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(Brother? (1)

The two friends did not talk about much. They just talked about Su Nans recent situation in Boston. Ruan Heng was still the same as before and was still under observation. They were starting with conservative treatment first, then they would decide on a proper solution once they see how it progressed.

Just focus on taking care of Ruan Heng. Ill help you look after things here. Ive notified my parents a while ago. I told them to visit your parents more often. Xiao Xis doing great. Yesterday, I called to ask about your mother. When Im freer in a few days, Ill go over to visit her, Xi Xiaye said to Su Nan on the other end as she got up from the bed and walked to the study room.

As for your work, when I used to work in Glory World, I had a pretty good relationship with a client who has a wedding dress company in Boston, and hes been trying to hire quite a few designers. I remember that youve been quite talented in this aspect. Ill recommend you to him now, and then e-mail you some hiring details from their company, so take note of that. Their company has international marketing channels. I wanted to recommend you the last time, but you wanted to stay in your previous role, so I had to hold back.

Mmmwhat a great company! Im worried that Im the one who wont be good enough, Su Nan expressed worriedly.

When Xi Xiaye heard her concern, she instantly laughed.Dont worry about that. I coincidentally had a design draft of yours in my picture album, and he had endless praises for you. Mr. Luo is an easy-going person. In fact, he himself is a pretty notable designer. If you work with him, it will only be all pros. I checked the map before this, so I know that the office isnt very far from the hospital. That way, you can also take care of Ruan Heng.

Su Nan thought about it, then responded, Okay then, I shall try it out.

Mmm, no worries as long as you do it steadily. Take good care of Ruan Heng. His condition can fluctuate, so you have a lot more burden to bear. Be mentally prepared. Just get the old Su Nan back, understand?

As Xi Xiaye chatted, she reached the work desk in the study room and slowly sat down. She swiftly started the computer and put the phone on loudspeaker, speaking into it as she stared at the computer. When the screen was switched on, she went online to send Su Nan the details. Alright, Ive sent you the details.

Okay, got it! Its quite late where you are, isnt it? Arent you going to sleep? Why is it so quiet? Wheres your son and your man? Su Nan asked with a smile.

My sons asleep and Mu Yuchens on the phone at the balcony. Its only 11 p.m. You know I dont sleep that early, Xi Xiaye said as she leaned back gently against the chair while lifting a hand to comb through her jet black hair.

As they spoke, Su Nan suddenly remembered something, she cried out, Its good for you to sleep earlier. Dont always stay up so late. Oh, right, I forgot to tell you about something!

What is it? You sound frightened! Xi Xiaye could not help but laugh. Now, this sounded a little more like the Su Nan she knew.

Su Nan paused, then continued, Guess what? I saw Han Yifeng at a public square near a church two days ago. He was with his son who I think is called Han Zhexuan. Hes already quite old. He can almost walk and call him Father, but I didnt have time to say hi though it looked like the father and son were doing quite well, she naturally shared this with Xi Xiaye.

Han Yifeng? How long had she not thought about this person?

In her memories, traces of him seemed to have long faded. Now, upon hearing his name and thinking about him, he seemed slightly blurry as if there was a thin layer of mist when she thought about him. She started to find it all a daze.

She was dazed as if it had all been a dream.

Ever since Han Yifeng left, he practically cut off all contact, thus she did not know anything about him. Only when Xi Xinyi came looking for her to plead on her behalf that she thought about him. She did want to know how he had been doing recently, but later on, when she got busy, her intention was delayed. In the end, she did not deliberately try to find out more about him.

She fell silent for a while before responding, Its good as long as hes doing well. Those things should remain in the past. Xi Xinyis been quite behaving recently too, so I dont want to hold onto the past begrudgingly. Everyones been doing well and thats a good thing.

When Su Nan heard her reply, she smiled. I feel assured hearing you say this. That means that Han Yifeng has long lost his position in your heart. Im really happy for you. I feel so lucky to see you and Chairman Mu love each other so deeply. I

Arent you and Ruan Heng like that too? I hope that Ruan Heng will regain consciousness soon. That way, you wont have to persevere on your own. As Xi Xiaye said this, she started to feel sorry for Su Nan.

Her friend went on to say, Weve done our best. Just leave everything else to God! Alright, you should sleep earlier. I wont bother your rest now. I still have to rush a sketch.

Mmm, you take good care of yourself. Remember that I sent you some details. Dont forget!

I got it. You sound just like a housekeeper! Su Nan softly retorted from the other end, then hung up.

Was that Su Nan? Xi Xiaye had just put down the phone when the mans deep and alluring voice came through. She quietly turned her head and saw that he was slowly walking in.

Nodding gently, she said softly, I chatted with her for a bit, and at the same time, explained to her about Mr. Luo. Hmm, call Luo Si to inform him tomorrow. He admired Su Nans designs before, so if Su Nans willing to go, I think he should be quite delighted.

Then, she quietly stood up while he sat down on the chair in sync before pulling her to sit on his lap as he said with a deep voice, Mr. Luo Si? The one from the wedding dress company?

Yes, thats him. Didnt you have quite a good conversation with him before this? Will you help me out with this favor? She chuckled softly, her bright starry eyes fixed on him as they were filled with hope.

He smiled calmly while he thought about it, then said, Youre really quite good at favors. Youve made me the all-purpose God now!

When she heard his gentle complaint, she immediately hugged his arm tightly in cooperation and grinned. To me, you are the God of all things, Mr. Mu!




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