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(Each To Their Own Plan (2)

Gi Qiwu noticed when Qi Feng arrived behind him, so he uttered when the latter stopped right behind him,Youre here.

Uncle Gu, Qi Feng greeted him quietly.

Hows your recovery coming along?Gu Qiwu turned over and glanced at him as he asked.

Qi Feng nodded. Im doing well. Ive been back for some time already, so Ive grown accustomed to it.

Hows Weiwei? Gu Qiwu was pretty concerned about Qi Weier. Over the years, he had spent a lot of effort to help Qi Weier maintain her health.

Qi Feng started smiling proudly. Shes great. Im trying to find her a school recently. Shes already five years old now, and I want her to grow up like a normal child. Ive talked to a doctor who said being involved in a public setting will help with her psychological state and illness.

Gu Qiwu sighed since he was very well-informed about Qi Weiers condition from before. You two have to talk to her more frequently. Lingsha is overly paranoid about her.

Dont worry, Uncle Gu. Ill take good care of him, Qi Feng affirmed.

With a nod, Gu Qiwu looked downwards at the beautiful scenery. I know what happened to Qi Kai. What do you plan to do?

Qi Feng was stunned for a moment when he heard Gu Qiwus question. As he took off his sunglasses, he put on a bitter smile, lowering his head and staring at his legs. What do you think I can do in my current state?

Gu Qiwu found Qi Fengs words interesting, so he turned towards him, appearing like his usual self again.

Your current state? Ah Feng, you gave me the impression of an ambitious man. Your father is still in the hospital, so Im afraid he wont be able to take care of this mess, and that useless Qi Lei can do nothing but hide. At a critical moment like this, dont tell me youre just going to sit and watch Qi Kai fall!

What can I do when Im like this?

Qi Fengs eyes darkened, and Gu Qiwu noticed every bit of his expression.

Ah Feng, youre a smart person. Are you sure you have no idea at all? Gu Qiwu gave Qi Feng a long, sharp stare. He wanted to know what he was feeling at the moment, but Qi Feng seemed really stoic as if he was not interested in anything.

Qi Feng just let Gu Qiwu stare at him as he looked straight into his eyes. Id like to know what you have in mind, but I just want to be a normal person right now. Im afraid that Im incapable of solving this issue even if I were to attempt to do so.

Thats enough, Ah Feng. Im sure you understand why your father wants you to return now. Theres no point for you to hide anything from me considering our relationship at the moment. You know very well that its not impossible to get Qi Kai to safety, dont you? Gu Qiwu was getting more straightforward now.

Qi Feng raised his eyebrows, shooting Gu Qiwu a humble glance. Please enlighten me.

Gu Qiwu looked away as he tried to hide the cold smirk in his eyes. He managed to maintain a calm tone as he said, Both your father and I are getting old. Sooner or later, Ill pass the Hui Gu Corporation to Lingsha anyway. Both you and Lingsha have been together for many years while Weiwei is already this old, so isnt it about time to consider marriage?

However, Gu Qiwu did not notice the sudden darkness emerging in Qi Fengs eyes when he mentioned the marriage because it faded soon after that.

Uncle Gu does have the same thoughts as me. Ive already thought about it before I even came back. I was waiting for things to settle down before proposing marriage officially, but I dont think I have the time or effort to do it now that this has happened. Please forgive me, Uncle Gu. I suppose this can only wait until the end of this problematic situation. Qi Fengs tone sounded extremely genuine. I dont want her to marry me and suffer.

Gu Qiwu gave him another sharp stare, his expression softening slightly after that as he could tell Qi Feng was being genuine. Its great that you have those thoughts, but you should understand that a marriage between the heir of the Gu family and the Qi family can very well solve this crisis. Moreover, this could secure your position in Qi Kai easily, suppressing Qi Leis forces once and for all. What do you think?

Gu Qiwis words made Qi Fengs eyes darken and he did not reply. There are still some considerations to think about, Qi Feng replied after a while.

Considerations? You mean Qi Lei? Gu Qiwu gave him a meaningful look.

Qi Feng did not say anything. He took a deep breath and put his sunglasses back on, but his expression did not seem very pleased.

Gu Qiwu did not say anything either and just observed him quietly. Some time later, he put on an odd smile as he asked, Why dont you tell me who you think did this?

Qi Feng hesitated for a while before giving an ambiguous answer,There arent many people capable of planning this whole thing.

Do you mean Mu Yuchen? Gu Qiwu instantly deciphered the key message in Qi Fengs words.

Qi Feng did not answer. He just put on a mysterious smile as he looked at Gu Qiwu. It seems like you thought about him too, Uncle GuIts not impossible. He has always been a strong competitor. Even I am impressed. Both you and my father underestimated him six years ago. Thankfully, Aunty helped afterward, or else

Gu Qiwus expression darkened instantly when the past incident was brought up.




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