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(Injured (4)

Mu Yuchen stood up as he clenched his fists, fresh blood dripping from his hand. His expression was cold, and his calm manner moments ago was nowhere to be seen.

Master, whats wrong? What happened? Youre injured! Li Si came back to his senses as he asked frantically.

Mu Yuchens phone dropped onto the table. He took several deep breaths as he felt a sharp pain in his chest while his eyes were frozen on a distant spot in front of him.

QiQi Feng! Mu Yuchen clenched his teeth when he growled that name. He grabbed his coat and then rushed outside.

Prepare the car right away! he ordered as he went outside.

Yes, Master!

Li Si quickly followed behind him and did not dare to ask what actually happened. Vice President Zhang Lan still seemed confused, but she sensed something had gone wrong as she looked around at the empty office.

It was very rare for Chairman Mu to get angry like this!

Inside the operating theatre of Hospital T, Xi Xiaye was lying on the operating table and her head was wrapped with bandages. The doctor was carefully handling the injury on her palm. The clatter of ceramic shards dropping into a steel container rang out from time to time as the doctor picked out the pieces from her palm.

Xi Xiayes forehead, shoulders, and both hands were bloody. The part where the ceramic shards had penetrated her skin looked especially horrible, and there were some scratches on her face as well. Hopefully, there would not be any scars on her face afterward.

Blood covered most of her body. Even the doctor was taken aback to see her injuries.

Qi Lei and Yang Sheng were waiting outside. Yang Sheng was pacing around frantically as he stared at the door to the operating theatre while Qi Lei leaned his back against the cold wall with fear and anxiety apparent in his eyes.

Dont worry, Master Qi. Trust the doctor!

Yang Sheng was very worried to see Qi Lei like this. He knew how Qi Lei felt when he had held Wang Qin in his arms and rushed to the hospital. Just now, Director Xi had blood all over her too. When he handed her to the emergency room, Qi Leis eyes turned red as he was really worried about what might happen!

Qi Lei did not say anything. He clenched his bloody hands tightly, his eyes turning cold.

If anything happens to her, Ill kill them! Qi Leis tone was exceptionally intense.

Dont worry, Master Qi. Itll be fine. Director Xi will be fine! Dont do anything reckless now! Lets wait for the doctors news. Chairman Mu should be here soon!

While Yang Sheng tried to comfort him, he was frowning. Morrison really overdid it. I wonder what will Master Feng do

This was all because of Morrison. If he had not pushed Yang Sheng and crashed into Xi Xiaye, this would not have happened. Yang Sheng suddenly felt extremely guilty. Master Qi, this is my fault. Director Xi wouldnt have been injured if it werent for me. A sense of hatred started brewing inside him as he thought about Morrison.

Qi Leis expression was cold as ice, he lowered his head for a long time. After that, he raised his head and looked at Yang Sheng. Go and investigate just who that Morrison is!

Yes, Master Qi! Ill work on it right away! Yang Sheng replied and quickly took out his phone to make a call.

Yang Shengs phone call ended moments later. At the same time, there was a rush of footsteps coming near. Qi Lei and Yang Sheng both looked over and noticed that it was Mu Yuchen together with Li Si behind him.

Mu Yuchens expression darkened. He reached beside Qi Lei and took a look at the operating theatre doors before asking, Where is she? Whats her condition?

Chairman Mu! Youre finally here! Yang Sheng came up to him while feeling guilty. Director Xi is still inside the operating theatre. Her condition is unknown at the moment.

A storm was brewing around Mu Yuchen as his eyes darkened instantly. He glanced over at Qi Lei and noticed the blood on him. His heart was wrenched in pain as he clenched his fists.

Its my fault. Give me a few punches if youre angry about it. Qi Lei did not want to explain more because he was worried about the person inside. He spoke helplessly and expressed the unease through his manner of speech while his eyes looked like he was in fear. His whole body felt like a taut string that would break the moment any pressure was applied onto it.

Qi Lei felt bitter inside. He did not expect Xi Xiaye and Yang Sheng to be there. Furthermore, he had hinted for them to leave. Qi Feng was similar in manner to Qi Qiming. They were used to adopting cruel and cold methods. At that moment, even if Qi Lei really had not wanted to follow them, he could not have escaped with the bodyguards around anyway.

He did not expect to drag Xi Xiaye into this mess, but he felt that it was his fault no matter what. His sense of guilt drowned him when he saw her injuries.

Yang Sheng tried to defend his master, No, its not like that, Chairman Mu! Its my fault! When we went over, Master Feng was trying to take Master Qi away with several bodyguards. Director Xi tried to resolve their conflict, but no one expected this to happen. Its all my fault. She fell over because I bumped into her. Then, the huge vase fell right onto her and broke into pieces. Director Xi

Mu Yuchen felt a suffocating pressure on his chest to the point where he almost could not breathe. He put an arm on the chilly wall to support himself before closing his eyes to take a deep breath. He managed to keep his cool when he opened his eyes again. Glaring at Qi Lei, he said, Pray that shell be fine, so you dont have to blame yourself.

Qi Leis expression softened slightly. To his surprise, when he looked into Mu Yuchens eyes, he did not see any hint of him wanting to put the blame on him.




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