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(True Feelings Hurt The Most? (1)

They chatted on the way back, and their figures soon vanished in the dark.

Gu Lingsha remained stationary and just watched them. Her face was pale and her expression turned stormy, so one could notice the veins that popped up on her palms.

She could not feel anything else except anger at this very moment.

She never expected Mu Yuchen to reveal this side of him. Before the rumors about her with Qi Feng spread, he was not particularly interested in her as well, especially since both of them did not know they had a marriage contract, but her late grandmother did nudge her to befriend him. However, he never paid her any attention no matter how much she tried.

In Gu Lingshas impression, aside from thinking that Mu Yuchen was handsome, he gave off a really deep, cold vibe, except when he was around Su Chen, Zhou Zimo, and Ah Mo. He hardly paid attention to anyone else. She always felt that he disliked her, but she had no idea about what she did wrong.

Thoroughly exhausted after so many things had happened, she thought about it countless times. If the past incident had not happened and Mu Yuchen accepted their marriage wholeheartedly, could things have turned out differently? Could she have been a happy woman?

However, there was no what if in life. Her conflict with Mu Yuchen ran too deep right now. How could she stand to let them be happy while she had to suffer?

Because Gu Lingsha was a prideful woman, she could not allow herself to appear defeated before this man who showed no respect to her, especially when he was once her fianc, the man that left her!

Gu Lingsha took a deep breath and closed her eyes, taking some time to calm down.

Just you wait!

She would make Mu Yuchen pay for his doing since she had sacrificed so much. She would make him understand that she was indeed a person worthy of respect.

She had gone through a lot of hardships after struggling for so many years. Only she knew, whether it was for her own sake, Lingtians or even Weiwei and Qi Fengs, she had to do something.

Gu Lingsha only felt better once she thought that way. She lowered her head and looked at her bloody palms. Moments later, she put on a bitter smile as her eyes turned cold. She stopped looking at Mu Yuchen and continued walking towards the direction she was heading in before.

Xi Xiayes guess was right. She visited Qi Lei that night.

The whole company was in trouble and Qi Lei was nowhere to be found. She happened to bump into Yang Sheng that evening, so she bugged him and finally found out Qi Lei had been staying at his villa for the past few days!

After giving it some thought, Gu Lingsha decided to visit him.

Inside the study room in Qi Leis villa, thebattle music of aquick-paced game echoed throughout the room. Qi Lei had a cigarette in his mouth as his fingers tapped swiftly on the keyboard. The stench of the cigarette filled up the room as his glass of water was empty.

Besides handling the documents Yang Sheng delivered, he spent most of his time gaming in the past few days, and he managed to befriend Swift Snowy. They cooperated well together and slowly built a friendship. They used to be solo players, but they realized they worked great together, and they found a lot of new equipment, so they were overjoyed.

After clearing a level, Qi Lei felt a little hungry. He then remembered that he had been playing the game with Swift Snowy since 3 p.m.

He looked at the time.

Oh my! It wasalready 9 p.m.!

He had never played for such a long period of time before. Quickly slurping some water, as he was about to message Swift Snowy, the latter sent a message first.

Swift Snowy: Ill stop right now. Weve been going at it the whole afternoon. Im beat.

Eastern Gust: Im hungry as well. Ill go get something to eat.

Swift Snowy: Go ahead. Ill be fine with some cup noodles. By the way, I might not come online tomorrow.

Eastern Gust: Going on a date?

Swift Snowy: Theres going to be a huge antique auction, so Ill go and take a look.

Eastern Gust: Are you from City Z? You like antiques, huh?

Qi Feng had asked around about Swift Snowy before. He knew this person was managing an antique shop in real life and came from a rather rich family! Swift Snowy hardly had any hobbies, except for playing games and collecting antiques. The person was especially interested in archeology!

Swift Snowy: Mmm, of course, I like valuable things.

Eastern Gust: I heard about it before. Its pretty late. Why dont we come out and have dinner? Its my treat!

Swift Snowy: Next time, maybe. I want to sleep now.

With a waving emoji, Swift Snowy then logged out.

Qi Lei switched his computer offand stretched his back before leaving the study room. Yang Sheng had dropped by that morning and made porridge along with some dishes. He stored them in the refrigerator, so he just needed to heat them up.

Qi Leis cooking had improved a lot. Compared to his old self who only knew how to cook instant noodles, he could now make some simple dishes.

As he was about to start eating, someonerang his doorbell. Qi Lei frowned and did not plan to answer the door. He did not want to see anyone since it might be the reporters.

He continued to have his dinner, but his phone suddenly rang. When he saw the name Shasha on the screen, his eyes darkened, but he still ignored it in the end.




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