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(Assault (1)

Xi Xiaye put on a cold smile. I dont think I have an obligation to answer your question. Qi Lei isnt a fool. Do you think hes incapable of having his own ideas?

So, are you saying that you didnt do anything? I dare you to swear on your childs life! Gu Lingsha smiled coldly as she threw Xi Xiaye a fierce stare.

Xi Xiaye frowned and her face darkened instantly. She then replied in a dangerous tone, Youre really wicked to involve my children into our matters.

Gu Lingsha continued her indifferent smile. Whats wrong? Scared? Why dont you swear if you didnt do it? Do you dare to swear?

Im not obligated to promise you anything, Gu Lingsha. You dont seem like a fool. Do you really think that just by swearing, you can prove whether I did it or not? Youre a mother yourself. If someone asked you to swear on your childs life, would you do it?

Xi Xiaye found out from Mu Yuchen that Gu Lingsha had a daughter with Qi Feng, but she was not sure about the details herself.

Gu Lingshas body started trembling slightly when Xi Xiaye mentioned her child. Xi Xiaye could sense the vicious vibes vibrating outward from her!

Her child?

It was all because of Mu Yuchen that Weiwei was the way she was! She would have used his son to exchange for her childs health if she could!

How could they understand what Weiwei had gone through? What did they know about the suffering she experienced?

You guys have no right to say those words. Ill trade everything I have for my childs safety. Gu Lingshas eyes teared up slightly as she spoke. She covered her nose and looked at Xi Xiaye. My daughter is lovely, but I didnt protect her well enough when I was pregnant. The fetus was damaged during the accident. Thats why she was very frail since birth and gets sick often. She still hasnt recovered until nowMoreover, Weiwei should have had an elder sister or brother.

I was heavily injured in the accident as well, but there was no way to save them both. When the doctor told me I could only save one of my children, you have no idea about the kind of pain I went through then! Maybe you dont know this, but Lingtian begged him to let us go. If he had just let us be, none of that wouldve happened and everyone couldve lived happily ever after. Tragically, he didnt give us a choice. Would you have hated him if you had been in my shoes?

Gu Lingshas tone was icy cold, and Xi Xiaye could sense the hatred from her, but what surprised her the most was her brutal words! From what she said, her daughter was spared from the accident. She had been pregnant with a pair of twins, but only her daughter remained, was that it?

If that was the case, then

She remembered Mu Yuchens concern!

Could Weiwei be?

She did not dare to think about it, but the possibility already traumatized her.

But I remember he told me that he gave you a choice, but you rejected it! You wanted to marry into the Mu family. Aside from the data about the New Era Plaza, you were plotting something else too, werent you? Most importantly, you were pregnant with another mans children and you wanted to marry him! Gu Lingsha, if I were him, Id probably have the intent to kill you!

I didnt even know I was pregnant. I only found out some time before our wedding, and I told him that I wanted to cancel our marriage when I knew about it! Gu Lingsha defended herself before Xi Xiaye finished her sentence.

However, you didnt say anything, did you? You only ran away because Ah Mo found out you were meddling with his safe! What did you take him as? You betrayed him shamelessly. Xi Xiaye stared at her straight in the eye.

Dont accuse me! Xi Xiaye, dont forget that he was once my fianc! Dont act all high and mighty, telling me off! Those two children shouldve been his. If it werent for Gu Lingsha stopped halfway.

Xi Xiaye squinted her eyes. If it werent for what?

Gu Lingsha did not answer. She looked at Xi Xiaye and asked a question instead, Didnt Mu Yuchen tell you everything?

How would I know the difference between what he told me and what youre saying? Xi Xiaye glanced at her casually, seeming rather confident.

Gu Lingsha smiled. It seems like you dont fully trust him either, do you? Or else, why would you want to find out from me? Catching onto a groove suddenly, she stared into Xi Xiayes eyes.

Ms. Gu, you can choose not to tell me, but youve overestimated yourself. Do you really think Im stupid? Id believe him instead of you. Ive never forgotten that you really dislike me. Xi Xiaye walked past her and continued, Besides, Im going to be clear with you. Qi Lei is a good friend of Mr. Mu and me, and he is very smart. He knows whats right and wrong, so its his choice to make any decision. Is pushing the responsibilities onto others your special skill? Do you dare say that you genuinely wish for his well being?

Xi Xiaye pointed at her temple before turning over and glanced at Gu Lingsha.

Moreover, you blame all your misfortunes on Mr. Mu, but you forget that youre the evil woman that started it all. I dont know how others think about it, but if I were him, I wouldnt have let you guys go. A human is only a human because we have self-awareness and insights. Otherwise, how are we any different from animals?




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