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(Injured (1)

Morrison rushed in as soon as he heard Qi Fengs summon. He could feel the tension in the air the moment he stepped in, and he grasped that the conversation between the siblings did not go well.

Morrison arrived beside Qi Feng and greeted,First Master!

Qi Feng did not look at him because his eyes were still staring at Qi Lei angrily.

Qi Leis gaze switched between Qi Feng and Morrison. Then, he put on a mocking smile and remained silent.

The sky turned dark. Working hours had ended and the sun was setting in the west. The glow of the sunset filled the whole sky while the evening breeze was very comfortable too.

As the Porsche closed in onto Qi Leis villa, Xi Xiaye noticed the two cars parked outside Qi Leis house when she was still a distance away.

Yang Sheng, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, was shocked. CEO Xi, those are the Qi familys cars! Those two men seem to be Qi Fengs bodyguards!

Qi Fengs bodyguards?

Xi Xiaye frowned slightly and squinted her eyes as she slowed down the car.

This is bad. They are here! Master Qi didnt go to the office for the past few days, and the whole company is in chaos right now. Master Qis in a horrible situation after a meeting between the higher-ups. Im sure Qi Feng is going to do something! Yang Sheng sounded worried.

What are they going to do with Qi Lei? Xi Xiaye asked.

Mu Yuchen had gotten Li Si to pass her a document in the evening and told her to hand it over to Qi Lei on her way back home. Qi Lei had been shutting himself at home and it was not a convenient time to contact him, so Xi Xiaye went over straight after work. She then happened to bump into Yang Sheng who was on his way there as well, so they went together.

They wanted Master Qi to clarify the situation, and a huge project has been halted due to this incident. You know Master Qi. He wont compromise himself for something like this. CEO Qi and he had a huge conflict just days ago, so Yang Sheng did not continue, but Xi Xiaye had a full grasp of what happened. After some thought, she parked her car and put the document Mu Yuchen handed her under her seat.

Lets go in and take a look. Hide any important documents you have with you.

Xi Xiaye was cautious because she knew about Qi Fengs background. It must be something important if Mu Yuchen wanted Xi Xiaye to deliver it to him personally. Furthermore, she had to be very careful when dealing with someone like Qi Feng.

Yang Sheng understood what Xi XIaye meant. He was impressed by her quick wits. As expected of you, CEO Xi!

He looked through his briefcase and took out the document he just compiled and hid it under his seat. Then, he closed his briefcase after making sure that the document was not visible.

Xi Xiaye switched off the engine. The two bodyguards became vigilant when they saw a car getting close and they stared in Xi Xiayes direction cautiously.

Xi Xiaye unfastened her seat belt and opened the door. Lets go and see whats happening inside.

Okay! Yang Sheng got out of the car as well.

Xi Xiaye quickly locked her car and headed towards Qi Leis villa.

Who are the two of you?! The two bodyguards stood in their way as they went near.

Im Master Qis personal assistant. Im the one who should be asking who you guys are! Why are you two standing here? Give way! Yang Sheng put on a brave front and stared at them coldly. He ignored their strained expressions and pushed them aside. Ill call the police right away if anything happens to Master Qi!

The bodyguards traded glances. Without stopping Yang Sheng and Xi Xiaye, they whispered into their headphones, probably informing the people inside about what happened.

Xi Xiaye and Yang Sheng rushed through the door.

At this very moment, the atmosphere was extremely tense in the living room!

Qi Lei glared at the two bodyguards in front of him coldly. Get lost!

Sorry, Second Master Qi, you have to go to the hospital with us! one of the bodyguards said.

Morrison had just received the message from the bodyguards outside. He lowered himself and whispered beside Qi Feng, First Master, Xi Xiaye and Yang Sheng are here!

Oh? Qi Feng smiled as he gave Qi Lei a glance. Qi Lei also heard Morrisons voice and frowned instantly as he looked over at the door.

As expected, he heard the sound of footsteps. It was the sound of heels clicking on the floor! Yang Sheng came in first, followed by Xi Xiaye behind him!

Master Qi! Are you alright? Yang Shengs expression was strained the moment he came inside.

What are you guys doing!? Hestood in front of Qi Lei as he stared nervously at the lot before him. He glanced around and finally locked his gaze onto Qi Feng. Master Feng, what do you want? Master Qi didnt do anything to you, did he?

Without waiting for Qi Fengs reply, Morrison glanced at the two bodyguards. One of them quickly dragged Yang Sheng away in a rough manner. Shoved away, he fell hard onto the ground as he was caught off guard, falling right before Xi Xiaye.

Yang Sheng groaned a little as he gave the bodyguard an angry glare.

Are you alright? Xi Xiaye was shocked to see Yang Sheng fall before her and she quickly tried to help him up.

Im fine! Yang Sheng tidied his creased clothes and glared at Qi Lei.

With a frown, Xi Xiaye raised her head and looked at Qi Lei who was still standing right there, looking at her direction.

Why are you here? Qi Leis voice sounded cold. There was some hidden anger in his tone as well, and he did not seem very pleased. His words were obviously meant for Xi Xiaye.




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