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(True Feelings Hurt The Most? (2)

The phone on the table had just stopped when it started buzzing in less than three seconds again. It was Gu Lingsha!

Qi Lei took a glance at it and let it buzz while he leisurely enjoyed his dinner.

Qi Lei! Open the door! Open the door right now! I know youre inside!

From the night breeze that seeped in, these vague words came one after another. There were even sounds of the steel door grille being slammed.

It was Gu Lingshas voice!

Qi Lei, if you dont open the door right now, Ill stay here tonight and not leave! Lei! Im begging youOpen the door for me quickly! Dont be stubborn now, alright?

Gu Lingshas anxious voice seemed to contain some concern. One after another, her words went on. As Qi Lei listened, his dark brows furrowed into a knot. He hesitated for a moment, and in the end, he finished his bowl of food unhurriedly, then briefly cleaned up.

When he walked out of the kitchen, he could still hear Gu Lingshas voice coming from outside. After that, he went to the door and pressed the button.

Gu Lingsha had clearly been waiting for a long while outside, and her throat was getting hoarse from all the shouting. If she continued with the racket, the villa security might come over to chase her away.

Just as she was about to give up, she suddenly heard the grille slowly beingopened. She then looked up toward the sound and realized that she had a way in. Joy flashed across her face, and the dim light in her azure blue eyes was instantly replaced with glad happiness.

She quickly picked up her steps and walked into the living room. As she subconsciously looked around, she did not notice Qi Lei. When she was hesitating whether to call out for him, a calm voice came from upstairs.

Why are you here?

The voice came from upstairs. Gu Lingsha quickly looked up and saw that by the second-floor railing, Qi Lei was leaning against the pillar behind him with his arms crossed over his chest as he looked down at her.

That tone sounded indifferent as if it contained invisible hostility.

Gu Lingsha was not thrilled to hear that, but she did not think too much about it. She just looked at him a little worriedly. Lei, why didnt you go to the office these past two days? The whole of Qi Kai is in chaos. With such an incident, its one thing not tocome out to clarify things, but why are you hiding at home? Qi Kais share prices keep falling. We had an ad-hoc shareholders meeting and we unanimously decided to sack you. Have you not seen how severe it is? Its been reported on the TV, the newspapers, and everywhere! When Gu Lingsha said this, she was a little worried and nervous herself. Her beautiful eyes fixed on Qi Lei.

Upon hearing that, Qi Lei muttered, Reported everywhere?

Then, his handsome face flashed with a grim smile that did not reach his eyes. All these people have put in quite an effort. They really would do anything. Even the presidential elections dont take on this grandeur.

Yes, we all dont know who is it thats gone through lengths to plot against you, so, Lei, you cant be stubborn yourself. Qi Kais situation is bad right now. The decision that the shareholders have decided on right now is to get you to clarify to everyone for now. Also, well arrange for you to work in City C for a while, or if youre willing to go abroad to lie low until the fuss dies down, thatd be good too.

When Gu Lingsha said that, Qi Lei immediately sneered with disdain. He said nonchalantly, You want me to come out and clarify things?

Lei, nows not the time to throw a fit. Uncle Qis still in a bad state in the hospital. Hes been in a terrible mood since he found out about the company. In fact, hes very worried about you too. Cant you just be more considerate about him? Hes really worried about you. It was the shareholders that thought of this solution. Dont you think that you have a huge responsibility for how the whole incident has played out? Gu Lingsha said sincerely, her blue eyes flashing with a complicated light.

Uncle Qi has also been at the hospital for quite a while now. I have told you before, Uncle Qi is in poor health. You might still resent him because of Aunt Wang, but its a critical time now. You should let go of everything, and help Qi Kai get through this tough point! If Aunt Wang knows, she wouldnt agree to you doing this! Qi Kais also Aunt Wangs hard work! Lei! Wake up, alright? Calm down!

Qi Lei did not seem to have any change in mood. He squinted and asked with a faint smile,Calm down? Did Qi Feng make you come here to talk to me?

Ah Feng doesnt care about Qi Kai at all. If youre still doubting him, then I can tell you that hes never planned to fight you for Qi Kai! I know that youve been getting quite close with Mu Yuchen and the rest recently. Your brothers back and you should know about Weiwei too. Theyre your family. Lingtian was once your good friend and Uncle Qis your biological father. Lei, cant you see that those outsiders are trying to hurt them?

Gu Lingshas memories of the way Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye had left coldly earlier played vividly in her mind. She felt extremely angry!

That woman, Xi Xiaye, was probably delighted over their misfortune! In fact, this whole thing might even have been done by Mu Yuchen. Otherwise, this news would not have caused such a huge wave!

Qi Kai Corporation was surrounded by reporters in the past two days. They were clearly there to get some gossip from the internal parties!

Gu Lingshas words made Qi Lei look even more amused. He demanded, So, are you saying that the person who did this was Mu Yuchen?

When Gu Lingsha heard this, her expression sank, but she did not answer.

Shasha, for the sake of our friendship, I dont want to trouble you too much either, but you should understand that Ive always been the kind of person who does as he said. I dont think Im wrong, so why should I clarify things? Just let them guess whatever they want. Also, I remember that Ive told you many times, Ive got nothing to do with the Qi family now. Did you not hear me? Qi Leis tone began to become cold, and Gu Lingsha could not help but feel miserable hearing that.

She took a deep breath and tried hard to steady her emotions. Lei, we should all calm down. Dont be angry first. Lets not fight. This doesnt solve anything at all. Blood relations arent something that you can just sever. Do you understand?




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