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(Mu Yuchens Ruthless (2)

It was getting late as the car drove towards Maple Residence on the cemented path before finally parking right outside the residence.

Mu Yuchen got out of the car.He walked past the yellow street lamps as he reached for his keys in his pocket. Then, he took out his key card and phone before opening the door.

You should head back now, he toldLi Si and the others.

Mu Yuchen looked at a certain place on the second floor after he closed the door. As he expected, there was a light from the study room.

He quickened his steps and did not even bother to switch on the lights, he walked up the staircase in the dark. Then, he carefully opened the door and headed straight into the study room. He stopped when he arrived at the entrance. Peering inside, he saw that she was asleep on the table with her head resting on her arms.

Because Xi Xiaye was a light sleeper, she could sense that someone was closing in gently. She then felt a warm sensation above her, so she quickly woke up and raised her head to see what was happening. The first thing he saw was his handsome face.

Youre back! she said as she rubbed her sleepy eyes.

Why dont you sleep on the bed? Didnt I tell you that Ill be late tonight? He stood beside the table and looked at her with his smiley eyes.

Xi Xiaye really enjoyed the view. Her heart softened as she smelled the scent of alcohol from him. Its not that late. I was waiting for you to warm the bed for me. She walked past the table and reached the sofa area to grab him a glass of water, but he quickly stopped her because he was worried about her hand!

Dont move! Let me do it! If you dont be careful, your hand will be gone, he warned her and poured her a glass of water instead.

I wasnt getting it for myself. You should have water. You reek of alcohol. As usual, she wanted to remove his necktie.

Just stay put when your hand is injured. I can do it myself. Sit down. He gave her a helpless glance as he made her sit down. Then, he emptied the glass before undoing his necktie.

How was the dinner? she asked.

Just the same old thing. I dont really care anyway. He was never fond of attending these events, if not for that special consideration, he never would have gone.

You still went even though you dont like it? You took it upon yourself! She was unable to put herself in his shoes. Its getting late now. Go take a shower and Ill get your clothes for you. Ill go check up on our son too. He woke up once just now.

Hes sleeping with us again? Mu Yuchen frowned.

Hes in the babys room. I cant take care of him at night with my hand like this. Hes been sleeping through the night recently and Aunt Fang doesnt have much trouble taking care of him. Xi Xiaye already went out of the room as she spoke.

He did not like to sleep with the little thing between them because

He grabbed his necktie and followed behind Xi Xiaye.

The night sky seemed so mysteriously charming tonight.

Without the heat of the day, it would be pleasant to drive around enjoying the night view of the city, but Ah Mo was not in the mood for a trip.

Three other bodyguards and he had been waiting. All of them stared at the exit of a tunnel right before them. This was the road towards the city area. Due to its reconstruction several days ago, not many people came here late at night. Only one or two cars passed by since they started keeping watch.

Bro Mo, are you sure that hell come? Itsalready past 11 p.m., but hes nowhere to be seen. Could there be a mistake? one of the bodyguards asked Ah Mo.

Ah Mos eyes darkened slightly as he checked the time. He then replied after a moment of hesitation, It shouldnt be a mistake. Be patient for a little more. Stay vigilant and look for the car plate number XXXXXX, got that? His voice was firm and cold.

Yes, Bro Mo! Weve memorized it already! they replied in unison.

Morrison isnt an easy opponent, so you should be on alert and get it done cleanly. We cannot afford to leave any evidence, got it? Ah Mo reminded them.

Dont worry, Bro Mo. Well get it done!

Alright, you guys stand by over there!

Yes! The three of them got out of the car and went into the car behind.

After some time, Ah Mo could hear someone urging him through the microphone, Bro Mo! Bro Mo, hes here!

Go. Ill wait for you guys at the junction in front! Ah Mo quickly started the engine and drove forward.

At this moment, the car at the back started up as well and made a huge turn instead of going forward, stopping right in the middle of the road.

There was a loud screech from the car braking. Morrison was in the car, leaving the tunnel. He was driving pretty fast and the sudden appearance of the car caught him off guard, so there was no time for him to shift his steering wheel and he was forced to brake!


The crash was unavoidable. Morrison impacted his cars steering wheel as well, and he started cursing as he felt pain blossoming in his chest!

Bastard, do you know how to drive? Are you trying to die now? Idiot!



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