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(Gratitude (1)

Mu Yuchen stopped looking at him. Instead, his eyes were focused on the door before them. Qi Lei seemed a little distracted as well.

After getting the details from Yang Sheng, Li Si was not sure what to say at the moment.

The sky had already turned dark long ago. The moon appeared in the sky and lit up the city.

The doors to the operating theatre finally opened after a long time, and the doctors and nurses slowly shuffled out.


Mu Yuchen and Qi Lei went forward. Xi Xiaye was still unconscious and her expression was terribly pale as well.

Hows my wife? Mu Yuchen grabbed Xi XIayes wrist, studying the numerous bandages all over her as his eyes darkened instantly.

The doctor removed his surgical mask and looked at them carefully. Ive removed all the ceramic shards, but the gash on her forehead is a little deep, so there might be scars. Im going to be frank about the condition of her arms. Theyll surely leave scars with an injury like that. Shell need to be put under observation for a few days. Well change the bandages for her everyday. If things go well, she can be discharged after several days.

Will there be any residual effects? When will she wake up?Mu Yuchen continued asking.

Dont worry. Shell be fine after we take care of her injuries. Shell probably wake up in half an hour. Take good care of her. Shell feel some pain after the effects of the anesthesia have passed, so be careful to not touch her wounds.

The doctor gave more reminders before asking the nurse to send Xi Xiaye to her room.

Go and handle the hospitalization procedures. Mu Yuchen handed the bill to Li Si as the doctor and nurses left the room.

Li Si took it. Yes, Master. Ill get it done right away! By the way, should I call back to your home and tell them? The Missus has been getting calls since just now.

Tell them its no big deal, and theres no need to come over. Well be back in two days. Inform them to take care of Xiao Rui and Xiao Cheng, Mu Yuchen adjusted the blanket on Xi Xiaye as he said.

Yes, Master! Li Si then left the room.

Go and get everyone something to eat, Qi Lei told Yang Sheng.

Yang Sheng nodded as he glanced at Xi Xiaye. He then left the room together with Li Si.

Inside the spacious room, aside from Xi Xiaye who was still unconscious on the bed, only Mu Yuchen and Qi Lei were left. The silence felt slightly suffocating.

Have a seat! Mu Yuchen broke the silence first. He sat down on the chair beside the bed, then he pointed at the sofa opposite him and signaled Qi Lei to sit down. I have something to talk to you about.

Qi Lei was startled at first, but he then nodded and slowly sat down on the sofa.

Dont keep it in your mind since shes fine now. Things dont look good with Qi Kai. What do you have in mind? Why did Qi Feng look for you? Does he want to use you as the sacrificial lamb? Mu Yuchens voice was calm, but Qi Lei still noticed the sharp chill in his tone.

Qi Lei ran his fingers through his hair, still feeling pretty helpless about what had happened.

Thats right. He wants me to host a press conference and clarify things. He also wanted me to put on an act as a caring son. The stakeholders had a majority vote and decided to transfer me externally, and it was actually a demotion. Ill truly become useless at that point.

Its not decided yet, is it? It seems like Qi Qiming doesnt want to see that happen, Mu Yuchen responded.

Qi Lei put on a bitter smile. Yeah, Yang Sheng told me what happened. Everything comes down to Qi Qimings agreement, but I dont think his decision matters at this point. Hes been pretty odd lately. Maybe he feels guilty for treating my mother terribly before, so hes trying to give me attention in order to seek forgiveness. His cold gaze completely expressed his hatred towards Qi Qiming.

Mu Yuchen did not reply right away. The glimmer in his eyes fluctuated slightly. However, his eyes turned bitter the moment he looked at Xi Xiaye who was still unconscious.

Im really sorry about what happened. I didnt expect her to visit at that time. Qi Fengs subordinate wanted to bring me away by force and she tried to stop them. No one expected the accident to happen.

Qi Leis eyes darkened as he took a furtive glance at Xi Xiaye. She could have turned away and left, but she did not. I owe the two of you too much. Maybe I could never ever repay you back. Im not sure if its fortunate or unfortunate for me.

He was fortunate because he was grateful for their care, but unfortunate because he was not used to being dependent on others. He feared losing them one day. Would he return to his old self again?

You dont owe us anything. As long as you treat all of this as a willing partnership, you wont have to feel the burden, Mu Yuchen told him.

When Qi Lei looked into his eyes, he could feel a sense of warmth, so he sighed. You know very well if your intention is just purely a partnership. No matter what, Im grateful for both of you. If I cant survive this crisis, I

Youll get through this. Just believe that you dont have to do anything. Just maintain your usual self. Youre not the one who needs to panic, so what are you worried about? Mu Yuchen said calmly.

Did you find out something? Qi Leis eyes brightened as he looked at him. Are we thinking about the same thing?

Well wait and see. Im sure well find out soon. Mu Yuchen did not answer Qi Leis question, and the latter did not press on the matter as well.

Dont worry about us. The recruitment period is about to start soon, so you better not neglect this, Mu Yuchen reminded Qi Lei.




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