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(Deal Between Father And Son (1)

On the second night, Qi Lei went over to visit Xi Xiaye. Upon seeing that she was alright, he felt more at ease. Since Qi Qiming was also staying in Hospital T, he thought about it before deciding to visit him.

At this moment, outside Qi Qimings ward, the bodyguards in black who were guarding outside immediately looked over in vigilance when they heard the sound of footsteps. When they saw it was Qi Lei, they eased up a little and said respectfully, Second Master!

Qi Lei observed the two of them, then looked around vigilantly before saying in a deep voice, Is the old man inside?

CEO Qis inside, Second Master. He just had his medication and is about to sleep, the bodyguard responded.

Watch the door. Without my word, dont let anyone in, Qi Lei said, then pushed the door to enter.

Okay, Second Master! the people outside responded and quickly closed the door.

Inside the ward, when he heard Qi Leis voice, Qi Qiming, who had just laid down, opened his eyes. He propped himself up as he switched on the lights in the ward. The bright lights immediately filled the room.

Qi Lei lowered down his head slightly and walked in with huge steps. When he glanced up, he saw Qi Qiming who was already sitting up in bed and looking at him.

I thought that even if I died right here, you wouldnt even come to see me. Before Qi Lei could move nearer, Qi Qiming had already spoken up. You could hear a hint of sorrow and perseverance in his raspy voice.

Qi Lei stopped quite a few steps away as he looked at the weak Qi Qiming on the bed with a lack of enthusiasm. He smiled coldly and said, I really didnt want to come. Sadly, even if I didnt want to, its not up to me.

Did Ah Feng go looking for you? Qi Qiming immediately caught the key message in Qi Leis words.

Qi Lei smiled confidently. Why are you pretending? Dont you already know? Youre all saying that the main cause of Qi Kais crisis right now is me. The company shareholders cant wait for me to step down, and with the way the companys shares have been dropping, you all want to take me on, dont you? Even Shashas come to advise me. Dont look so surprised. Youll make me think you were really innocent although you feel disgusted.

Qi Lei had been quite sharp-tongued recently, but Qi Qiming was Qi Qiming after all. He had been provoked by Qi Lei time and time again, so he was already immune to it. Upon hearing these harsh words, he could still pretend like he had not heard anything.

His expression darkened for a long while before he looked up at Qi Lei. I didnt tell them to force you to come. I just hoped you could make a visit. With regards to Qi Kais matters, without my agreement, none of them can waver you. Someones clearly doing something from within about this incident, and you can obviously tell. I dont want our relationship to deteriorate because of this incident.

When Qi Qiming finished, Qi Lei only responded with a sneer of disdain.

Qi Qiming did not look too comfortable, but he did not say too much. He continued, Ill be getting discharged tomorrow. Qi Kais crisis isnt unresolvable. Ive already asked Gu Qiwu to meet soon. When the time comes, Ah Feng will officially propose marriage to the Gu family with the Qi familys name. Ah Feng and Lingsha have loved each other for many years now, and Weiweis already so old. Its time for this delayed wedding to take place.

Once the Qi and the Gu families are connected by marriage, this crisis can definitely be averted. Also, the other discussions about you and I will stop then and there. I dont want this gossip to affect the entire Qi Kai. This was also your mothers hard work, so I think you cant bear to see it fall. As for the project in City B, if it wont happen then let it be. Just focus on working on South River Project No. 1, and then just help Lingsha watch over theprogress of Project No. 2.

Qi Lei found Qi Qimings sudden act of loosening up and acknowledging a mistake rather surprising. His examining gaze continued to fall on Qi Qimings face, trying his hardest to find a hint of something, but he did not seem to be able to notice anything fishy.

Actually, of course,Qi Lei would not know.

These past few days, Qi Qiming had been dreaming of Wang Qin. He dreamt that she angrily questioned why he kept hurting Qi Lei. As she spoke, Wang Qin started to cry. That was the first time he saw Wang Qin cry so clearly and painfully beg for him to be good to Qi Lei, their son. She also said something about how their son already had nothing left.

Qi Qiming felt very uncomfortable. For the past few days, he had been waking up from his sleep, calling out Wang Qins name. When his sight cleared, he would realize that he was in his own sick ward, and it was empty before. Where could Wang Qin have come from?

After that, he went through quite a few internal struggles, but in the end, he decided to give in to Qi Lei.

Wait till after Ah Feng and Shashas wedding. Well get you a good partner and settle your marriage. Xi Xiaye is now Mu Yuchens woman. Even if you think about her all day, she wont become yours. If we were to talk about when Xi Mushan and the Xi family were still around, thatd be fine, but now

Before Qi Qiming could finish, Qi Lei had already cut him off, Ill work on my own marriage myself. Theres no need for you to worry. Its best if you take care of your own son. Also, Xi Xiaye and I are innocent, so you better not say these things outside because other people might misunderstand.

I didnt come here today to hear you spout nonsense. You wanted me to act as if our good father and son relationship has recovered, so thats possible.

When Qi Lei said this, Qi Qiming immediately looked up. What other conditions do you want? We will do our best to satisfy them.

I have a seat at the decision-making table. My mother gave me those shares, thus they need to be completely owned by me. After all, those are what my grandparents left me too, Qi Lei spoke explicitly.

Upon hearing that, Qi Qimings eyes darkened a little, and he did not answer right away.

As long as you bring back what should belong to him, Im willing to cooperate with you, but you cant limit me. If I dont hurt your benefits, you cant do anything against me. If you agree, Ill prepare the contract tomorrow for you to sign, then we can work peacefully, Qi Lei explained clearly although he still needed to learn to be shrewder.

Despite his bluntness, Qi Leis words made Qi Qiming have whole new respect for him. He examined Qi Lei up and down a bit. In a daze, he felt like this son of his had become a different person, but by the looks of his sloppy and devilish mannerism, he could not quite pinpoint what was different about him.




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