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(Pathetic Gu Lingsha (1)

I got it, Brother! Ah Mo noticed Mu Yuchens concern, so he continued to ask, Brother

I need you to do something for me, Mu Yuchen said suddenly.

What is it? On alert, Ah Mo asked, I heard Sister-in-law suffered quite an injury and yesterday

Qi Feng asked me to meet him in front of Lingtians grave at 9 a.m. this weekend.

Meet up? Ah Mo looked hesitant. Brother, is this a trap?

Im afraid Ill have to go even if its a trap, but before that, Ill get getting some dividends from him first. Mu Yuchen casually sat down on his chair and handed Ah Mo the guest list Li Si had given him just now. Take a look.

Slightly confused, he glanced at Mu Yuchen before looking through the list. A charity dinner? What does this mean?

I want someone to know their place, and this is a great chance to do so.

Brother, what are you saying? Ah Mos gaze was fixed on the name Qi Kai Corporation instantly.

Its Gu Lingsha. Mu Yuchen grabbed his cup and took a sip.

Ah Mo nodded and handed the list back. Shes appearing in a lot of public events lately and many people have been enchanted by her. I heard from a colleague that two men tried to dance with her at a birthday dinner and almost fought. It sparked a lot of discussions. Plus, many other women were unhappy with her too.

Unhappy? Mu Yuchen grinned. That makes our job easier.

Master, do you want to deal with her?

She almost broke your sister-in-laws hand yesterday. I want to make sure she gets what she deserves. Come over here. Mu Yuchen squinted his eyes and signaled Ah Mo to come closer. When he went nearer and bent over, Mu Yuchen whispered beside his ear. A smile appeared on Ah Mos face as he quickly nodded. Thats a thorough plan indeed, but if Sister-in-law hears about this, will she

She wont, Mu Yuchen replied with a firm tone.

Ah Mo coughed lightly. This is pretty wicked and therell be consequences if they dont handle it well. Im sure itll take them a lot of time.

This will help Qi Lei gain some time as well. Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha have already announced their marriage. Is Doris doing anything? Mu Yuchen asked.

Brother, I suspect that Doris still has no idea because she went abroad a few days ago. From one of my trusted sources, Doris had always disliked Qi Weier. She tried to convince Gu Lingsha to give up on her, but since Gu Lingsha sustained severe injuries, she probably wont be able to have a child of her own again if she gives up. Thats why she persisted and dotes on her daughter so much, Ah Mo told Mu Yuchen what he knew. His eyes darkened slightly before he continued, Besides, Gu Lingsha actually had twins, but she could only keep one of them due to her injuries.

Mu Yuchen already knew about this from Xi Xiaye.

Which means that if Qi Feng is really taking over Qi Kai, Gu Lingsha will just be his stepping stone. Qi Feng and Qi Qiming would never let a barren woman who cant give birth to their future heir to be the real lady boss, and Qi Weier cant possibly succeed the heavy burden.

As Ah Mo clearly analyzed the benefits involved, he instantly inspired a new idea in Mu Yuchens mind. Mu Yuchen already guessed what Ah Mo was about to say before he actually said it, so he then raised his hand and interrupted him.

I know what you mean. Doris probably wouldnt agree to their marriage due to this factor, but it seems that Gu Qiwu doesnt think so.

Thats one possibility. I had someone secretly investigate Gu Qiwus relationship with Doris in City B. While he is very sweet to Doris, it feels like hes limited by her. I think hes trying to get away from her control. Gu Lingsha also had a fight with Doris on the phone a few days ago because of Qi Weier.

Ah Mo paused. Brother, but Qi Qiming and Gu Qiwu are really fond of Qi Weier. Doris shouldnt really give Gu Lingsha a hard time even if she doesnt like Qi Weier. Shes Gu Lingshas daughter after all, so shouldnt they cherish her more?

It might be a lot more complicated than we think. Who knows if Doris might want to take everything from the Gu family for herself? Gu Qiwu might be trying to break free from her because he feels threatened. A light flashed in Mu Yuchens darkened eyes.

Tell Ah Bao to reinvestigate Gu Qiwu and Doris. Also, keep an eye on the Hui Gu Corporations recent actions. At the same time, find out whos backing Doris up!

Yes, Brother! Ah Mo replied.

Alright, thats all for now. Let me know if theres news. You can head back down. Mu Yuchen closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair before he grabbed his teacup and started drinking again.

Ah Mo did not want to bother him as he seemed to be deep in thought, so he bowed and left the room quietly.

Mu Yuchen came back to his senses slightly when he heard the sound of the door close. He put his teacup down before grabbing the guest list and taking out his lighter.

The tiny blue flames engulfed the name list in an instant, and Mu Yuchen threw it away into a nearby dustbin.




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