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(Pathetic Gu Lingsha (2)

Mu Yuchen hardly attended dinner events like this. After the two appointments in the afternoon, he worked in his office until the evening, and he was finally done with the documents as the sun set.

He let out a sigh of relief and closed the folder in front of him when he was done with the last document. While he drank some tea, there was a sudden knock on the door and Li Si came in.

Master, its about time. The car is ready. Should we go now? Li Si asked.

Mu Yuchen took a look at his phone and noticed it was already 7.30 p.m. The sky had already turned dark when he looked outside the window.

He put his teacup downand got up to grab his coat and put it over his shoulder before heading out. Lets go!

Yes, Master! Ah Mo has already driven the car over. Hes right at the entrance! Li Si followed behind him and locked the office door.

Two cars were parked right outside the entrance with the one behind for the bodyguards.

The charity dinner was at the Emperor International Hotel at 8 p.m.

It was 8 p.m. sharp when Mu Yuchens car arrived at the venue. The entrance of the Emperor International Hotel was immensely packed with cars.

Someone came over and welcomed Mu Yuchen as he just got out of the car. He was led straight to the hall as the dinner had already begun. It was a buffet-style dinner, and several well-known singers were performing on stage at the moment.

Master Mu is here!

Chairman Mu!

The person-in-charge and several others came over and greeted Mu Yuchen as he walked near.

As Glory Worlds chairman, Mu Yuchen had donated tens of millions to this charity fund, impressing many when the host announced the figures moments ago.

Mu Yuchen nodded and took a sip from the wine the person-in-chargejust handed over. Im just here to take a look. You can proceed with your work.

Yes, Xiao Xu. Lead Master Mu inside!

Master Mu, please come here!

Ah Mo and Li Si stayed behind Mu Yuchen as the waiter quickly led them to the front row where the VIP seating area was.

Mu Yuchen sat down on the sofa while Li Si and two other bodyguards stood behind him. At the same time, Ah Mo scanned the venue and locked down on their target in a moment.

He bent over and whispered to Mu Yuchen, Brother, over there!

Mu Yuchen looked over. Under the beautiful lights, Gu Lingsha wore a long purple dress. She was surrounded by several gentlemen as they were having a friendly chat. Wearing a sweet smile on her face, she looked so pretty and the gentlemen had totally fallen for her smile.

Ah Mo never denied the charm Gu Lingsha possessed. If he did not know her any better, he probably would have admired her as well, but

Unfazed, Mu Yuchens eyes did not show any emotions. He looked away as he put down his glass before he straightened his sleeve and said, Go and do your thing.

Ah Mo smiled. Just wait and see, Brother. Ill get the job done. Im used to this sort of work after all! Take a look there as well. Master Mo is here!

When Ah Mo raised his chin at the other corner of the hall, Mu Yuchen looked over to see Zhou Zimo having a drink with several people near the stone pillar. Mu Yuchen signaled Li Si before he smiled and nodded before walking towards Zhou Zimo. Then, Ah Mo got up and went into the crowd.

Zhou Zimo soon noticed Mu Yuchen. Doesnt he hate these events? Why did he come?

He was even more surprised when he saw Mu Yuchen having a toast with someone on the sofa.

Master Mo, our Master has invited you over!

Why are you here? Zhou Zimoasked as he sat down beside him.

I thought youd only wake up this evening after you drank so much last night! Mu Yuchen replied to him instead of answering his inquiry.

Zhou Zimo squinted his eyes at Mu Yuchen. What time did you leave last night? And why did my mother come so suddenly? Did you know that I almost got a heart attack seeing her this afternoon?! That bastard Su Chen, he actually told her Zhou Zimo clenched his teeth.

What did he say? Mu Yuchen gave Zhou Zimo a meaningful glance.

Zhou Zimo seemed embarrassed as he coughed lightly and looked around. He then went close to Mu Yuchens ear after he confirmed there was no one else around. What do you think is the saddest thing that could happen to a man?

Mu Yuchen looked at Zhou Zimo and answered confidently,Impotence!

Zhou Zimo felt like he had met his soulmate. He looked deep into Mu Yuchens eyes and sighed. Brother, you sure know me well! That bastard Su Chen told my mother Im going through the saddest thing known to man at this moment! That idiot! Ill be sure to choke him to death when he gets back from the Maldives! My mother even tried to check me up personallyYou have to help me. Im not! Please explain to my mother. You know weve compared sizes before when we were still in military school.



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