

While Mu Yuchen rested on the sofa, Ah Mo went to the doctor as he was making notes on the medical record. How is it, Doctor? Hows my brother? Is he alright? He just vomited blood, and Ah Mo was speaking gibberish as he was really anxious.

The doctor raised his hand and signaled him to calm down before he replied quietly, Hes been under stress for a long time and has been over-exhausted lately. Hes been under pressure for an extended period of time. The condition you described before is what happens if he doesnt take care of himself.

Stunned, Ah Mo then added a question, How is he now? Is it severe?

He needs to relax. Ill give him some medicine to calm down, but you have to try to relieve his stress. He needs to take care of himself too, or else, hell just over-exert himself again.

The doctor then gave the prescription, and Ah Mo then had one of the bodyguards get the medication.

Bro, how are you feeling?

The doctor had given Mu Yuchen an injection just now. When he heard Ah Mos voice, he slowly opened his eyes. Compared to his pale expression before, he was looking much better now.

Im fine. Im just finding it a little difficult to breathe, but Im much better now. Dont worry, Mu Yuchen replied calmly.

The doctor said youre under a lot of stress and need to relax. Things are settling down within the company. Why dont you take a break overseas with Sister-in-law? Im really worried that youll collapse, Ah Mo suggested.

Mu Yuchen took a deep breath. Im fine. I cant leave City Z at the moment. The doctor is exaggerating. I know my health well. Dont mention what happened today to anyone, including Lingshi. Mu Yuchen got up and managed to walk steadily. Alright, lets go back to Maple Residence.

Bro! Ah Mo frowned and followed behind him.

Mu Yuchens complexion looked much better on their way back to Maple Residence though he still looked slightly pale.

Ah Mo, youve been in the Mu family for over twenty years. What do you think of the people in the Mu family? Mu Yuchen suddenly asked.

Ah Mo was startled by his question and was uncertain of the intentions behind it, but he still answered honestly, Its the best thing that has happened to me. I wouldnt be here today if it werent for them. Feeling really grateful, he paused before he turned towards Mu Yuchen and continued, Bro, youre the person I respect the most in life.

I once imagined that if Grandfather didnt adopt me from the orphanage, my life wouldve been extremely plain. I wouldnt be able to enjoy the happiness I have right now, and I wouldnt have met Lingshi, Ah Mo expressed genuinely.

Am I a good enough brother to you? Mu Yuchen asked another question as he looked into Ah Mos eyes.

Ah Mo did not notice anything wrong when they looked into each others eyes. For some reason, Ah Mo could feel an odd sense of sorrow in those dark eyes of his.

After a while, he replied, No matter what others think of you, youre the most respectable person to Lingshi and me. Some feelings can only be felt after experiencing it together. Thats why

I dont care about what others think of me because they might not understand what I care about.



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