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( Brother? (3)

Qi Qimings sharp gaze studied those photos. When he had a clear look at who it was, his eyes darkened. He looked up to Gu Lingsha and asked, Whats this? Why would Qi Lei be with Xi Xiaye?

I want to know why too. In fact, that night, he went drinking with Mu Yuchen and the rest. Gu Lingshas blue eyes flashed with a hint of loneliness as she said a little bitterly, Maybe hes unhappy that we havent cared for him enough. The incident with Aunt Wang is still a barrier thats hard for him to get over, so he no longer cares about the companys fate.

This is all because of me. I failed to teach him well! Qi Qiming lamented in annoyance. He thought about it for a while, then looked up at her. Youve worked hard for a while now. All those shareholders are a bunch of useless people who cant even come up with a solution when theres a problem!

Uncle Qi, dont be so anxious. Things might take a turn for the better after this. Ah Fengs been trying to come up with something. Otherwise, I could also Gu Lingsha advised, but Qi Qiming lifted his hand slightly to stop her.

Its not that there isnt a way. Ive been thinking of something too. Lingsha, tell my secretary to come in. Im almost recovered now. Ask them to prepare to get me discharged, Qi Qiming said, worrying Gu Lingsha.

We cant do that! Uncle Qi, the doctor says that your body still needs to recuperate. You shouldnt be working too hard!

Im fine already. Im too worried about the company. My bodys fine. Its better to get back to the company sooner and hold down the fort. If Im going to rely on that group of useless fools, the companys going to be done for before I even get discharged! Qi Qiming grumbled as he pulled his blanket away and wanted to get down. However, he had just shifted a bit when he felt a pain in his chest area. Subconsciously, he frowned and held his chest.

Uncle Qi, are you okay?

When Gu Lingsha saw his reaction, her expression changed. She quickly went up to support Qi Qiming. Lie down first. Your body really cant be overworked anymore. Otherwise, youll be triggered, and sooner or later, your body wont be able to handle it!

Qi Qiming breathed in heavily quite a few times and endured it for a bit before the pain in his chest subsided a little.

Ill call the doctor! Gu Lingsha exclaimed as she helped him lie down.

No need for that. Im fine now! Lingsha, get Ah Feng to come over right away. I have something to say to him, Qi Qiming said wearily with a frown.

Gu Lingsha nodded. Okay, Ill tell him to come over in the afternoon.

Mmm, youre busy with work, and now that this has happened with the company, you dont have to especially visit me. Go back first. I want to be alone for a while too. If you manage to get in touch with Qi Lei, tell him to come to see me, Qi Qiming said, then shut his eyes with waning interest.

Gu Lingsha did not disturb him any longer and she quietly left the ward.

Xi Xiaye never would have thought that on the same day, she would see Gu Lingsha again.

At the carpark in front of Hua Heng Property, she had just finished discussing something with CEO Hua of Hua Heng when she unexpectedly bumped into Gu Lingsha who had also just finished a meeting when she was going downstairs.

It was probably about the land for South River Project No. 2.

When she saw Xi Xiaye, Gu Lingsha was clearly quite surprised as she was wondering how Xi Xiaye was connected to Hua Heng. In fact, CEO Hua seemed to be personally escorting her down.

An arrogant woman like Gu Lingsha never cared to pay attention to women that she thought were not great at publicly presenting themselves. Furthermore, after Xi Xiaye took over Fuhua Real Estate without making the news public, there were not many who knew about her identity.

Xi Xiaye silently looked at Gu Lingsha before her, then looked away indifferently. She was about to walk past her when Gu Lingshas piercing voice interrupted her, Playing a dirty trick and making Qi Lei disagree with us doesnt seem like the kind of thing a person like you would do, Xi Xiaye!

Her voice was very hostile, when Xiao Mei, who was behind Xi Xiaye heard it, she could not help find it ear-piercing too. Even underneath the scorching sun, Xiao Mei could feel the hint of coldness brushing past them.

When she saw the arm that suddenly blocked her way, Xi Xiaye was forced to stop walking. She immediately scowled at Gu Lingsha. I dont understand what you mean.

You dont? If you didnt say something to him, he wouldnt have become like this. I understand Qi Lei very well. If you didnt say something to him, he wouldnt have become good friends with you lot as if hed been brainwashed!

After Gu Lingsha had gone home with a heavy heart, she thought about it for the entire night. She felt that Xi Xiaye definitely played a huge role in the reason why Qi Lei had become the way he was! She would not rule out that this scheming woman was trying to drive a wedge between them and Qi Lei!

Previously, Xi Xinyi, who was quite capable as well, was done for because of her, was she not? In addition to that, for her to be able to make Mu Yuchen love her to death, her abilities really could not be underestimated!

Upon hearing that, Xi Xiaye was bewildered. After a while, she reacted and there was astonishment in her eyes followed by bemusement as she squinted her twinkling eyes and sneered at this woman before her.

Miss Gu, should I be thanking you for your confidence in my charisma, or be angry for your baseless accusation? Did you hear me say anything to Qi Lei? Or did you see some kind of news? Right now, with Qi Kais current state, I think you should be thinking about how to calm this storm down rather than going after just anyone.

Are you scolding me right now? Gu Lingsha was not stupid either, so she could immediately hear what Xi Xiaye was implying. Her eyes turned icy.

You said so yourself. I didnt say anything. You can move aside now! Xi Xiaye did not want to waste time talking to her. When she thought about all the pain Mu Yuchen had gone through, she did not have a decent impression of this woman before her at all.

Not only did Gu Lingsha not pull her hand away, but she took a step back instead and stood right in front of Xi Xiaye. From the corner of her eye, she scowled disdainfully at Xi Xiaye. Ill only ask you one thing: do you dare say that youve never tried to drive a wedge between me and Qi Lei, and Qi Feng and Qi Leis brotherly kinship?

Having been humiliated for a few times now made Gu Lingsha upset for quite a while. Thanks to her unrivaled endurance, she could bottle all this anger and unhappiness at the bottom of her heart. In fact, the moment she bumped into Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye, and after the way Qi Lei had dragged her out of the door regardless of their friendship, the feelings that she had suppressed for a long time together with all her complicated and negative emotions began to surge out, especially when she saw Xi Xiaye.




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