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(I Will Always Be By Your Side (2)

When he felt her cool touch, he reached out to gently hold her wrist as her profound gaze met his clear eyes. Moments after that, he smiled gladly. Mmm, alright. Im not as weak as you think. All you need to do is trust me.

She shot him a glance and said a little innocently,It just looks like youve got a lot on your mind, so Im a little worried.

Thereve been too many things happening recently. I havent been able to sort much out, but dont worry. After these two days, when youre discharged, Ill be fine to stay home with you and have some idle days together. Why? Have you suddenly had a conscience now and know how to pity me? he teased as his eyes glimmered with joyous light.

Im not worried about you. Im worried about the ghost. She could not help but roll her eyes while her rose-pink lips pursed slightly before allowing a smile.

Then, I must be that ghost. He happily went along with her words.

Alright, I wont tease you anymore. Youve got to remember that no matter what, Ill always be behind you. Turn around and youll see me. Thats all, she consoled. Then, she reached out with her bandaged hand to touch his eyes while he stared at her with a deep gaze before closing his eyes.

He was getting discharged today, and because of Qi Leis words last night, Qi Qiming practically could not sleep for the entire night. It was only close to dawn that he fell asleep. Early in the morning, once he sensed movement outside, he woke up, and it was much earlier than his usual rising time too. When Qi Lei came over, it was daybreak. However, Qi Qiming was already sitting on the sofa in his ward, clearly waiting for him.

Guard the door and dont let anyone come in, Qi Lei ordered the two bodyguards. Yang Sheng was there too. The few of them nodded, then Qi Lei walked in assured. He turned around and closed the door.

Youre here!

Qi Qiming, who was sitting on the sofa and having his morning tea, had a very complicated gaze when he saw Qi Lei. He did not know why, but for some reason, his tensed heart unexpectedly relaxed for a moment.

How should he put it? Actually, he was a little worried that Qi Lei would not come! In fact, earlier he dreamt of Wang Qin and Qi Lei again.

These dreams seemed to make his spirit a little weak. He could not help but think that somehow, Wang Qin was torturing him.

Have a seat! Qi Qiming pointed at the sofa across him. He took a clean cup and poured a fresh cup of tea before putting it on the table before the sofa.

Qi Lei looked at Qi Qiming through squinted eyes, then slowly walked over before sitting down quietly. He picked up the tea and drank two sips. He tossed the folder in his hand towards Qi Qiming.

Take a look. If youre okay with it, then sign it. Ill bring it to get notarized in the afternoon, Qi Lei said in a lukewarm manner.

Qi Qiming looked at him in a peculiar manner before quickly picking up the folder and taking out the document. After skimming through it briefly, he picked up the pen and swiftly signed the last page.

Upon seeing him do this without fooling around, Qi Lei gaped at him in surprise. How efficient. Arent you afraid that Ill play some dirty tricks?

Qi Qiming closed the document and looked at him, unaffected. I know very well how you are. Youre just like your mother. You wont resort to such tricks.

His tone was filled with certainty. That voice and manner sounded a little ridiculous to Qi Lei who laughed grimly, then responded, Alright, dont make yourself sound like you understand me and Mother so well. Its hard to tell that Im not a despicable and vile person. Otherwise, why would I be doing this deal with you? Still, youre here shedding crocodile tears and putting on a show.

Xiao Lei, you still care about me as your father, dont you? Otherwise, you wouldnt have come. Qi Qimings eyes suddenly became sharp as he fixed his stare on Qi Lei.

When Qi Lei heard that, he immediately sneered in disdain, You can think whatever you want. Im just here to make sure my mothers hard work doesnt get lost irrevocably. Actually, I dont quite understand how many of your women outside can compare to my mother? Someone like you loves to do such bastardly things, yet my mother and I have never interfered in any of it. I even told her to get a divorce from you before

When Qi Lei said that, Qi Qiming immediately asked,What did she say?

Qi Lei smiled mockingly and said, What else could she say? She wasnt willing to get a divorce. Of course, it wasnt because of you. It was to get what should belong to me.

Upon hearing that, Qi Qimings expression dimmed and his gaze went icy for a moment. He silently picked up the tea before him and stared gloomily at the cup.

Qi Lei ignored him as he kept the document back into its folder and put it aside.

Come to the office for a meeting tomorrow morning. Ill handle this matter personally. You dont have to be too worried. If you dare pull any dirty tricks, then youd be underestimating me. Also, youd better not get too close to Mu Yuchen. Ah Fengs your brother. The two of you have the same blood in you, and you should know about his grudge with Mu Yuchen very well. How can you help outsiders if you wont even help your own? What benefits did he offer you? When Qi Qiming spoke, his tone became a little serious towards the end.

Qi Lei did not refute either. An intense light just shone in his eyes, but Qi Qimings keen eye caught that. His expression darkened, then he continued, I know that you and Mother have always been prejudiced against Ah Feng, but hes lost his mother since he was young. Your mother was biased against me and has always been cold to Ah Feng, yet he still respected her as his own mother. Youre brothers. You should be getting along harmoniously

Qi Qiming nagged him a bit and went on with all the good things about Qi Feng. He kept going back and forth about how it was him and Wang Qin who were basically wrong. Qi Lei scowled on the inside as he listened, pretending like he had not heard anything as he drank his tea quietly.

Towards the end, Qi Qiming could tell that Qi Lei was absent-minded, so he stopped.

Alright, Ill just leave these words for you to mull over yourself. Theres no brotherhood between him and I. Hes a good person while Im a hedonistic son of rich parents, so why would he be associating himself with someone like me?Qi Lei concluded.

Qi Qiming wanted to say something else, yet there was a knock from the outside that interrupted him. Yang Shengs voice was heard saying,CEO Qi, Master Qi, the doctors here. He says that CEO Qi should go for a check-up now!

Then, Qi Lei got up and walked over to open the door and hand the folder to Yang Sheng who instinctively kept it away.




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