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(Shes The Sea Hes The Fish In The Sea (1)

No point talking about that now. Our top priority at the moment is to solve Qi Kais problem.

Gu Qiwu did not seem willing to talk about the past as he quickly interrupted Qi Feng while his eyes looked even sharper than before. Im sure you know what to do. The quickest and most efficient way to solve this crisis is to marry my daughter. Qi Qiming hinted at it before, so you should do it as soon as possible.

Gu Qiwu took out several photos from his pocket and handed them to Qi Feng. Take a look.

Qi Feng gladly accepted the photos and glanced at them. It was Qi Lei and Xi Xiaye! According to the timestamp on the photos, it was right after Qi Lei and Qi Qiming had a fight at the Qi residence!

With a scowl, he shot Gu Qiwu a doubtful look. What is this?

Gu Qiwu smiled. Qi Lei is pretty close to Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye. Im showing you this just to remind you not toleave any details out. If youre going to spare Qi Lei, Mu Yuchen might take advantage of that. Dont forget that Qi Kai is working with Glory World on a project.

Qi Fengs expression froze but soon returned to normal. Gu Qiwu noticed it and continued smiling as he patted Qi Fengs shoulder. Ah Feng, youre a really smart person and youve never let me down before. Im at ease knowing that my daughter is marrying you. Im glad that youre going to become my son-in-law.

He then beamed warmly before leaving.

Qi Feng, on the other hand, was not in the mood to smile. His eyes were cold as he slipped the photos into his pocket moments later.

First Master, did Gu Qiwu notice something? Morrison discerned that Qi Feng did not seem very comfortable, hence the question.

Qi Feng put on a cold smirk and took a deep breath before he turned his head over and looked at the sunset. Being the sly old fox that he is, its only normal that he noticed something.

What did he say? Morrison was interested.

Qi Feng put his hands onto his wheelchair handles. Its roughly similar to what were thinkinga marriage between the Gus and the Qis to avert this crisis.

He sounded pretty helpful. Morrison chuckled.

Qi Fengs grip on the wheelchair tightened. Helpful? Lets hope that he truly is. My father can never compare to him when it comes to scheming.

Anyone who can survive the scene must have a trick or two up his sleeve, especially a man like him. Its not by pure luck that he was able to conquer the high and mighty Doris. By the way, it seems like Qi Lei is still missing. CEO Qi knows about it. Although hes mad, hes not totally ignoring him, Morrison reminded him.

Qi Feng did not seem very pleased about this. Despite his appearance appearing calm, he was giving off a hostile vibe.

Father changed a little, but in the end, Qi Lei is still his son. No matter how disappointed he is, theres nothing that can change the fact that they are father and son. Qi Feng was stating the facts, but his tone seemed a little odd.

Thats true, but Qi Lei disappeared because hes trying to hide, or maybe he has some other plans. I noticed that Wang Qins subordinates were really anxious. I suppose they are under a lot of pressure right now. The company abroad proposed delaying the signing of the contract. I guess they are going to observe whats going to happen next. We should take over this project entirely. Even if CEO Qi wants to keep Qi Lei, hell have no choice but to just give him a trivial position, so he wont have any say in important matters anymore.

Just go according to our original plan. Observe things for now and pick our chance to strike. Besides that, keep an eye on Mu Yuchens movements. Qi Feng did not forget what Gu Qiwu just said.

Mu Yuchen had been working late for the past two days. Neither he nor Qi Lei were in great situations.

It was late at night, and the whole Glory World Corporation had already been emptied, but he was still in his office. When Xi Xiaye walked into the room, he was standing beside the huge screen, staring at it while drinking some tea.

The night air was getting chilly while the curtain was being teased by the wind. It was quiet inside the office.

As Mu Yuchen was focused on his thoughts, he suddenly noticed a familiar scent and felt some weight over his shoulder. He looked over and realized that there was a coat draped over his back.

Why are you here? He smiled when he saw her beautiful face.

She went forward and stopped beside him. Someone has been going home late recently. I was getting worried, so I came here to check up on you. Her tone was soft and gentle.

He chuckled. Theres a lot of work to be done. Im worried that it might affect both you and our children if I bring work back home.

I know youre still troubled over Qi Leis matters. She sighed and looked at him apologetically. Im sorry. It seems like Ive brought you trouble. Do you feel that Im a burden? Not only am I not of help, but it feels like Im always holding you back too.

He smiled as he put an arm over her shoulders. Can your brain think of something nicer? Ive told you before that I wont let you suffer as a result of marrying me. Im just carrying out my promise, and Id never think of you as a burden.

But I really feel useless when I see you exhausting yourself like this. She lowered her head guiltily. She wanted to share his burden but had no idea what to do.

He patted her head gently as his eyes were filled with love. Just trust that your man is strong enough and doesnt need help from his woman. Its great enough that you think this way. I didnt marry you because I wanted you to share my burden.

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