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(Pathetic Gu Lingsha 3)

Before Zhou Zimo could finish, Mu Yuchen had already thrown a punch at him!

Zhou Zimo covered his mouth with a sullen look. He held back from crying out in pain as he looked at Mu Yuchen gloomily.

That was between you and Su Chen. Its got nothing to do with me! If I hear this again, I wont just be giving you one punch! Mu Yuchens cold voice came, frightening Zhou Zimo who could not help but mutter indignantly, Why do I have such horrible friends like you?!

Only you are allowed play tricks on others, but other people cant tease you? Youd better keep those thoughts to yourself. You should know very well what Mother Zhou means. Its useless for me to keep saying these things, so you handle it yourself, Mu Yuchen said calmly as he handed him a glass of wine.

Zhou Zimo shrugged, feeling wronged. He shot Mu Yuchen a helpless glance. Forget it. Lets not talk about this anymore. Get back to the main point. Why are you here? I think I saw Ah Mo earlier too, but wheres he now?

Im doing something, Mu Yuchen said mysteriously, Therell be a good show later.

A good show? When Zhou Zimo heard the hint, he widened his eyes slightly and looked surprised at Mu Yuchen. Just as he wanted to ask something, Mu Yuchen had already held up his wine glass and suddenly stood up.

You stay right here. Ill go take a look, Mu Yuchen said, then walked away. Zhou Zimo was confused by this. He quickly turned to Li Si, yet the latter shrugged in confusion too, indicating that he did not know what was up.

It was a lovely night. In the distant sky, stars covered the sky, blossoming with a cool radiance. The night breeze was refreshing on the balcony. When Mu Yuchen leaned against the railing, he could vaguely hear the soothing waltz music from inside. Such a night felt rather relaxing, so he set aside the wine glass in hand, and when he turned, he saw that flash of dark purple slowly sauntering over from the door.

He heard that Gu Lingsha liked the color purple. Indeed, even Mu Yuchen had to admit purple suited her. His indifferent gaze brushed past her, moving away after a moment, and he did not say anything.

Gu Lingsha did not expect to bump into Mu Yuchen here either. Earlier, she had drunk quite a bit, so she felt a little dizzy and had come out for some air.

She stared at Mu Yuchens cool back for quite a while. Finally, she could not help but walk over to stand beside him. Her blue eyes followed his line of sight and looked ahead. A layer of natural glory greeted her sight, yet she seemed a little dazed.

The cool wind breezed past. Standing there, she could very clearly smell his cool fragrance. It was so much like him, faintly discernable, distant, and indifferent.

From what Gu Lingsha remembered, she seemed to have never stood quietly with him like this before, admiring the same silent and beautiful night sky and breathing the same air.

They should have been a match made in heaven, but she did not hold the position as his woman. Instead, because of all sorts of misfortunes, she had become his enemy, bearing many grudges. This thought made her quite miserable because apart from the suffering and resentment over the past, she felt another emotion welling at the same time.

It was regret.

When I first knew I had a marriage contract with you, I was actually a little ecstatic, but I didnt know that you had such a prejudice against me. Maybe if youd been less stingy with just one look towards me, things might have been different right now. Gu Lingshas gentle voice had a hint of sorrow. Even she did not expect to say such things. With the night breeze, her head felt heavy and even her emotions were a little out of control.

I admit that before you, Qi Feng was doing great and I really admired him too, but all this while, you know that Ive admired you, yet you never gave me a chance! Every time, Mu Yuchen, every single time we bump into each other, you wont give me a second look. Even your grandparents accepted me, so why did you ignore me? I have pride too. If you were me, would have been okay with that?

Gu Lingsha then asked the one question she had always wanted to ask, Why? I want to know why you were like that. You were always so polite to others, yet cold to me alone. What ever did I do wrong? You should know that whenever I saw you, I would humble myself and address you as Bro Chen!

A while after Gu Lingsha finished, Mu Yuchens calm voice was heard in the cool breeze.

Just because you were used to the world revolving around you and you felt neglected by me, you turned into the arms of Qi Feng, Qi Lei, or Lingtian?

When he said this, he did not look at her either. She caught that indifferent smile of mockery that appeared on the corner of his lips. In response, she could not help but clench her fists.

From the first time I saw you, I just knew you werent the person I was looking for. Since that was so, there was no need to waste each others time. Was I wrong? Mu Yuchen turned and looked silently at her. Some things are truly about feelings, arent they?

Excuses! Feelings can be cultivated too. I dont believe that you and Xi Xiaye were in love at first sight! Gu Lingsha sneered and refuted.

Whatever floats your boat. You could play well between the three of them, so why do you need to care what I think? You know that the so-called wedding contract was just a preposterous joke. Afterward, didnt you fall in love with Qi Feng too? Whats the point of talking about this now? Mu Yuchen said disapprovingly.

Why not? After all, I was once your fianc. I admit that I did make mistakes that led to where we are today but are you totally faultless? If back thenI had been willing to give up everything, and marry you, would you have been willing to accept me? Im saying if there was no Qi Feng, no Qi Lei, and no Lingtian, as thedaughter of the Gu family, your fianc, would you have been willing to accept me?

When Gu Lingsha said this, her blue eyes that gazed at Mu Yuchen was colored with a mistiness. At the same time, you could see a hint of anticipation.

No one would know that actually, in her heart there was always a distant existence of him. Even she was not sure about how she felt about him. Whether it was out of respect, an admiration, or resentment, she actually did not know. She wanted to get close to him, yet he coldly shut her out. After that, she had received comfort and warmth from Qi Feng and the rest. Only then did her numb heart slowly awaken.



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