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(Mu Yuchen Vs Qi Feng (4)

Mu Yuchen felt his heart stop for a moment. A strong breeze blew some rainwater beneath his umbrella. He stared at Qi Feng who just gave him a vile, sadistic smile, not bothering to hide the fact that he was just laughing at his ignorance.

One last question. Mu Yuchen barely managed to keep his thoughts in check as he tried to stay calm. Why are both of you fine while he ended up dead?

Because he protected Shasha with his own body. It was a very dangerous situation when the sky turned dark as it started raining heavily. The brakes werent working when we approached a downward slope. Lingtian couldve escaped, but he asked Shasha a question.

Qi Feng raised his head and glanced at Mu Lingtians photo on his grave. His smile was tinted with sorrow as he went on, He asked Shasha if she ever liked him even if it was just a little. She said yes. He then turned the steering wheel, unfastened his seatbelt, and shielded Shasha who was sitting in the front passenger seat as the car crashed down the slope. Shasha survived because he sacrificed himself to protect her. Thats how it went.

Inhaling a deep breath, he glanced at Mu Yuchen. I remember that he kept calling you, but you only answered once and ignored the rest of his calls. Your people kept chasing usand pushed us into a corner. If you made them stop their advances and have a talk after things settled down, he wouldnt have died. You hurt several people at once. You might think that youre innocent just like all the murderers. They dont get a chance to repent when they die, do they? Mu Yuchen, would you repent if you had a chance?

Why should I? I was betrayed, and I was never a kind person from the beginning. Its not my destiny to be a savior.

It seems like theres no reason to continue our conversation any longer! Ill make sure you pay back for what you did to Shasha and Morrison. Ill make you taste immeasurable pain, for example, Xi Xiaye Argh! Qi Feng tried to threaten Mu Yuchen, but the emotionally turbulent man went forward and grabbed him by his neck before he could even finish his sentence. Just a little more force and Qi Fengs neck might just be snapped!

Qi Fengs face instantly turned red. Although he could not speak, his eyes were glaring at Mu Yuchen coldly. Qi Fengs bodyguards rushed up when they saw what happened, but their boss waved his hand and stopped their advances.

You can try it if youre daring enough. Ill make sure you regret it. It wont just be your legs this time. You know me very well. Ill make sure I do whatever I say. You should be glad that only her hands were injured the last time, or else Morrison mightve suffered more than just a broken leg. You can try to threaten me, and Ill show you just how terrifying I can be!

Mu Yuchens icy cold tone raised sparks in the air! It was the first time Qi Feng ever saw such a sharp gaze. He never knew that Mu Yuchen could be this overbearing. His hand on his neck felt like the sharp claws of an eagle, and he started having difficulty breathing and staying conscious. Just when he thought he was about to pass out, Mu Yuchen suddenly let go of him!

Qi Feng coughed as his face turned pale. He watched Mu Yuchens back as he left, gingerly rubbing the grip marks left on his neck! Just how much strength did he use just now?

With a deep breath, he took some time to recover, but soon a wicked smile spread on his face.

Mu Yuchen, so thats your weakness!

The rain had gotten heavier, and it drowned the cigarette in front of the grave in an instant. Qi Fengs shoulders were soaked in the rain.

Moments later, he turned to look at Mu Lingtians picture again. Please dont blame me, Lingtian. I know you feel the same way I do. Im speaking on your behalf because I want them to feel guilty. I hope you can rest in peace. We were similar but different. Youre dead while Im still alive though Im living like the dead

Ah Mo and the others rushed forward the moment he came down from the staircase.

Bro, are you alright? Ah Mo was worried when he noticed Mu Yuchens pale face.

Mu Yuchen did not say anything. His eyes were broody as he handed the umbrella to Ah Mo whowas stunned for a second, but he quickly took the umbrella and continued to ask, Bro, whats wrong? Are you

As Mu Yuchen continued walking forward, Ah Mo could sense that something was not right. He turned and looked at Qi Feng above them, shooting him a cold stare before asking the other bodyguards to follow Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen walked pretty quickly, so he arrived at the car in just a moment. He then could not bear the pain in his chest any longer.

Urgh He started coughing blood as his vision darkened. Immediately, he grabbed onto the car as he felt like he was suddenly losing strength!

Bro! Ah Mo howled and quickly ran forward to help Mu Yuchen up as he turned ashen from shock! Bro, are you okay? How are you feeling?



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