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(Injured (2)

Xi Xiaye did not answer Qi Lei as she examined the surroundings, and quickly saw the man in the wheelchair!

Was that Qi Feng?

Xi Xiaye was a little surprised as she frowned. This man looked very familiar as if she had seen him somewhere else before! She thought about it closely, then immediately recalled the scene from a few days ago in front of her sons school!

He was Qi Feng!

Could that little girl have been his and Gu Lingshas daughter?

Stunned, the light that flickered in her eyes displayed extreme surprise! No wonder she thought that this man looked quite familiar when she first saw him. It was from those pictures that Mu Yuchen had of Qi Feng!

Just as Xi Xiaye was examining Qi Feng, he looked at her meaningfully with a faint smile. Before she could greet him, he already spoke up in a raspy and dry voice, We meet again, Miss Xi!

When Qi Feng said that, Qi Lei immediately frowned and looked at Xi Xiaye. Youve met him before?

Xi Xiaye observed Qi Feng, her gaze as calm as water. I didnt expect you to be Qi Feng.

I think its an honor to meet you, Miss Xi!Qi Feng expressed.

What do you all want? Why are you here?

This seems to be something I should be asking you instead! Qi Feng replied with a smile.

What right do you have to ask her?! I already said it very clearly. You can leave now! Qi Lei looked at Qi Feng uneasily as he hinted at Xi Xiaye with his eyes. His intentions were clear. He wanted her to leave as soon as possible.

Second Master Qi, First Master has already made it very clear! CEO Qi is in the hospital right now, and hes in a poor state. No matter what, you should go and visit him. You were the cause of the whole Qi Kai situation. If you wont cooperate, then please understand that were acting out of helplessness! Morrison was the one who spoke. He had always been a great assistant to Qi Feng!

Why is it that the way you speak sounds so ear-piercing? What do you mean our Master Qi caused it? Hes a victim. Dont you see that? What do you mean by that? Morrisons words obviously made Yang Sheng offended.

Qi Lei was already in dire straits, yet these people were here to make things worse. They were clearly doing this on purpose!

All those things about doing it for the good of the company were all excuses. They wanted Master Qi to get out now and bear the consequences. They just wanted Qi Lei alone to be the scapegoat. Besides that, the project had already fallen through, so there were many people who were unhappy with the Master in the office. Even if Manager Wang and the rest wanted to help Master Qi redeem himself, they were helpless now!

Didnt you hear what our Master Qi said? You can all leave now! Otherwise, Ill call the police right away and sue you for disturbing peoples homes! Yang Sheng quickly steadied his emotions and threatened coldly.

Forcing someone into doing things doesnt seem to be the First Masters style either. Isnt it a bit too much for him to do so? Xi Xiaye walked up calmly and patted Yang Shengs shoulders, indicating for him to calm down.

Upon hearing that, Qi Feng did not say anything. Morrison did not even care about Xi Xiaye. To him, she was just a woman!

He sneered, then looked at the two black-clothed bodyguards who understood and went up to Qi Lei again. Second Master, this way!

What if I wont go with you? Qi Lei smiled lukewarmly.

Then, well have to help you with that and send Second Master Qi to the hospital!

When Morrison finished, the two people instantly went up to grab Qi Lei!

Let go of me!

Let go of Master Qi, all of you. Do you want to get violent? Ill call the police


Yang Sheng anxiously took out his phone from his pocket to call the police, yet before he could unlock his phone, Morrisons slap had already smacked his hand. His blow was unreasonable and vicious, causing Yang Sheng to cry out in pain as the phone in his hand was hit to the ground. He fell forward too and crashed into Xi Xiaye.

Xi Xiaye did not expect Morrison to lay such a strong strike and hit Yang Sheng like this. Meanwhile, Yang Sheng quickly grabbed the sofa and steadied himself as Xi Xiaye fell forward.

Xiaye, careful!

Director Xi!

Two voices cried out at the same time, and Qi Leis tall figure instantly rushed up too!

However, it was too late. Xi Xiaye could not react in time as she staggered another step forward and slipped in her high heels. As though she kicked something, she fell forward.


There was a loud crash as the Qinghua ceramic vase beside her fell. A horrifying shattering sound was heard, but Xi Xiaye could only feel an acute pain from her forehead. She subconsciously propped herself up, then what ensued was a piercing pain from her palms.

The faint smell of blood filled the air. Qi Lei, who had rushed over, was in shock too as he looked at Xi Xiaye who had fallen on the floor with shattered ceramic pieces around her. His heart skipped a beat while a sinister flash of light lit up in his eyes. Furious, he turned and swung a punch at Morrison.

Bastard! If anything happens to her, Ill be taking your life for it!

That punch practically used up all of his energy. Morrison immediately cried out in pain, then a flurry of red and white sped out from his mouth as one of his teeth flew out.

Xiaye, are you okay? Are you okay? Say something!

Qi Lei almost broke down. He rushed over to carry Xi Xiaye up from the ground. When he turned her over to look, he saw that her forehead was already swelling. A sharp ceramic piece had made a deep gash on her forehead, and blood colored her forehead. When he looked down, Qi Lei saw that her fair hands were covered in fragments with fresh blood covering her palms.

That terrifying red instantly pierced Qi Leis eyes. At that second, fear instantly engulfed him and he quickly got up trembling. Xiaye, dont scare me. Please dont scare me!

Back then, Wang Qin had been like this too, lying in his arms covered in blood. Right now, he was really afraid!

Xi Xiaye was still slightly clear-headed at this point although her head hurt a lot. Her whole body also stung, especially her hands!

The pain was felt all over and she could barely bear it. She seemed to need all of her strength to hold back this pain. As she looked up a little weakly at Qi Lei whose reddened eyes were filled with fear, she spoke with difficulty, Dont worry. I stillI can still handle it. Send me to the hospital. Hurry

Yes! Yes! Go to the hospital! Go to the hospital! Yang Sheng! Yang Sheng! Quick, the car! Qi Lei then carried her, stood up, and rushed outside.

Yes, Master Qi! Yang Sheng rushed after him, extremely worried too.

In a moments effort, the large villa was emptied. Initially, Morrison wanted to return a blow after Qi Leis punch, yet Qi Feng had given him a warning look, so he held back. Of course, he dared not stop Qi Lei who carried Xi Xiaye to leave.




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