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(An Eye For An Eye (3)

Mu Yuchens eyes darkened as he leaned against his chair. You can go and work on the tasks Ive given you for now.

Yes, Master! Li Si quickly left Mu Yuchen alone in his huge office.

He leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes. Moments later, he slowly switched on his notebook and logged into his account. The first avatar on his list was online. His hand reached into the cigarette pack in his pocket as he took a stick out and lit it up. Just as he was about to send something to his woman, a message notification from her popped up.

He clicked on it and noticed that she sent a videoof their son rolling around on the sofa. Her head popped into the screen as she gently grabbed the little babys hand and cooed, Come here. Say Papa.

Naturally, he was still too young to speak, so he made some bubbles in his mouth and put on a cute smile. Like his mother, that smile seemed very warm to Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen grinned as he turned his chair and looked outside the window. He stayed silent as the smoke rose up in the air. The lone smoke trails complemented his lone self at the moment.

That was the exact scene Zhou Zimo saw when he entered the office room.

Mu Yuchen looked over to the door when he heard a sound. Zhou Zimo came in, arriving before Mu Yuchens table and grabbing a chair for himself as he stared straight at Mu Yuchen.

Whats on your mind? Zhou Zimo got himself a teacup and emptied it instantly.

Not really happy about seeing you, Mu Yuchen replied coldly.

I can feel the joy in your eyes. Dont be shy! Alright, Im not going to waste your time. Since Su Chen isnt around and you seem free, do you want to go out and have some fun?

Zhou Zimo had a lot of free time recently. Now that Su Chen had gotten married and had gone on his honeymoon trip with Ji Zitong, he had been lonely.

Mu Yuchen squinted at him. I bet there will be good news when Su Chen gets back. Dont you feel the urgency?

Oh man, I have to prepare gifts again!

You know what Im talking about. Lets go. Its a great time for fishing now. Well have dinner at your place tonight. Mu Yuchen switched off his laptop and grabbed his phone before heading out.

Why not at your place instead? You know that I dont have servants at home. Its always me who has to clean up after having events at my place. Zhou Zimo sounded annoyed.

You can always find a lady of the house, Mu Yuchen replied.

An hour later, Mu Yuchen and Zhou Zimo were sitting side by side by the riverbank in the outskirts of the north of City B with a fishing pole in front of each of them. They were reading the papers under a huge umbrella.

I feel like youve been giving Qi Lei too much attention. Youve never been like that to me or Su Chen before. Arent you worried that we might get jealous? Although Qi Lei is a nice guy, dont forget that you have an unhappy past with him. Dont get me wrong. I just wanted to remind you to be cautious. Zhou Zimo was hesitant to speak his mind, but he still decided to voice out his worries in the end.

Mu Yuchen paused for some time before looking at him. Zimo, you should understand that its a gamble each time that I trust a person, but I believe in my choices.

Su Chen and I didnt want to talk about it, but were worried that the past might repeat again, Zhou Zimo said.

Mu Yuchen averted his gaze and continued reading the papers. Then, youll have to keep me in your prayers. I hope that I made the right choice this time.

Im being serious. Its always good to be cautious. Were just worried that you might be put at a disadvantage! Damn it! I wouldnt be saying these if it werent for your sake. You know I dont like talking about it. Zhou Zimo frowned at Mu Yuchen.

Zimo, I dont really want to explain too much about Qi Lei. For him to be able to maintain himself after all these years, I respect him. Hes worthy of being a friend or even a brother. Both Su Chen and you grew up alongside me. You know me very well.

Its exactly because we know you so well that were worried! I dont doubt his character, but I have doubts regarding his experience instead. I heard he seems to be getting along with his father now, but no one knows whats going to happen in the future. What if he becomes like Lingtian one day? Moreover, Qi Qiming is still his father no matter what. Just dont forget about what happened in the past, or else, dont blame Su Chen or me for taking extreme measures

Alright, thats enough, Mu Yuchen cut off Zhou Zimo halfway, I want to take another big bet on Lingtian, just Lingtian. Comparisons cant be made. Maybe he had his reasons, but I cant let my past trauma affect my decisions. Zimo, you were once a military officer with sharp sense. Do you think Qi Lei will betray me? He looked at Zhou Zimo calmly when he asked the question.

Zhou Zimo was quiet for a long while before he shook his head. I cant answer you about that. I dont know Qi Lei well enough.

Theres no need to doubt him. I trust that he wont disappoint me. I know you have made a lot of advances in technical capabilities. Ive promised Qi Lei that he can use Chen Ye Movies and Television to be his stepping stone, but hes on his own when it comes to taking care of the technical aspect of things. Please send him several capable personnel from your company to set the system up for him.




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