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(Get Back At Them For Me Mr. Mu (1)

Once they got into the car, Sis Wang reminded her,Missus, clean up your wound first. That looks ghastly. Itll be hard to heal if it gets infected.

Xi Xiaye looked down at her wound that was drenched in blood before gently nodding. See if theres a hospital nearby. Well go over to check this out.

Alright, Missus, Sis Wang quickly responded.

Mother, Im sorry. Does it hurt? Let Xiao Rui blow at it Mu Zirui said uneasily as he looked sadly at Xi Xiayes blood-drenched palm.

Xi Xiaye turned to look at Mu Zirui who looked guilty. After a while, her crisp voice was heard. Explain the whole thing to me. What actually happened? How did you suddenly get stung by a hornet? Were you being naughty? Did you secretly sneak out to play? Tell me!

Mu Zirui quickly shook his head. Mother, I didntThat hornets nest really did fall. Qi Weier went to look at it by herself. I was coincidentally doing my homework on the marble table underneath the tree, so I went over to helpand then

As he said this, he reached up to touch his swollen face and forehead. The burning sensation hurt so much that he could not help but tear up.

Next time, dont get so close to Qi Weier anymore, understand?

Xi Xiaye sighed. She could not say much about this incident between the children, but earlier, from the looks of Gu Lingsha, she was clearly making a fuss out of nothing. Nonetheless, did Xi Xiaye look like a pushover?


She got some simple bandaging and injection to reduce the inflammation at a nearby hospital while Mu Zirui got a check-up too. When the mother and son returned to Maple Residence, it was already nightfall. Wang Hui and Mu Yinan were long done with the dishes and waiting for them. Still, Xi Xiaye did not allow Sis Wang to tell them about the little incident.

Mu Yuchen called home in the evening to say that he would be having dinner with Zhou Zimo, so everyone did not wait for him.

Later on, Mu Yuchen did drink till quite late before he got home. Li Si sent him home by car. When he returned to the room, Xi Xiaye was already fast asleep. She did not even know when he got into bed since the medicine she took made her drowsy, so she fell asleep earlier than usual.

She only vaguely remembered that he seemed to have taken a look at her hands before falling asleep.

The next day, Xi Xiaye woke up naturally. When she got up, it was already half-past nine. She walked out of the room slowly.

Good morning, Missus!


When Xi Xiaye walked downstairs, Sis Wang greeted her and even took a look at her bandaged hands. Missus, let me put fresh salve and bandage your wound again after breakfast.

Alright. Xi Xiaye nodded obediently. Her clear eyes already subconsciously looked towards the sofa where she saw that the father and sons were sitting there leisurely watching television.

Mu Yuchen sat on the sofa with a teacup in one hand as he held Mu Xiaocheng in the other while his eyes were fixed onto the television screen before him.

Mu Xiaocheng sat leaning against the sofa, his little arms and legs staying still and his bright little black gem-like eyes staring at the television screen ahead. He looked very much like his father.

Beside Mu Xiaocheng was Mu Zirui who was also sitting on the sofa happily with one hand holding Mu Xiaochengs shirt down as he was worried that he would not be able to sit steadily. The swell on Mu Ziruis face had calmed down. If you did not look closely, you would not be able to tell it was even there.

Xiao Rui, go finish your homework after breakfast. Ill bring you to the race track once Im done with work in a few days.

Father, are you really going to teach me how to ride a horse?Mu Ziruis eyes flashed with a light of anticipation as he stared at Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen looked away from the screen and turned to examine him. Then, he said with a deep voice, Youre still too young. You can walk around, but to actually ride a horse, youll need to be a little taller, mmm?

Oh Mu Zirui responded with disappointment.

Alright, Ill bring you over to take a look. In another year or two, youll be up to my chest, then Ill bring you again.

Hes still young. Dont bring him to go wild now. His main duty is to be studying. These things should only be talked about when hes in high school.

Xi Xiaye did not agree that Mu Zirui should be learning how to ride a horse at such a young age, so she expressed her opinion as she walked over and reached Mu Xiaocheng in a few steps. She held out both hands to him happily, but Mu Xiaocheng turned away. He wanted to pull away from her, and he flailed about for a while before she realized that the little guy seemed to want to watch television. She then helplessly knocked his little head gently and sat down close to him.

The little guy is not clingy to me at all. I think hell probably be close to you when he grows older, Xi Xiaye lamented as she turned to him, yet she realized that he was watching television with a gaze that was hard to understand. Xi Xiaye instantly thought it was odd, so she followed his gaze back to the screen.

The television was showing a live stream of Qi Kai Corporations press conference!

Qi Qiming, Gu Qiwu, Gu Lingsha all appeared together at the press conference.

Thank you to all members of the press for your concern towards Qi Kai. With regard to those rumors, they were all just made up. I hope that everyone wont continue to tell tales. Our relationship is great right now. Xiao Lei was just a little contradicting with my strict demands as his father, but after a deeper conversation between us, weve reconciled.

The person who was speaking was Qi Qiming. Gu Qiwu, who sat beside him, remained quiet while Gu Lingsha had a calm smile on her face.

Also, we have good news for everyone at this press conference. Six years ago, the Qi familys First Master, Qi Feng, went abroad for a few years because of a small incident, and now hes back for quite a while now. In fact, Ah Feng and Lingsha have always had an affinity for each other. Ive discussed it with Mr. Gu, and we plan to hold a wedding for the two of them on the 15th of next month

When this was mentioned, it was no doubt like something had plunged into a lake, exploding into many splashes!

Qi Feng!

The internal staff who were familiar with Qi Kai thought that Qi Feng passed away in a car accident six years ago. Back then, Gu Lingsha was in the same car too, so when she returned, those who knew about the past thought it was weird.

However, six years was too long of a time, thus many people seemed to have forgotten what had happened back then, but.




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