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(Wake Up (1)
He looked at her face and noticed she was still awfully pale, so he sat down beside her. Its 8 p.m. now. You havent been sleeping for very long. Are you hungry? Qi Lei asked Yang Sheng to get us some dinner. Here, Ill feed you. He turned around and grabbed the food boxes.

Im not hungry yet. Hows Qi Lei?

He just left not too long ago, he replied quietly.

Xi Xiaye looked at her heavily bandaged arms while she could also feel some discomfort on her forehead too. She raised her hand to touch it slightly. As expected, it was bandaged up as well. She frowned and looked at him worriedly. Will the injuries leave scars?

She remembered the moment when the shards came right at her. Even the memory of it terrified her. Fortunately, she had turned her head around quickly enough and managed to avoid fatal injuries.

Youre only thinking about that now. What were you thinking about before? You didnt think of calling me when you noticed something was not right. Did you remember what you promised me the last time? Dont look at me like that. Im not going to go easy on you. You have to reflect on your actions!

You didnt listen to me at all. Dont you understand what kind of person Qi Feng is? How many times have I reminded you already? Do you actually listen to me? Mu Yuchens tone was stern. It was his very first time speaking to her in such a harsh tone.

Xi Xiaye looked at him in astonishment, unsure what to say. She lowered her head out of guilt as she spoke quietly,Im fine!

Its already too late if youre not fine. When will you let me not worry about you? Where are the bodyguards? Why didnt you bring them with you? He completely ignored her pitiful look and continued with his lecture. Xi Xiaye was not very fond of his stern yet handsome face, but she maintained her innocence.

I didnt know Qi Feng would be there!

Didnt you see him the moment you walked in? Ive told you not to be in contact with him. You know their background. You need to learn your lesson! Mu Yuchen chided when he realized she still had not noticed what she had done wrong.

I already went in. I couldnt possibly just turn around and leave, could I? Im not going to explain if youre going to assume that Im in the wrong anyway. You can continue your lecture. Im listening!

Xi Xiaye already felt bad about what happened. She turned her head away angrily and did not want to talk to him. She knew that arguing could not solve the issue and would just make it worse which was why she usually chose to stay quiet during an argument.

Mu Yuchen noticed that her expression had changed, so he stopped his lecturing and just looked at her quietly. Sometime later, he took a deep breath and softened his tone, Alright, I didnt mean to criticize you. I just hope that you can be more careful in the future so that I can rest easy.

Still refusing to look at him, her voice sounded slightly bitter as she responded, Do you have to be that fierce even if you didnt mean it? I told you I didnt do it on purpose.

Im not being fierce. I still havent recovered from the cold. Its my runny nose. He surrendered since she was upset. He gently rubbed her shoulder, coaxing her to turn back around.

Xi Xiaye ignored him and slapped his paw off her shoulder, but he continued to put his hand back on her. The cat-and-mouse game went on for a few cycles before she turned around and glared at him. Get your paw away from me. Its heavy!

Im not a bear. I dont have paws. This is a hand. If you dont understand, I can teach you and explain it to you. He looked at her seriously.

Xi Xiaye suddenly bit his wrist. It was a pretty huge bite that left a clear mark when she was done. She then shot him a smug stare. This is a lesson for you. I hold firm to my grudges.

He just let her bite him without making a sound. Studying the bite mark, he said, If youre still not satisfied, do you want to have another bite on this hand?

Your skin is too rough. Its not up to my standards! She let go of his hand but frowned when she noticed a Band-aid on his hand.

Its just a small scratch. Dont worry about it, Mu Yuchen explained since he knew it was not a deep wound.

Be more careful! The documents are still in the car. I still havent passed it to Qi Lei. I noticed Qi Fengs men were guarding the door when I arrived, and I was worried that something might happen, so I hid the document under the car seat.

I see you can actually think. If only you can be more alert! He softened his tone as he grabbed a glass of water and moved it near her mouth.

She took a sip and continued, By the way, I actually met Qi Feng before this.

Mmm? Youve met him? Mu Yuchen gave Xi Xiaye a confused glance.

Xi Xiaye nodded. Thats right. It wasnt just Qi Feng. I even met his daughter, Qi Weier. Do you still remember that I sent our son to school after the last time we went to the Shen residence?

Mu Yuchen thought about it. I think so.

I met them at the entrance of Xiao Ruis school that day. Xiao Rui bumped into Qi Weier and she was slightly injured. I helped bandage her up. The girl looked really weak and unwell. Qi Feng then appeared. He seemed to be looking for a school for Qi Weier, but I didnt realize it was them at that time.

Xi Xiaye thought about what happened that day. Qi Feng did not look like a cruel and violent person, but today

I thought they seemed like kind people. I didnt expect

Kind people and bad people cant be identified so easily. You shouldnt judge a person based on their appearance. His eyes darkened.

She nodded. Thats true. If it wasnt for what happened, Im afraid Qi Lei wouldve been forcefully taken away by them. Butoh, by the way, I have something to ask you! Xi Xiaye suddenly remembered her conversation with Gu Lingsha before.




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