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(Night Encounter)

They had dinner at a restaurant near the Grand Waves Villa area.

The restaurant was crowded since it was dinner time. They only ordered a few dishes since they did not have large appetites anyway, and they were done with their dinner in just a while. Soon, they paid the bill and left.

The night scenery was charming with the moon faintly visible in the middle of the sky. The air around them was not as hot as in the afternoon as it was much cooler now. Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye held hands as they walked on the streets, and several couples walked past them.

It was not a long distance to Maple Residence from here, and the path was well lit too. It had been a very long time since they walked home together like this.

When they walked past the traffic light, there was an old lady selling flowers by the roadside. Mu Yuchen stopped and bought a big bouquet of fiery red roses from her.

Here. He grabbed the flowers from the old lady and handed them to Xi Xiaye before he passed three bills to the lady and said humbly, Keep the change. Ill buy them all so that you can head home earlier.

The old lady gave them a grateful smile. Thank you, young man. I wish you both stay happy forever.

Xi Xiaye smiled as she took the flowers from Mu Yuchen. She glanced at him appreciatively before looking at the old lady. Thank you.

Lets go home! He put an arm over her shoulder and continued walking forward.

After some time, someone released fireworks at the field upfront, making her suddenly stop. Hmm? Look, Mr. Mu. Someone is putting up fireworks. Lets go and take a look!

Someone is proposing. Look at the words formed by the fireworks!

He pulled her close to him and signaled her to look upwards. Xi Xiaye looked at the direction he pointed in and saw heart-shaped fireworks in the night sky with some words in the middle.

The beautiful fireworks lit up the night sky, and the wind carried the sounds of cheering.

Youngsters nowadays are quite romantic. Sometimes, youll feel that youre just waiting for this one moment, and youll spend the rest of your life reminiscing about this particular moment. She hugged her flowers tightly as her eyes turned dreary. Then, she raised her head and looked at him quietly.

He laughed. Just how old do you think we are? I remember that my sons mother just gave me a beautiful show of fireworks not too long ago!

Im reaching thirty, and youre about to be forty. Do you think were still young? We already have two sons! She rolled her eyes at him.

In my mind, youll always look the same as the moment I lifted your veil during our wedding.

Really? She beamed as she felt warmth blossom in her heart.

Of course! he replied without an ounce of hesitation.

She chuckled and kissed him on his cheek. I noticed that youre getting better with your words lately. Heres a reward for you!

A reward?

He squinted his eyes and glanced at her. It wont be that simple.


He sealed her mouth with his lips before she could even talk. Their scents were overpowering, and the only thing they could smell was each other.

She was stunned for a moment from his sudden advances, but moments later she closed her eyes. The bouquet of flowers fell onto the floor as she wrapped her arms around his waist, allowing him to continue his conquest.

Trying to catch her breath after their long kiss, she looked at him as he picked the flowers up and handed them back to her.

I cant walk anymore! She took the flowers and gave him a long stare.

His smile grew wider and pointed to his back. Get on!

She gladly accepted his offer and leaped onto his back. After that, he carried her easily and walked under the yellow street lamps. They had no idea that each and every of their movement was being observed right now.

Mu Yuchen continued walking forward until he looked up to see a shadow figure up front, and he noticed a person standing right there.

Gu Lingsha?

Why was she here?

Mu Yuchens eyes turned cold when he saw Gu Lingshas face. His expression was calm as usual, and he did not slow down at all. Instead, he looked away and walked past her as if he did not see her at all.

Xi Xiaye just watched Gu Lingsha for a while and noticed her pale expression, especially when Mu Yuchen merely walked past her without saying anything. As Gu Lingsha clenched her fists, Xi Xiaye could sense the anger vibrating from her.


She did not make a sound and just leaned on Mu Yuchens back. Moments later, she asked quietly beside his ear, Why is she here? Did she come here to visit Qi Lei?

The Grand Lakes Villa area was just in front, so it seemed like she came to visit Qi Lei. Her expression did not look vibrant as she was probably exhausted from what had transpired in the past few days.

Just ignore her as long as she doesnt bother us, Mu Yuchen replied with a disgusted tone.

She always knew that he had some bias against Gu Lingsha, so she said, Your attitude is horrible. Who knows if you caused her mental state to become unbalanced? Thats why..

I have no idea how women think, but Id never back down on this issue. He took a pause and gave it some thought before he continued, I guess some people just cant fit into my eye.

But I still think Gu Lingsha looks pretty like the dream lover of every man.

Are you a man?


Then, how do you know what men think?




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