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(True Feelings Hurt The Most? (3)

You should tell the old man these things, not me! Im powerless when it comes to company matters. Its up to you what you want to do. Havent you all decided on demoting me already? Why are you here to tell me all this? Qi Leis deep voice contained a hint of cold mockery.

Lei, why wont you understand? Ive come today because I didnt want things to pan out the way it has. The companys just letting you lie low for a bit. Were not explicitly saying to demote you. We just have no way of cleaning up this mess with the way things have progressed. Do you want to just watch as Qi Kai collapse? Even if you havent made this decision, shouldnt you give everyone a reasonable explanation?

Gu Lingsha was clearly stressed out by Qi Lei, and she started getting frustrated.

Youve changed, Qi Lei! You werent like this before! Whatever happened, you would always take the big picture into consideration. What changed you? Why wont you listen to a word I have to say? You know that Uncle Qis been quite sick these past few days, but have you gone to visit him? You didnt even pick up my calls! If youre still resenting me for that slap, then Ill apologize to you! Im sorry!

Exasperated, she looked disappointedly at Qi Lei. She was angry that he was failing to meet her expectations. Dont resent Uncle Qi for being unfair to you. Its your own attitude that has disappointed him! You always do things in such a sloppy manner. Hows Uncle Qi going to feel assured? All these years, apart from disobeying him, mocking him and ridiculing him, what else have you done? Qi Lei, as children, no matter what happens, we shouldnt

Qi Lei was provoked by Gu Lingsha now. His dark eyes glimmered with a dangerous light as the anger that was held down in his chest practically poured out, and he could not help but shout back,Enough, Gu Lingsha! If youre here to lecture me today, then I can tell you that yes, thats the way I am. Im not forcing anyone to be nice to me! No matter what happens, I dont need you to come to lecture me! I know best the kind of person Qi Qiming is. All I feel for him is hatred and more hatred. If you dont want me to start hating you too, then its best that you never talk about these things to me again! Youve long chosen your stance, so what right do you have to say these things to me?

Gu Lingsha did not back down either. Upon hearing Qi Lei, she immediately burst in fury, Apart from letting you turn out like this, Id much rather you hate me! Look at what youve become! Are you even still Qi Lei? Ever since Aunt Wang died, youve become a different person. Youre soself-centered without care for your family. If it werent for Uncle Qis support, did you think you could have easily taken over Aunt Wangs position? And what about his compromise the other day?! Do you think hes not sad that Aunt Wangs gone? Isnt Ah Feng sad?! I dont want to see your stubbornness ruin you! Why dont you see all of this? Youll never know that its this attitude of yours that actually hurt your purest relationships! Havent you been hung up on Aunt Wangs death all along?

Gu Lingshas strong tone hit Qi Lei hard, yet he could not stand it. He retaliated,Shut up! Didnt you hear?! My mothers been gone for so long. Why do you all keep using her? You just dont want her to rest in peace, do you? Im tired. I dont want to speak to anyone. Please go!

Finally unable to bear it any longer, he insisted that Gu Lingsha leave.

Whats wrong? Unhappy that Im saying things you dont want to hear now? Id much rather you hate hearing this now than go through the same pain again. Qi Lei, dont only appreciate things when you lose them! Do you understand?! Use this opportunity to reconcile with Uncle Qi! Whats so bad about having a harmonious Qi family?! Why do you have to go help an enemy to go against your own people?

Gu Lingsha was becoming increasingly emotional as she spoke. Her fists were clenched as she stared at Qi Lei.

Nevertheless, he had already rushed downstairs in anger. I told you to stop talking! Get out! I dont want to see you!

Gu Lingsha watched him rush down coldly, his face as gloomy as the sky before a storm. Her heart tightened when she quickly went up and held his arm tightly as she begged,Qi Lei, Im begging you! Just listen to me, okay? We can still be the way we were before. Were all very worried about you. Dont be like this

Get out! I told you to get out!

Qi Lei swung his arm, but he could not push Gu Lingshas hand away because she was holding onto him very tightly and pulling him into her gentle embrace. She tried to console him, Lei! Listen to me! I know youre very sad, and I know youve been suffering. I knowbut no matter what it is, you cant just give up on yourself. Theres still a way. No matter how difficult things are, you have to be patient and persevere, then youll get through it. Havent I done that myself? So have Ah Feng and WeiweiYou havent met Weiwei yet, have you? Shes very pretty and very cute. Her health isnt the best, but hasnt she made it too?

Gu Lingshas sudden hug startled Qi Lei. He looked at her with a mixed expression. Upon meeting her eyes that were filled with concern and sadness, his eyes could not help but be dazed.

Hugging him tightly, she held onto his hand and leaned into his chest. She said in her worn-out voice that had a hint of difficulty, Since you dont like bringing Aunt Wang up, then I wont anymore, but I do hope you will quickly get out of this. Its been so long! In fact, as long as you agree, we can definitely go back to the way we were. Youre Ah Fengs only brother and Uncle Qis son, so they will definitely find a way to protect you

Unfortunately, Qi Lei did not wait for Gu Lingsha to finish what she was saying. His calm aloofness returned as he quickly cut her off, You can get lost once youre done talking. Let go of me. You dont have to come to my place anymore!

Qi Lei, listen to me Gu Lingsha clutched onto his sleeve tightly!

Get out! Get out

Qi Lei furiously held onto her wrist and dragged her outside until they reached the bottom of the staircase at the entrance before he let go of her. Caught off-guard, Gu Lingsha tumbled down the stairs!




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