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(A Great Man Has To Be Ruthless (3)

Dumbfounded for a moment, she turned towards him and noticed that he closed his eyes and stuck close to her neck.

She smiled after a while as she put her hand atop the huge pair on her waist. Her tone was gentle like flowing water as she asked, Whats wrong? Why did you suddenly ask something like that? This isnt like you at all!

Answer me first, he insisted on a reply as he tightened his grip on her waist.

She smiled helplessly. Ill never be able to leave you if you continue to shower me with love.

He was not really satisfied with her answer. Being unable to leave me is different from not wanting to leave me.

FineIll forever be yours, alright? She waved her hand with the wedding ring that was shining under the rays of the sunset. Do I not make you feel secure, Mr. Mu?

Arent I the one who keeps providing you a sense of security? He stared at her, quickly grabbing her hand and kissing the back of her hand as he smiled.

She shrugged and then looked at him. Your question feels so silly. It sounds like what young couples would say. A lot of them make promises to each other but still ended up breaking

Mu Yuchen stopped her sentence halfway by pinching her. In her shock, she let out a tiny cry and glared at him.

Ill assume that you gave me a certain answer then. Lets go back, he said in a very firm tone.

I didnt give a certain answer at all. I have some conditionsAh

Mu Yuchen flung her over his shoulder before she could finish her sentence. She yelled as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and then gave him several angry punches. What are you doing, bastard?!

Just checking if youve gained any weight. He was able to easily lift her up, so he walked ahead and shot her a glance.

How do I feel?

Hmmlet me see. I guess you gained a little weight here, but this part has gotten slimmer


Take a look for yourself.

Maybe I did gain a little bit of weight. Should I start losing weight?

Its a must.

Are you saying that Im fat now? She was upset about his remark.

No, I want you to be small enough that I can fit you inside my pocketHe casually gave her an embarrassing reply.

In return, she chuckled and hugged him tightly. Youre getting really good at sweet-talking now. where did you learn that from?

He gave her a meaningful glance as he replied calmly, I saw that on TV. Girls like guys from Korea who talk like this, dont they?

With a bright smile, Xi Xiaye left a kiss on his cheek. How fashionable, Mr. Mu. You even know about Korean dramas!

Of course!

Actually, youre much better than Korean guys. They cant be compared to a charismatic gentleman like you, and I think that men in our country are much better looking.

I thank you on behalf of our fellow countrymen, he gave her a cheeky reply.

Youre welcome, Mr. Mu! It feels like its been a while since you last gave me flowers

It was night time when they arrived back at Maple Residence. Wang Hui and Mu Yinan were there, so they all gathered in the living room to watch TV after dinner while Mu Zirui went upstairs to do his homework.

Mu Yuchen had bought Xi Xiaye a big bouquet of champagne roses on the way back, so she was trimming the flowers while Wang Hui was helping out beside her.

Xiaye, Xiao Cheng is about five months old now. I suppose your body will recover after another period of good rest, so its about time to prepare for a second child. One more daughter would be perfect.

Wang Hui and Mu Yinan were relieved since Ah Mo and Mu Lingshi got married, and Wang Hui was eyeing Xi Xiaye like a predator watching its prey.

Xi Xiaye shuddered as she felt such a passionate gaze from her mother-in-law. Her hands stopped the movement with the scissors as she blushed and was about to reply to the remark. The man started defending her, We already have two, dont we? Do you think we have that much time to take care of them? Xiao Cheng is still so little. Just two children are enough.

They wanted more?

Mu Yuchen truly did not want another one. He felt like a monk when she was pregnant, and she already had to spare a lot of time and effort on the kids. If there was another one, he would totally be neglected.

What are you talking about? Our family can afford another one. You two just have to make babies, and well take care of them. You dont have to worry at all! Your parents decided only to have one child because they were busy with work! You two arent restricted, so you can have as many as you want! Xiaye, a daughter would be really nice. Dressing her up every day would be fun, wouldnt it?

Wang Hui glared at Mu Yuchen, but the expression in her eyes turned gentle again when she looked at Xi Xiaye.

Grandmother, I think its better if you ask Lingshi and Ah Mo instead. I dont like the idea of having too many children. Mu Yuchen put away the magazine in his hand and stood up. Lets rest earlier. Its Su Chens wedding tomorrow. Weve been having a lot of great news lately. I suppose you can expect something from Ah Mo soon.

Mu Yuchen glanced at Xi Xiaye who had just finished arranging the flowers. She cleaned up and got up. Grandmother, well talk about this again in the future. I still have some work to do. Good night!

Mu Yuchen dragged Xi Xiaye towards the staircase before she could finish her sentence.

You little brat! If it werent for me, youd still be single! You heartless person! Old man, come out and watch TV with me, Wang Hui nagged and called Mu Yinan to accompany her.




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