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(Rushing Around (1)

Xi Xiaye glanced at him after Zhuang Shurong went out.

Mmm, he gave a brief reply and extended his arm towards her. Instantly, she understood that he wanted her to help him to roll up his sleeves.

Tell Su Nan to voice out if she needs anything. The people there will help her out, he added.

Xi Xiaye nodded. I bumped into Ruan Hengs father several days ago. I feel really awful for them. Ruan Heng just received a promotion the day he got into the accident, and he was looking forward to telling Su Nan the good news, then he just fell unconscious. She was not sure if she should harbor hatred towards Gu Lingsha at this point.

Dont overthink it. Weve done whatever we can. He was not sure how to comfort her though he knew how she felt.

Xi Xiaye remained quiet and continued what she was doing before.

After the family had a simple lunch together, Zhuang Shurong summoned Mu Lingshi to the study room. Xi Xiaye was putting Mu Xiaocheng to nap while Mu Yuchen and Ah Mo went to the backyard as Li Si followed them as well.

I confirmed the news with Ah Bao. Qi Feng returned to the Qi residence at 11 p.m. last night, Li Si reported as Mu Yuchen was watering the flowers. Meanwhile, Ah Mo had a frown on his face.

Ah Mos eyes darkened as he said,Brother, Ill investigate what hes up to.

Mu Yuchen seemed calm as he ran his fingers through some leaves before him. Theres no need. There must be a reason why hes keeping his return low profile. Just keep an eye on him. Well meet sooner or later.

But, Master Li Si exchanged glances with Ah Mo hesitantly.

I knew he was going to come back around this time. Do you really think Qi Qiming tried so hard to get South River Project No. 2 just to create opportunities for Qi Kai?

So, do you mean that Qi Qiming wants Qi Feng to take over Qi Kai? Qi Feng is disabled now. Hows he going to take over Qi Kai? Li Si gave it some thought. Doesnt the situation look very bad for Master Qi at the moment?

Mu Yuchen put the watering can down and grabbed a towel to clean his hand before he sat down on the rattan chair. Only his legs are disabled. His brain is still working, isnt it? Ive investigated his bank accounts. All this time, huge amounts of money never stopped flowing into them. That means he hasnt been slacking all these years.

So, are we just going to observe and do nothing at the moment? Ah Mo calmed down and asked.

Mu Yuchen looked at the sky as he spoke, Stay alert. I have an idea. Just do whatever youve been told to. Li Si, head over to Chenye Movies and Television and tell Vice President Liu to hand me the documents I wanted as soon as possible.

Yes, Master, Ill call him right away. Li Si took out his phone and dialed Liu Lingyus number.

Mu Yuchen glanced at Li Si before speaking to Ah Mo, Ah Mo, tell Lingshi about Gu Qiwu. Make sure she prepares herself. Father and Mother already know about it. We cant really hide it any longer, so you should be prepared as well.

Ah Mo was stunned for a moment. He fully understood what Mu Yuchen meant. Yes, Brother, Ill take care of it. About the people Gu Qiwu sentIm worried things might be exposed.

Itll come sooner or later anyway. Does he think its going to be effective?

What about Grandfather and Grandmother? If they find out If they found out the naked truth after so many years, they might not be able to accept it.

Mu Yuchens expression turned cold. Let me handle that. Youve just recently gotten married. Take a few days off. Ill look for you again in a few days.

Yes, Brother.

Master, Vice President Liu is ready with the documents. He plans to deliver them to your office tomorrow. Li Si was done on his call with Liu Lingyu.

Mu Yuchen gave his orders, Theres no need to wait. Tell him to deliver them to Maple Residence right this instance. Call Assistant Yang Sheng and ask him which hotel Qi Leis staying at.

Master Qi is staying at Hua Tian Hotel. Ill ask Vice President Liu to send it over now. What do you have in mind?

Mu Yuchen replied after a brief pause, I have to go to City B as soon as possible while Qi Lei is still there. Coincidentally, CEO Li just returned from abroad as well. Ah Mo, book me a flight to City B right away, and make sure no one knows about it.

Ah Mo began to worry. Brother, are you going alone? What are you going to do? He did not know about the promise between Mu Yuchen and Qi Lei, thus it was natural for him to feel troubled.

Ill probably be back by tomorrow. Since Qi Feng is back, I suppose Qi Lei will need to come up with a new plan to continue operating in Qi Kai, and his actions will be limited as well. Im sure Qi Feng is capable of thinking about such outcomes if I can come up with them. We should get it done before they can react to it, Mu Yuchen said as his eyes darkened.

Then, let me accompany you! Ah Mo said.

Mu Yuchen raised his hand and stopped him. No, its better if I go alone.

Although Ah Mo was still worried, he trusted Mu Yuchen. Yes, I understand.

Li Si looked at Ah Mo quietly and replied after the latter nodded. Yes, Master!

Please make the arrangements so that I can be in City B before evening. Mu Yuchen then took his phone out and gave CEO Li in City B a call.




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