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(Brother? (2)

He shook his head helplessly, yet the curve on his lips looked exceptionally perfect. His fingers combed through her beautiful and jet-black long hair that seemed like a waterfall as a faint fragrance filled the air. He closed his eyes, clearly enjoying it as he gently took a sniff of it.

After a while, he lowered his voice and said by her ear, Thank you for thinking so highly of your man, Missus Mu! He paused before continuing, Did I hear you two talking about Han Yifeng earlier? Are you thinking of him again?

When he said this, his tone sounded quite calm and his mood did not seem to shift, yet for some reason, Xi Xiaye could seem to detect a hint of jealousy. At the same time, his slender hands had begun to gently press her chest.

She quickly caught his wrist as she shot him a glance, wrinkling her nose and dragging her voice to say, I seem to smell something sour! [1]

Im not being jealous right now, Missus Mu! he immediately defended himself.

Xi Xiaye immediately laughed. I didnt say you were being jealous, but you said so yourself!

Why dont you quickly explain yourself then, so I wont misunderstand? You know Ill get angry! He looked at her, and his handsome face seemed to be able to maintain calmness, yet those dark eyes of his clearly could not hide his smirk.

She laughed out gently and put an arm around his shoulders. Do people do that? Usually, they will just be angry if they wanted to be! Fine, I wont tease you anymore. Su Nan just mentioned that she saw Han Yifeng two days ago with his son. Apparently, they look like theyre doing quite well. Then, I told her that thats a good thing.

When she said this, she suddenly paused, thought about it, then continued, Everyone should stop holding on to all those things in the past. Now, were doing peacefully well which is the best. Dont you think so?

Upon hearing her, he was momentarily stunned. At this moment, he remembered his deal with Xi Xinyi!

Recently, Qi Kai had been unstable and the advertising of South River Project No. 2 was still ongoing. In fact, Xi Xinyi had fully taken charge of it, so this would a great chance to get into Qi Kais internal network.

In fact with Xi Xinyis capabilities and Yue Hai, as well as Yue Hais family, they were not lacking capabilities. If this chess piece was used well, this would be a killer move! However, he should probably work hard on the chance that he had promised her before. Initially, this could only be done through Qi Lei, but now getting rid of Qi Leis crisis was the top priority!

These thoughts flashed in Mu Yuchens mind, and his dark eyes shifted from dark to light in that instant too.

Hey, Im talking to you. Answer me, wont you?! Xi Xiaye finished for quite a while, and when he did not react, she nudged him, quickly returning him to his senses.

Mmm, its good that you have an open mind. Youll only suffer holding on to these things. In regard to this, he could empathize strongly with her.

Alright, Ill stop now. Its late. Quickly go to sleep. Im already a little tired, she said as she could not help but rub her eyes and leaned softly against him.

He looked down at her with a chuckle and said, Youre like a koala. Go to sleep!

As he shut his laptop, he picked her up by the waist and then walked towards the bedroom.

Qi Kais situation was still quite bad. Even if the internal upper management had come up with many ways to stabilize the share market, there was no significant effect, especially because it had been quite a few days since the incident, and the one involved had still not shown up to clarify. All sorts of daring speculations kept on spreading around. In fact, the case of Qi Qiming being hospitalized was real!

At this moment, inside a ward in Hospital T.

Bastard! What a bunch of fools who are taking advantage of the situation! Qi Qiming could not control the fury spiraling in his chest. He tossed the document to the ground and started to curse, What are they trying to do? Pushing me to the edge?

Uncle Qi, at the ad-hoc shareholders meeting, everyone was asking us to handle Qi Lei. In fact, they want to hold a press conference for Qi Lei to personally explain to everyone, Qi Lei has been gone for the past two days, we couldnt get through his phone, Ive let Assistant Song look for him at Grand Lakes Villa, but it seemed like he wasnt home either. Our shares continue to drop, if we dont think of a way to handle this soon, Im worried that saidGu Lingsha who was standing not too far away from Qi Qimings bedside worriedly without telling anyone about how she had gone to look for Qi Lei last night.

Dont they usually boast about how theyre so capable? How can they not have any ideas at all right now? Theyre all talk and no action! Bunch of morons! Have we found out who plotted all of this? Qi Qimings expression was as dark as the sky before a storm. His gaze was exceptionally sharp and cold too.

Gu Lingsha shook her head, feeling troubled. I dont know. VP Yue has been investigating, but Ive gone over these past few days and we dont seem to be getting any results.

Hes been investigating? Since when has Yue Hais efficiency dropped?! Theyre all a bunch of idiots who cant do anything! Wheres Qi Lei? Do you mean that with so many people, we still cant find one person? Qi Qimings dark eyes begun to show a hint of frustration while his tone was unusually severe.

Uncle Qi, dont be anxious. You cant be angry. Now is not the time to look into whose fault it is. We should find a way to stabilize the situation first. Qi Kais in a bad state. Just these past two days alone have incurred a huge loss to us. The most worrying thing is that we might face the same situation as Glory World the last time, pleaded Gu Lingsha as her expression darkened too.

Upon hearing that, Qi Qiming tried hard to control the anger. Calming down, he thought about it, then turned to Gu Lingsha. Do you mean South River Project No. 2? Or are you saying that this was Mu Yuchens work?

Uncle Qi, I dont know. This was the night Qi Lei left the Qi residence. Ah Feng had people go after him, and they caught these photos, Gu Lingsha said as she took several photos out from her bag and handed it to Qi Qiming. She continued, I secretly took these when Ah Feng wasnt looking. He didnt tell you these things because he was worried you wouldnt be able to bear it. Lei seems to be becoming more and more distant from us!

Gu Lingshas words stunned Qi Qiming who stared at her for a while. Then, he quietly reached out to take the photos.




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