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(Mu Yuchens Ruthless (3)

Two people quickly came down from the car in front of Morrisons. They went near and stopped right beside his door to knock on his window.

What are you doing? Do you actually know how to drive? Look at my car! Morrison glared at them coldly.

Chill, bro. Why dont you come down and we discuss what were going to do about it?

Morrison got out of his car angrily, but the man on the side kicked him in the gut really hard the moment he got out of the car. He fell down and let out a painful cry before he raised his head in shock as he looked at the two of them. He could not see their faces clearly due to the lack of vision, but they both had huge builds and were probably trained as they just proved how agile they could be!

Morrison suddenly realized he was in trouble.

You want us to pay for your cars damage? Who do you think you are? Break his leg so that he can never drive again!

The two men rushed forward towards Morrison. A barrage of punches landed on him before he could yell for help as they ruthlessly beat him up no matter how he pleaded for mercy. He felt immense pain throughout his body!

Suddenly, there was a sound of a crisp crack. Morrison cried out loudly. The bunch gave him several more hard kicks before stopping. Then, they glanced at Morrison who was all bruised at the moment. While the leader among them took out a cigarette and started smoking, he gave poor Morrison a cold smile.

Dont be so cocky again, little guy! Its unfortunate of you to bump into me tonight. I just lost some money and you dare to yell at me. Youre a great punching bag though!

Morrison groaned as he endured the pain, YesIm sorry. Please forgive me!

Several more kicks landed on him again, and the bunch went back to their car after that.

Morrison was panting. His right foot could not move at all, and he could not bear the immense pain he was feeling as he just watched as the car drive past him and go into the city.

Roughly ten minutes later, in Maple Residence, in the Grand Waves Area, Mu Yuchen was lying down on the rattan chair in the study room after he got out of the shower. He was reading a letter when his phone suddenly rang as he was reading.

Yes, its me.

Ah Mos aloof reply came swiftly, Brother, the job is done. He got a fracture on his right foot. Itll probably take a month or two for him to recover.

Mu Yuchen grinned slightly. Take care of the rest. He then hung up on the call before even waiting for Ah Mos reply. He put his phone down on the table and watched as the screen turned dark. Then, he pinched the space between his eyebrows and took a breather before he continued reading the letter.

Go to sleep soon. Its almost midnight already. A letter? Who gave it to you?

He wanted to put the letter away when he heard Xi Xiayes voice, but she had already seen it.

Why so mysterious? Could it be? Xi Xiaye squinted her eyes at him.

I just asked someone for an investigation. Im not as popular as you think. Take a look! Mu Yuchen handed the letter to her, but she shook her head. Im not worried at all. Its okay.

Arent you going to read it even if its really a love letter from someone? Mu Yuchen gave her an odd smile.

Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows and glanced at him warily. Is it really?

He waved the letter in the air. She lowered herself and took a good look at the paper, then she realized that it was a report about Qi Feng.

I know youve been worried about this. You should be ruthless when you need to be. Like I said before, I actually met Qi Feng at Xiao Ruis school. I didnt know it was him, but I could feel something different. He doesnt seem like an easy opponent. Be careful, she said as she looked at him burning the letter with his lighter.

Of course, hes not going to be easy, or else I wouldnt need to spend so much time devising a plan for him. Mu Yuchen sighed as he stood up. Alright, its time to rest. Its the weekend tomorrow. Ill have Dr. Zhong come take a look at your injuries.

Mmm. She gave a brief reply and just let him wrap his arms around her shoulder as they walked out.

In contrast to the sweet moments in Maple Residence, the Qi residence did not feel so harmonious.

First Master, Im afraid we cant stop the news now. With someone of Mu Yuchens caliber, Miss Lingsha is in huge trouble this time!

First Master, Morrison got into an accident. H suffered a fracture on his right foot and is being sent to the hospital!

Bad news came one after another to Qi Feng. His expression was grim as he flicked his arm and the ashtray right beside him shattered into pieces on the floor!

Idiots! What are you guys doing?! Go and find out what happened! Qi Fengs tone was oddly cold. He almost lost control when he heard about Gu Lingshas incident.

Yes, First Master, were on it, but it might take some time. Miss Lingsha was sent to the hospital for a check-up and were waiting for the doctors report.

If I find out who did this, Ill make sure he regrets it! Qi Feng squinted and clenched his fists as he spoke.



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