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(Mu Yuchen Vs Qi Feng (3)

Mu Yuchen smiled as he listened to Qi Feng.

I never said that I was a nice guy, but compared to your double-sided nature, I do think that at least, Im better than you. I have no interest in interfering between you and Qi Lei, but were partners, so Ill be indirectly affected if you jeopardize his benefits. I wont go easy on those who stand in my way, he said straightforwardly.

So, you made Qi Lei a chess piece of yours to defeat me? Qi Feng locked his stone-cold gaze onto Mu Yuchens face.

Mu Yuchen looked at the fresh cigarette butt on the grave and responded, Chess piece? Id never use my friends as a chess piece. Im not going to give you a long lecture here. You can tell me what actually happened six years ago. I just want to know why Lingtian made that decision.

Pretty bold of you, but do you think Id tell you? Qi Feng smiled wryly.

Mu Yuchens eyes darkened instantly as he said quietly, Could Qi Weier actually be Lingtian and Gu Lingshas daughter?

If Mu Lingtian knew about his relationship with Gu Lingsha, he probably would have made a different decision. This answer was the only one that could convince Mu Yuchen, but the moment this was confirmed, another tragedy awaited!

Qi Feng started cackling maniacally when he heard Mu Yuchens question. Weiwei is Lingtian and Shashas daughter? Would you be relieved if I said yes?

Mu Yuchens expression did not soften. Instead, it turned grim. It seemed like Qi Feng still did not know about the relationship between Gu Qiwu and Mu Lingtian, or else

Youre wrong! Of course, Weiwei is my daughter! She is Shashas and mine, our daughter!

Qi Feng thought that Mu Yuchens expression changed when he did not get the answer he wanted, so he continued, Lingtian had always been indecisive. You should know that he always liked Shasha, but she didnt love him and only thought of him as a friend. In the beginning, he hesitated about helping us since he was afraid of going against you. Its not that he didnt want to, but he was scared! You should know how Lingtian felt towards you as a brother!

If it wasnt for your influence, I doubt hed have garnered that much bias against me, would he? Mu Yuchens lip curled up slightly.

Ill leave that to your imagination! You want to know why he suddenly decided to go against you, dont you? Qi Feng paused and shot Mu Yuchen a sharp glance. Because I told him that Shashas pregnant, and if he helped us to escape, both the Hui Gu Corporation and I would help him take over Glory World in the future. He believed me and agreed to help!

I dont believe you! Hes not a selfish person like you said, Mu Yuchen denied Qi Fengs words as he could not believe it.

Qi Feng laughed. Do you not believe it, or do you not want to believe its real? Mu Yuchen, you have no idea who Lingtian was as a person. You didnt understand him at all! I know its difficult for you to accept this fact, but you should know theres no reason for me to lie at this point. Although I can use any means to achieve my goals, even I wouldnt lie about someone whos already dead.

Qi Feng, do you dare repeat what you just said if Lingtian was still alive and standing right in front of you today? Mu Yuchen stared dangerously at Qi Feng, holding back the urge to choke him to death!

Qi Feng was unfazed as he looked at Mu Lingtians picture on his grave quietly. Of course, why not? Lingtian is the same type of person as me. He didnt reject it when you offered to let him take over Glory World, did he? But Zhuang Shurong disagreed! In the end, Mu Lingtian was still an outsider in the Mu family. His position was as awkward as mine in my family, but Im fortunate. My father didnt revoke my rights to inherit Qi Kai just because of my identity! If you dont believe me, you can ask Zhuang Shurong and Mu Tangchuan. Was there ever a period of time when their relationship with Lingtian was strained?

Im sure you had no idea because you were in the army back then. I bet Zhuang Shurong never told you, did she? Your mother met with Shasha in private some time before her wedding with you. They somehow touched this topic and it made Zhuang Shurong very angry. Your mother splashed coffee all over Shashas face. Well, you can ask her as well if you question my credibility.

Mu Yuchens expression darkened although he stayed silent.

Dont think that your family members are innocent. Anything can become as fragile as a piece of white paper when put in front of huge profits. It gets destroyed easily! You lot didnt give Lingtian and his sister unconditional love. Lingtian understood that very well, and he had been living under your shadow ever since he was a child, so he was just a dying star that was fading. Do you understand now?

Qi Feng was enjoying the sight of Mu Yuchens pale expression.

It seems like you already have an answer. This is why Lingtian made that decision. Its painful, isnt it? None of you could understand the pain Lingtian went through. Only I could! He laughed at Mu Yuchen cruelly.

Mu Yuchen felt as if his world was sinking. He could not find any words to describe the feelings that gathered inside his chest at the moment.

Excruciating pain?

Shortness of breath?


All of the above!

If what Qi Feng just said was real, was there any meaning to what he had been doing?



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