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(Grateful (2)

Upon hearing that, Qi Lei was startled. He then remembered it. With the incident these past few days, he had become a mess and had forgotten about this too.

He thought about it, then nodded and said, Mmm, I almost forgot about this.

I think you can be assured about Qi Kai. At least, if Qi Qiming wont yield, they cant do anything about it either. I think that you can go to visit Qi Qiming though you dont have to be extra nice to him. Besides, you have a reason to see him, Mu Yuchen pointed out his thoughts after thinking about it for a while.

A hint of calm flashed in Mu Yuchens eyes as he continued calmly, Youre being hit by your own kin while youre down, and you clearly have a chance to turn the tables around, yet you wont. This is unwise. Qi Lei, youre still learning. Others will definitely try to control you. I know very well how this feels too. It was just as when I first took over Glory World.

Qi Lei looked at him with a smile. You? I know that back then youd just retreated from the army. Given the fact that you could bring Glory World to where it is today, I have to genuinely say that I do quite admire you.

This isnt my work alone. Ah Mo, Lingshi, and the rest have also been supporting me the best they can, especially Ah Mo. All these years, Ive owed him too much as the eldest brother. He started his career early and helped me handle many things.

When his brother, Ah Mo, was brought up, Mu Yuchens eyes had a hint of tenderness. He paused, then said, I always felt that with brotherhood, it usually doesnt require blood relations. Do you understand what I mean?

Qi Leis expression froze for a moment. He thought about it for a while, then smiled. Mu Yuchen, you really are quite a meticulous person! So, youve found your son an older brother?

Mu Yuchen knew that he was referring to Mu Zirui. I wont deny that I had this thought, but even more so it was because Xiaye didnt want her grandpa to be too lonely. Xiao Ruis very sensible and smart. Im obviously happy that he has become my son.

Qi Lei took in Mu Yuchens expression of a loving father, then he beamed. That child is indeed quite clever. Lets discuss then. Since my place is quite quiet and your place is so close to mine, let your son come to my place when hes free. I hope that your biological son will grow up soon. Who knows? I could be his godfather.

You could get married soon and have a daughter of your own, Mu Yuchen teased him with a look.

In your dreams! Even if I do get one, Id want a son to marry your daughter! So, you and Xiaye should quickly have a daughter. Ill definitely adopt her into the family to be my sons future wife! Qi Lei disagreed.

Although these words made Mu Yuchens face freeze, he smiled calmly. I dont think well have a daughter. After the last incident, the doctor said that itll be very hard for her too. I wasnt planning on having so many children anyway. Nonetheless, you dont have to tell her about this. She doesnt know. He knew very well that Xiaye had been yearning to have a daughter with him.

What? Upon hearing this, Qi Lei was stunned for a moment. He hesitated for a while, then said, We all know very well who did it back then. Its just that

Gu Lingsha,Mu Yuchen coldly answered with a hostile gaze. Sooner or later, Ill have to settle this score with them. Then, he turned to look at Xi Xiaye on the sick bed.

Shasha said that after she gave birth to Weiwei, she could never have another child again. Thats why she cherishes Weiwei even more so, but I heard that Weiweis health is quite poor. Gu Qiwu and Qi Qiming both spend a lot of effort to help her heal. It was only recently that things changed for the better. Qi Feng already contacted a school for her so that she can study.

Of course, all of these misfortunes stemmed from that accident, so its not hard to understand Shasha and Qi Fengs hatred for you, Qi Lei said to Mu Yuchen with some pity, Back then, I did resent you because of Shashas misfortunes, but after getting to know you, I realize that you cant be blamed for that many things. Perhaps, you were the innocent one who was hurt the most. Okay, lets not talk about this anymore. Take good care of her. When shes better, the two of us will have a huge deal to work on.

A huge deal? Mu Yuchen raised his brows.

Dont pretend now. I know that you already delegated Ah Mo to City B before the incident happened, and after it did, the partner, CEO Li didnt call me. Instead, they sent a notice to Qi Kai right away. I already thought there was something fishy then. Im not that dumb. Ill do my best and I wont let you down. Ill get going now. When she wakes up, send me a text.

Qi Lei slowly got up and left.

Mu Yuchen just grinned calmly and watched his back as he said, You seem more like Qi Lei now than before.

When Qi Lei heard that, he paused, then responded, Thats because the old me wasnt as fair or as handsome

Upon hearing that, Mu Yuchen chuckled and Qi Lei smiled too. Then, he picked up his pace and walked ahead, leaving the ward in the blink of an eye.

Xi Xiaye woke up with unbearable pain. The throbbing cried out all over her body, especially on her pair of hands. Unable to stand the pain, she moaned and subconsciously writhed as she opened her eyes. She instinctively reached out to the side of the bed, wanting to prop herself up to sit.

However, just as those hands touched the bedframe, a piercing pain ripped through her and she cried out in pain. Then, she fell backward as her misty eyes began to clear.


Mu Yuchen, who had been arranging some documents by the side, frantically tossed the papers to the end of the bed. He got up swiftly and quickly held her. Where does it hurt? Hmm? Is it very bad? heasked with concern as he helped her sit up.

Xi Xiaye then leaned back against the bed head and sat up with a head of messy hair. Her mind instantly flashed back to the scenes before while her twinkling eyes teared up from the pain. Mu Yuchen looked worried. Just as he was thinking of calling the doctor, Xi Xiaye reached out to hold him, yet her fingers had just twitched when the pain worsened.


Dont you move your hands. Let me take a look. Mu Yuchen gently held her wrist and gently lifted that hand that was wrapped tightly in bandages while his handsome brows frowned into a knot.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath and managed to endure the pain. She consoled him, and then asked with a raspy voice,Im fine. Its just a little painful. Dont worry. What time is it now? Have I slept for very long?




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