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(I Will Always Be By Your Side (1)

When Qi Lei returned to his villa, Yang Sheng had already been waiting for quite a while.

Yang Sheng had the key to the villa since Qi Lei made him a copy so that he could go in and out conveniently. Now that he was Qi Leis trusted aide, he would also go over sometimes to cook for Qi Lei. Sometimes, he would also let the housekeeping company go over to clean.

In the living room, as Qi Lei strode in with huge steps, Yang Sheng was sitting on the sofa going through some documents. When he heard the sound of footsteps, he immediately turned to look towards the sound, and indeed he saw Qi Leis tall figure. He quickly stood up and called out, Master Qi!

Qi Lei was a little surprised to see Yang Sheng there so late. Its quite late. Why are you here?

Yang Sheng laughed. Master Qi, I made some supper. You should have some while I update you.

When Qi Lei heard the offer, he nodded since he did feel quite hungry right now anyway. He had just gone over without having time for dinner.

Yang Sheng went straight to the kitchen to bring the supper over. Qi Lei had already wiped his hands and was leisurely sitting by the dining table.

Yang Sheng put the supper before Qi Lei as he reminded, Master Qi, how about you hire a few servants? I just took a look at the backyard. It hasnt been taken care of in a long time, so its rather untidy. There are quite a lot of weeds too.


Just as he was spooning the porridge into his mouth,Qi Lei paused, then shook his head. Tell the people from the housekeeping company to come to clean every weekend. Once is enough. Im not used to having other people in my house.

When Yang Sheng heard his decision, he dared not say more, so he just nodded.

Tell me what it is that youve come so late for, Qi Lei said.

Oh, right, Master Qi! These are the materials you asked me to arrange for you, including all of VP Wangs financial securities, external investments, Qi Kais equity shares contract, and all of the assets under VP Wangs name. Theyre all here. Also, these are the recruitment materials that Ive just gotten from the human resources department.

Qi Lei looked up at Yang Sheng, and his gaze quickly stopped on the documents in his hands. A wide smile swiftly flashed on his handsome face. Not bad, Yang Sheng. Im really satisfied with your efficiency!

Yang Sheng beamed. Master Qi, the companys crisis has yet to end. Are you going to just hastily go to work? Im worried that those people wont let go of you so easily.

I never hoped for those vile people to give up so quickly. Qi Lei smiled nonchalantly. Those were all Qi Qimings trusted aides. Of course, there was Qi Feng too. Taking down Wang Qins forces was not going to take only a day or two.

Okay, dont think too much now. Go back and prepare well. Tomorrow morning at 10 a.m., the old mans going to be discharged. I have to fetch him from the hospital. Come along with me.

Fetch CEO Qi from the hospital?

Yang Sheng was stunned and could not react immediately, but when he looked at Qi Lei, he realized that his smile was stiff. Nonetheless, he dared not ask too much, so he only nodded and arranged the documents in his hand. He then put them aside on the table. Okay then. Ill leave first!

Qi Lei nodded without a sound, then Yang Sheng departed. That night, he worked till midnight in his own study room. It was only at daybreak that he fell asleep.

Dawn crept in with the cool breeze that blew gently, lifting the cotton curtains.

Xi Xiaye was a light sleeper, especially in the hospital. She would wake up quite a few times throughout the night. Before the first light of the early morning, she was already awake. She lay on the bed and could hear the faint sounds of people talking outside. Some people had already begun moving about too.

She carefully shifted her body as she subconsciously looked to the side. The man that had slept beside her was gone, but his scent lingered and there were also remnants of his warmth on the blanket.

Had he left so early? Where did he go?

Xi Xiaye carefully propped herself up to sit and look around. She gazed towards the door when it suddenly opened. Mu Yuchens handsome figure entered her sight. When he saw her sitting up on the bed, his eyes immediately colored with gentleness and he asked softly, Awake already?

Nodding, she got down from the bed herself and walked towards the washroom while Mu Yuchen followed her.

After a while, she was done with a simple wash up and Li Si had delivered breakfast.

When they were having breakfast, Xi Xiaye could clearly see the fatigue in his eyes. She thought about it and felt bad for him, so she softly said,If I still have to stay here any longer, you should go home and rest first. Its not a big deal anyway. Having the bodyguards here is enough.

Im fine. Well see what the doctor says later. Here, eat more. He was not impatient at all as he picked up a small pastry and put it into her mouth.

He could just let Aunt Wang come over to handle this and take care of her, yet he wanted to do it all himself, just like when she had given birth to their son. He had taken care of her himself. It would be a lie if she said she was not touched.

At such times, whenever she saw him around, she would not be afraid and would feel at ease. The feeling of security that he gave her was something no one could replace.

I used to be more afraid of getting sick and being hospitalized because Id have to stay all alone in the empty and scary ward. When night falls, it can be quite scary. I wouldnt dare turn off the lights to sleep at night either. I remember a few years ago when I was hospitalized because I had an inflammation of the windpipe. When I talked to Su Nan on the phone and said I was a little scared, at midnight, a travel-worn Su Nan had to come all the way from City C.

When Xi Xiaye recalled this, a smile flashed on her face.

I didnt know you could be so timid. He chuckled.

Xi Xiaye pursed her lips and grinned. Its not too bad. I used to be a little afraid, but I havent been as scared in recent years. As with everything, you just have to get used to it.

He nodded in agreement. Mmm, many things take time for it to change. In the process of experiencing it, youll get used to certain things.

I still remember the first time we met and those words you advised me with, Mr. Mu. I really hope you can be as optimistic as when you advised me. That way, Ill admire you even more.

When he heard her, he obviously understood what she meant. He just paused and then did not say anything afterward.

Upon seeing him stay silent, she gently reached out with her long fingers to touch his brows. Dont frown now. Just forget those words that dont sound good, alright?




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