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(Wake Up (2)

Whats the matter? He squinted and noticed that she did not seem very well.

Xi Xiaye lowered her gaze for a moment before asking, You told me before that Gu Lingsha was already pregnant when she eloped with Qi Feng, but her child was lost during the accident, right?

Mu Yuchens face froze when Xi Xiaye mentioned this. He asked her, Why the sudden question?

Could you confirm who the father is? Xi Xiaye gave him a worried look as she asked quietly.

Mu Yuchens expression seemed confused. Why are you asking this? Did she tell you that its my child?

Xi Xiaye shook her head as she gently touched his arm. Dont be like this. Can you tell me what actually happened?

Mu Yuchen did not agree to her suggestion. Instead, he looked at Xi Xiaye. Xiaye, did you find out about something?

Xi Xiaye sighed. I bumped into her this morning at Hua Heng Property. We didnt have a pleasant conversation. She told me she had been pregnant with a pair of twins back then. Unfortunately, her body was heavily injured after the accident, so only one child could be saved. The child that survived is Qi Weier whose health has been terrible since birth.

Bewildered, Mu Yuchen stared at Xi Xiaye. Are you saying that Qi Weier is one of the children she was pregnant with during the accident?

Xi Xiaye nodded. Thats right. I investigated it and confirmed that Qi Weier is five years old this year. Gu Lingsha lost her ability to get pregnant. She told me that personally although Im not sure if shes telling the truth. However, seeing the Qi familys attitude towards Qi Weier, that child might really be Qi Feng and Gu Lingshas daughter, she tried to comfort him because his expression did not look well.

She actually did not want to bring up this sensitive topic, but she supposed it would be better to let him know. Hopefully, the truth was not what she imagined.

Mu Yuchen did not say a thing and just closed his eyes. While he looked outside the window with a heavy heart, Xi Xiaye could sense the uneasiness and sadness within him.

Did you tell anyone about it? Qi Lei? Mu Yuchen asked moments later.

Xi Xiaye shook her head. I didnt tell anyone. Im just having some doubts. Whats wrong? Why do you look like that? Are you worried that?

Mu Yuchen covered her mouth before she could finish her sentence. Great. Dont say anything then. Just act as if we never even thought about it. They should know the truth with the way they are acting now. Things shouldnt be like what were imagining.

Otherwise, why are you feeling uneasy? Mr. Mu, are you?

Nothing, Im just thinking that judging by the weight of their relationship, I still dont think Lingtian would do that. I doubt hed betray us no matter how much importance he placed on their friendship. Back then, he also knew that Gu Lingsha agreed to the marriage. Mu Yuchen frowned.

Then, do you remember what Lingtian told you? Gu Lingsha told me today that Mu Lingtian begged you to let them go, but you didnt.

Mu Yuchens eyes darkened, and he finally spilled the truth, Thats right. Lingtian knew I was going to do something about them. I gave Ah Mo and the others orders right in front of him. I told them to get Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha back. It was a huge matter and I couldnt just take it sitting down. I needed them to clarify to the media since it was affecting Glory World and the whole Mu family. Lingtian begged me, but I didnt agree and I asked him to leave this matter alone. I remember he just hesitated and didnt say anything else, but I still dont understand why hed help the two of them escape. I only found out that he was fond of Gu Lingsha from Qi Lei and others.

Im sure thats not the case! Xi Xiaye gasped.

Mu Yuchen was quiet for a while. His quiet gaze landed on Xi Xiayes face. Xiaye, no matter what happens, I hope that you can trust me and support me. If something actually happens, that child will be mine. Do you understand me?

Xi Xiaye was stunned. As she looked into his eyes and saw the helplessness and darkness in them, her eyes teared up as she nodded. I understand. I know Ill always support you.

He smiled and wrapped her in his arms. Thank you, my dear wife!

She returned the smile, Youre welcome. Youre forever mine anyway. No one can take you away from me.

He nodded. Ill always be yours. He then left a kiss on her lips.

Xi Xiaye instinctively touched her forehead and the injuries on her face before asking nervously, You havent told me if scars will remain.

Well find out after we remove the bandages. The doctor said the injuries on your face are fine, but the one on your forehead might be tricky. Dont worry. Its not as bad as Lingshis injuries. Although it should be difficult to perform a scar removal procedure, youve married me anyway, so dont worry about it. He smiled warmly at her.

How could I not worry? I already look so plain. If I get a scar now Xi Xiaye touched her injuries again, but she then felt a sharp pain shooting from her arms.

Be careful and dont keep touching your wounds. Eat something. Im going to drop Qi Lei a message. Hes really worried about you. Dont be so reckless again in the future.

He took out his phone and sent Qi Lei a text message. Then, he picked up the dinner Yang Sheng had prepared.




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