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(Injured 3)

Morrison groaned in pain. He covered his mouth as he mumbled, First Master!

Qi Lei had really hit him hard back there, Morrisons jaw dislocated, it was difficult for him to even speak!

Qi Feng shot Morrison a cold and warning glance. Morrison, you overdid it!

Morrisons expression darkened, but he quickly bowed down and endured the pain on his jaw. Im sorry, First Master!

Qi Feng looked at the ceramic shards on the floor together with some bloodstains as his expression clouded over.

Observing Morrisons reaction, Qi Feng had wanted to pull Xi Xiaye back just now, but it happened too quickly, so he could not react in time. Morrison knew he had screwed up when he saw the First Masters expression. Mu Yuchen would definitely be alerted if anything happened to Xi XIaye!

Qi Feng took a deep breath and averted his gaze away from Morrison.Go to the hospital and patch yourself up, and take a look at Xi Xiayes condition! With a depressing vibe, he then moved his wheelchair on his own.

Yes, Master! Morrison replied and the two bodyguards quickly went forward to wheel Qi Feng.

Qi Lei rushed out of the door with Xi Xiaye in his arms while Yang Sheng went to get the car over. Although Xi Xiaye felt dizzy from the pain she was experiencing, she could sense the impact of the jostling throughout her whole body. She could only see the world spinning in front of her.

Xiaye, hang in there. Well be at the hospital in a moment! In a panic, Qi Lei grabbed Xi Xiaye tighter as he urged Yang Sheng to drive faster.

In the Chairmans office in Glory World Corporation, Mu Yuchen carefully read through the document in front of him before signing his name at the bottom. He then handed it to Vice President Zhang Lan.

Have Vice President Wen help out with the building materials, but you have to confirm it yourself later on. I know you have a lot on your plate lately, so delegate the workload as you see fits. Your top priority right now is the South River Project. Its been a year and a half since it started. Director Xi made a good start, so just continue the project according to our initial schedule.

Zhang Lan took the document from him. Dont worry, Chairman Mu. Ill keep an eye on it. By the way, some government personnel paid a visit yesterday. They are happy with the progress, but they hope the materials

Ive already informed them that we have our own materials provider, Mu Yuchen interrupted Zhang Lan.

Yes, I understand, but Chief Sun didnt seem very happy about it. Things were a little awkward during the drinking session last night. Im just worried that we might have some issues on this matter in the future, Zhang Lan voiced her concern.

Mu Yuchen frowned slightly. Im pretty sure we gave him quite some benefits before. We have to be firm about the materials were using. Wholl be responsible if there are problems detected during the quality check?

Yes, Chairman Mu! I understand! Zhang Lan sighed, her tone sounding hesitant.

Are there some kind of difficulties youre facing, Vice President Zhang? Mu Yuchen instantly noticed her pause.

Zhang Lan raised her head and finally decided to speak up, Chairman Mu, Chief Sun just transferred over from City B not too long ago. I suggest conducting a thorough investigation on him. Heacted inappropriately towards a female colleague from the PR Department last night, but I stopped him, hence he started making a racket regarding the building materials, so

What are the male colleagues doing? Mu Yuchens frowned even harder as his expression darkened.

Chairman Mu

Let Vice President Wen handle this. Tell him what you think about it, and Ill talk to him too. Im sure hell know what to do. Vice President Zhang, I have high hopes for you. I hope that you can be well rounded in all sorts of matters. By the way, give that female colleague an extra 50% of her salary as compensation.

Yes, Chairman Mu! I wont let you down! Zhang Lan was relieved by his quick decision.

Mu Yuchen leaned back onto the chair, then he grabbed the teacup and took a sip.

Master, its not Vice President Zhangs fault. Chief Sun has always been a greedy and rude person. The Missus was really unhappy when she had to discuss something with him the last time, Li Si spoke up and defended Zhang Lan when he noticed her tense expression.

The light in Mu Yuchens eyes flickered a little before he said, Just tell me directly if theres a problem you cant solve. Besides, Vice President Wen has a solution for people like this. You guys can look for him when Vice President Liu isnt around.

Yes, Chairman Mu! Zhang Lan replied.

At that moment, Mu Yuchens phone started ringing. It was Qi Lei!

He quickly answered the call, Its me.

What came back to him was Yang Shengs panicked voice. Chairman Mu! This is bad. Please come to the hospital right away. Director Xi is injured.

Yang Sheng quickly gave Mu Yuchen a brief overview of what happened. By the end of the conversation, Mu Yuchens expression had totally transformed and his eyes were practically shooting cold laser beams out.

Are you saying that Qi Fengs people did it?

Even Li Si could sense the sudden drop in temperature around them!



As soon as Yang Sheng confirmed it, the teacup before Mu Yuchen was smashed into bits and the hot tea spilled everywhere along with the teacup shards. Tea and blood splattered around the table. The loud noise shocked both Zhang Lan and Li Si and they quickly turned over to Mu Yuchen.




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