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(Assault (2)

Gu Lingshas face turned pale while the vicious aura around her got even stronger. Dont speak as if youre any better. Didnt you force your own sister into a corner as well?

After finding out what happened between Xi Xiaye and Xi Xinyi from other people, she felt sorry for Xi Xinyi. In addition to that, her level of hatred towards Xi Xiaye increased, and she was particularly concerned since Qi Lei was getting close to her as of late.

This woman seemed to have investigated her before. Xi Xiaye frowned, but her phone started ringing as she was about to say something. It was a call from Lan Zilang. It must be about the meeting in the afternoon.

She glanced at Gu Lingsha and felt that it was pointless to continue their conversation, so she answered the phone call and walked forward.

However, as she took a step forward, Gu Lingsha grabbed her shirt from the back and dragged her backward. Dont even think about leaving before were done talking today! Im going to clear things up about Qi Lei once and for all!

Although their conversation had derailed a little, Gu Lingsha did not forget she was here to talk about Qi Lei.

Xi Xiaye was taken aback when Gu Lingsha dragged her back. As a result, she lost her footing and started falling backward.

CEO Xi! Xiao Mei quickly caught up as she shouted in surprise.

Xi Xiaye lost her balance as she glanced at the person in the blue outfit behind her. Her gaze turned sharp as she quickly grabbed Gu Lingshas dress and used her as a cushion. Immediately, Xi Xiaye fell on top of Gu Lingsha.

The moment they fell over, she heard the sound of fabric ripping as well. A pained groan came from below.

Get away from me now! Gu Lingsha pushed Xi Xiaye away angrily and shielded her arm! Her arm was already scratched when she fell down in front of Qi Leis house. Just when it finally felt better, Xi Xiaye made it worse. She was worried that it might leave a scar.

CEO Xi, are you alright? Xiao Mei came over and helped Xi Xiaye to get up.

Xi Xiaye shook her head. She quickly stood up and turned around to glare coldly at Gu Lingsha who was still groaning in pain on the floor.

You did that on purpose! Gu Lingsha gave Xi Xiaye a cold scowl.

Xi Xiaye did not deny it. Thats right. I did it on purpose. Do you really think you can stop me if I want to leave?

Gu Lingsha had a pained expression on her face as her arm started bleeding. Xi Xiaye could smell the coppery blood in the air when a breeze passed by. When Gu Lingsha rolled up her sleeve, she saw that her skin was broken.

You wicked witch! Gu Lingsha cursed when she saw the smirk on Xi Xiayes face.

Xi Xiaye shrugged. She did not stay any longer and proceeded to walk towards her car.

CEO Xi, your hand is bleeding as well!

Xiao Mei soon noticed that there was some blood on the back of Xi Xiayes hand after they got into the car. Gu Lingsha had really dragged her hard!

Xi Xiaye peered down and found some blood trails on the back of her hand. No wonder it stung a little just now.

Lets go to the hospital! Xiao Mei suggested when Xi Xiaye did not say anything, Injuries can get infected easily under weather like this. Itll be bad if it worsens!

Xi Xiaye turned away from her injury and looked out of the car window. Its fine. Ill just bandage it up back in the office. Tell Uncle Lan that Im heading back right now.

The afternoon meeting was pretty important and she could not afford to miss it.

Noted, CEO Xi! Xiao Mei did not say anything else.

Qi Lei did not expect Qi Feng to visit him.

He took a stroll outside during the evening. When he came back home, he noticed two black cars parked right in front of his house. They were the Qi familys cars. Qi Lei instantly knew it was Qi Feng inside the car when he saw Morrison standing outside.

He stopped his footsteps as he stared forward, remaining stationary for a while.

However, Morrison noticed him. He glanced at Qi Lei and then moved closer to the car window to announce, First Master, Second Master is back!

Qi Feng, who was resting inside the car, opened his eyes. A light flashed in his eyes as he maintained a calm composure.

Help me out of the car! Qi Fengs hoarse voice ordered.

Noted! Morrison replied and signaled the two bodyguards to come over. They quickly grabbed the wheelchair and helped Qi Feng to sit on it steadily.

Qi Lei returned to his usual self as he put on his signature wicked smile and walked over.

Ive been waiting for you for a long time. Open the door! Qi Feng spoke up the moment Qi Lei came near. His tone gave no room for compromise, ignoring whether Qi Lei welcomed him or not.

Qi Lei stopped when he was several steps away from him. He looked around and noticed that including Morrison, there were five bodyguards! There was no way he could decline, was there?

He put on a wide smile. First Master Qi, you took your precious time to visit me. Its my pleasure.

Qi Fengs expression turned frosty after Qi Lei spoke. He frowned and replied in a serious tone,Qi Lei, youre fathers son as well. Open the door!

Qi Lei replied humorously, Another one that doesnt understand my words! Ive got nothing to do with the Qi family anymore! Fathers son? Whos my father? Qi Qiming? Is he worthy?

Then, he took out his key card to put to the sensor, and the door opened right after that.




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