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(Shes The Sea Hes The Fish In The Sea (2)

Her eyes teared up from being touched by his words.

It felt like she had been having more and more emotional moments ever since she married him. How could she not admit that she had fallen deep for him already?

Youre the best person for me in this world, Mr. Mu, she said emotionally.

Approving what she said, he smiled and hugged her shoulders tightly. Nevertheless, he would never tell her that he was willing to spoil her and share her happiness because he genuinely loved her. He appreciated the warmth she provided him. His love for her was enough to create a sea on its own.

She was the sea while he was the fish in the sea.

Maybe she could still survive if she left him, just like how she powered through after Han Yifeng left her, but if he left her

Mu Yuchen always felt that he was not as strong as her, or else he would not be struggling with Lingtians incident even after so many years. Only he knew the pain he went through every time he experienced the same nightmare over and over again.

Until she appeared

He was not sure why he fell in love with her. He just felt that he wanted to get closer. He wanted to have her and always hoped she only had eyes for him.

After what felt like an eternity long of silence, he said quietly, Im afraid that youll find someone else if I dont treat you well enough. Thatd be a great loss for me, he spoke in a half-joking tone, but she could easily sense the unease in his words, so she chuckled.

Someone as amazing as him would be worried as well. Should she be happy that she was charming enough for him, or just simply be happy that he cared about her?

As her maternal side was exposed, she imitated his hand movements and touched his handsome face. Do I not give you enough sense of security? Dont worry. I dont recognize the good in any other man from the moment I met you.

I had no idea you could say something so embarrassing, Mrs. Mu. Although he said that it was embarrassing, he was definitely enjoying it.

As he proclaimed himself, a good man like him was very rare to find nowadays, thus he must do his best to make her feel like he was the apple of her eye, and that every man would get a bad rating after being compared to him!

Master Mu did not realize how childish his idea was at the moment. He was just like a little boy who had fallen head over heels in love.

Xi Xiaye noticed that something was not right, so she quickly glanced at his face!


He was blushing! He was totally blushing!

She was overjoyed by his reaction. You enjoyed it, didnt you? Moreover, arent you feeling like your face is about to burn up?

He coughed slightly and looked away after giving her a glare though he had a smile on his face.

Mr. Mu, I suddenly have the urge to tell you a story, an interesting one at that. Do you want to hear it? She wanted to push further when she saw his flustered reaction. She would conquer this cute man today!

Interested, he asked quietly with a slight blush,What story?

Xi Xiaye cleared her throat and squinted her eyes at him with a slightly creepy gaze, sending a chill down Master Mus spine.

Im about to start. When I was still in the military school, my instructor told us something pretty interesting. During his tenure as a captain of a platoon, he was training with a group of new soldiers. There was a girl who looked like a guy and fought like one too. One day, she menstruated and was not prepared for it, so her clothes were stained

A certain someone was throwing suspicious glances at Xi Xiaye just as her story had just started.

Xi Xiayes face was turning beet red. She took a pause before continuing, My instructor quickly asked the soldier, Whats wrong? Wheres your injury? The soldier replied, Im fine! Im fine! My instructor didnt believe her and swiftly pulled down her pants. He then yelled angrily, Even your XX is gone. How is that fine?! She started laughing with her face all red. Her eyes were darting glances at a certain body part of Mu Yuchens.

Master Mu unconsciously straightened his back, and Xi Xiayes laughter became even louder. His face was totally flushed red as well. He could not hold his laughter in anymore as she was laughing wholeheartedly.

Xi Xiaye pinched his waist playfully and giggled. Im not talking about you. Why are you so nervous!?

He hugged her tightly. Youre getting naughtier and naughtier, Mrs. Mu! Who did you learn it from?

She did not need to put on an image in front of him and always showed her true self. That was the best thing he could ask for!

My former instructor told me! She did not hide it from him.

Zhou Zimo is an expert at dirty jokes, but it seems like youre a formidable opponent as well! While I dont mind you telling these jokes, you can only tell them to me and nobody else. Do you understand?

He tapped her nose, his face still slightly red with a big smile. His gaze was really gentle and the darkness that had accumulated inside him for the past few days all disappeared! He felt like she could always put him at ease easily.

She nodded obediently. Of course, its your exclusive right! Mr. Mu, lets have dinner together. Take a walk with me after dinner, and Ill treat you to a hot springs trip this weekend. What do you think?

She was looking forward to it as she stared right into his eyes hopefully.

He realized what she was trying to do and happily accepted the warmth and concern she was giving him. Theres no reason for me to decline!

Lets go then!

They quickly packed their things upand left the office.




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