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(Get Back At Them For Me Mr. Mu (2)

Before Xi Xiaye could react, Mu Yuchen had already picked up the remote and changed to the childrens channel for Mu Xiaocheng and Mu Zirui.

The Qis and the Gus are going to be connected by marriage. In fact, the wedding date is quite soon. What do you think about it? Xi Xiaye thought about it for a bit, then frowned slightly at Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen response was calm. He carried Mu Xiaocheng with one hand and slanted his body as he lay down on his side, so Mu Xiaocheng sat on his belly. He reached out to tease Mu Xiaocheng, making the toddler giggle with a burst of young and tender laughter. It infected Xi Xiaye, making her tensed little face ease a little.

After a while, Mu Yuchen said, Sis Wang, please bring them down for breakfast first.

Okay, Master! Aunt Wang and Aunt Lin very quickly came up to bring Mu Xiaocheng and Mu Zirui downstairs.

He leaned back against the sofa leisurely as his deep eyes fell quietly on her face. Putting this thing aside, were you not planning on telling me about what happened yesterday?

With that reminder, Xi Xiaye immediately realized he was talking about that unhappy incident with Gu Lingsha at school which Sis Wang had probably told him about.

When she heard his reminder, she sighed softly, Its nothing. You know that shes never liked me. If I brought this thing up to you, wouldnt you find me quite childish? You already have so many things to worry about

Have you been feeling very defeated lately? Hmm?He straightened up slightly, pulled her hand over, and brushed past her heavily bandaged palm. With a heavy expression, he looked at it for a bit as he looked up to study her.

She lowered her gaze a little sullenly while her beautiful hair fell past her frail shoulders. Hesitating, she then met his deep eyes as she said softly, So what if I feel defeated? Gu Lingsha almost pinched my hand into mud. Could you help me give her a lesson?

I thought youd never ask!

Upon hearing her say that, Mu Yuchen chuckled and his calm smile held hints of flirtatiousness. Xi Xiaye could not help but be attracted to him as she stared at him in a daze for a long while, unmoving. Then, she wanted to reach out to touch his face.

She actually found that this fellow was more and more attractive now! When they had first met, she was not this attracted by his devilish looks, but who would have thought that in the end, she would find him more and more irresistible?

He did not startle her and just let her stare with her dazed eyes. After a while, he turned to his side and held his face with one hand as he played with her hair that fell before her chest. There was a faint smile on his face.

Your Missus isnt the benevolent type. If it werent for the fact that I didnt want to stir up trouble, I wouldve hit her, but she brought people along. I didnt want the headlines in the next days papers to shout about the wife of Glory World Corporations Chairman fighting in the streets. Your wife is a good person!

A good person? Good people deserve to be bullied. Are you sure you want to keep being a good person? I havent reminded you to be more self-aware in too long now, so you seemed to have regressed this time. How can you talk about being good with someone like Gu Lingsha? Youve got to use violence to curb violence with people like her! Im not hoping for you to preserve a perfect image for me. Just do whatever makes you happy, isnt that right? he said nonchalantly.

Curb violence with violence? Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows. She pulled her legs in and sat cross-legged as she shot him a side look. I dont want you if you wont care about your image! How about you get back at her for me then?

Sometimes, she really felt like the longer she was with him, the worse she was influenced. Even though he looked noble and handsome, sometimes she was in disbelief about many things that he said.

Well then, pay up some interest first. In less than a few days, I guarantee that youll feel vindicated, he said. Then, a faint wave appeared in his eyes as he looked at her with interest. His gaze quickly stopped on her cold, pink lips as he made his intentions clear.

Xi Xiaye just frowned and rolled her eyes at him, yet he had already quietly closed his eyes, looking like he was waiting for her to bless him. She did not know whether to be angry or find this funny, but as she looked at his face anticipating enjoyment, she only pursed her lips and smiled. She pulled her hair back with one hand and carefully closed in, slowly getting closer to him. She lowered her head and gently planted a kiss on his forehead. However, just as she was about to move away, he suddenly opened his eyes

They stared into each others eyes. In that instant, there was a hint of warmth in the air.

Without a word, he pulled her in and locked her to his chest. He lowered his head to catch her pink lips, wanting to earn a few minutes of sweetness before letting her go.

Dont worry. Even if you didnt ask, your husband will help you get back at them.

When Mu Yuchen said this, a shadow flashed past in his eyes. That coldness made Xi Xiaye shudder slightly, but he subconsciously hugged her tightly and squinted at her. He asked, Are you afraid?


She thought about it, then shook her head and answered calmly, I wasnt thinking about that, but I trust that you wont let me be afraid.

Woman, sometimes, Im really afraid that youll overestimate me. Other people arent pushovers either. Do you understand?

Even though Mu Yuchen was happy for her unreserved trust in him, he felt uneasy from the stress. Whenever he used to have any apprehension, he would never be worried about other people targeting him, but ever since he had her and their sons, he had become more careful. He took every step cautiously as his network of information grew larger and larger. Secretly, he had gotten people to protect them. Of course, Xi Xiaye did not know about all these.

Otherwise, he would not have known about what happened in Mu Ziruis school so quickly.

Mr. Mu, I like the version of you thats confident and plans strategically. Xi Xiaye seemed to be able to detect something, sp she reached out to point at his nose. These words dont sound like something thatd come from you.

Mu Yuchen chuckled as he caught her hand. Since you put it this way,Missus, I obviously cant disappoint you.

She then silently nodded and smiled gladly. Dont worry. I told you that I will always be right behind you. Youll see me when you turn around. Those things will need to be faced sooner or later. I think that perhaps you should ask Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha out to clear things up. Then, you wouldnt be so tormented.




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