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(Each To Their Own Plan (1)

Qi Lei closed his eyes and put on a cold smile when he heard Yang Sheng. He opened his eyes moments later. As Yang Sheng observed Qi Lei from the rearview mirror, he caught a glimpse of sorrow in his eyes together with the endless bitterness he was hiding this whole time.

Okay, send me back now. I want to be alone for a while, Qi Lei had a dry smile as he spoke.

Master Qi, do you know who did this? Yang Sheng continued to observe Qi Leis expression as he asked.

Qi Lei raised his hand and covered his eyes. He did not feel like finding out because deep down he probably knew. He closed his eyes again, thinking about the string of hardships he had gone through and feeling fragile at that moment.

Maybe he should have given up on his family since Wang Qins sudden death, but he

Master Qi? the pale Yang Sheng called out to him when he just kept quiet.

Qi Lei took a deep breath as he put on an icy smile. He grabbed the tablet and handed it back to Yang Sheng. I dont even know that the old man was admitted into the hospital. How could I have known who did it? Most likely, what you said is true. Its probably the work of Qi Kais competitor.

Yang Sheng nodded in agreement. I suppose thats the only explanation. Were still unsure what will happen to the share market on Monday. Furthermore, the managers are under huge pressure at the moment.

Well find a way to get through this. If we cant avoid it, then we just have to face it. Get someone to find out exactly whathappened. Ill go back and take a nap. Qi Lei sounded pretty relaxed since he understood that there was no point worrying right now, so he might as well rest up and be prepared for what was about to happen. Moreover, he was not facing this mess alone!

Mu Yuchen, Ill definitely rely on you this time!

Qi Lei sighed. He had no words for his sorrowful circumstances.

Yes, Master Qi! Yang Sheng replied.

Tell Manager Wang to estimate how much the stock in our hands is worth, Qi Lei suddenly mentioned.

The value of the stocks? Master Qi, are you planningare you planning to sell them? Yang Sheng turned around in shock and looked at Qi Lei with his eyes wide. Please dont! Its everything VP Wang fought for. All of our efforts will be wasted if its sold!

Qi Lei smiled. What else can I do? Do you think I can maintain my current position?

Master Qi, we can still work something out. Yang Sheng felt heartbroken. This was not something he wanted to see!

Im forced to do so! Moreover, why would you think my mothers efforts will be wasted if I sold these? Its not like Im actually going to sell them. I want Qi Qiming to see that I can excel even if I leave him. Hes the one that wasted my mothers time for the past several decades.

Master Qi, do you want to start something on your own? Yang Sheng was surprised by Qi Leis idea. That would be really tough, and

Just do whatever I just said. I have my own considerations. I cant just sit around and do nothing when they want me dead! Qi Leis tone turned cold instantly.

Yes, Master Qi! I understand! Yang Sheng stopped asking any questions. However, he felt relieved upon seeing that Qi Lei did not seem that lost after all.

At the same time, in the office of Glory World Corporations Chairman, Mu Yuchen stood beside the window and looked downwards at the city lights. It was very quiet inside the office with just him and Li Si beside him.

The phone on the table started ringing. Li Si picked up the call. After a short conversation, Li Si flashed Mu Yuchen a joyful expression. Master, its Ah Mo. He then handed the phone over.

Mu Yuchen took it. Its me.

Brother, its done. CEO Li and the other company will help Qi Lei out. They wont change their decision no matter what happens to Qi Kai, and they are willing to sign the contract early as well. In fact, they are ready to sign it anytime as soon as Qi Lei has prepared the documents, Ah Mo updated happily.

Great, just follow our original plan. Get them to help out by putting on an act.

Got it, Master!

The situation became worse. Suddenly, the whole of City Z was talking about this. Qi Kais shares fell sharply due to the negative news report, and the project Qi Lei was handling might be terminated any time soon.

With Qi Qiming still in the hospital, the higher-ups in Qi Kai quickly held an emergency meeting as soon as they saw their shares dropping, so all of them agreed to make Qi Lei host a press conference to apologize to Qi Qiming and explain what happened from the beginning to the end. More and more people were getting unhappy with Qi Lei, and many shareholders wanted to punish Qi Lei by demoting his position.

Reporters gathered around at the entrance of Qi Kai Corporation, wanting to get some first-hand news.

However, Qi Lei did not go to the office at all. In fact, no one could find him ever since the incident. Even Qi Qiming could not get him no matter what he did as he had totally vanished.

In the evening, at the field in the outskirt of City Z.

Gu Qiwu was already waiting when Qi Feng arrived. He stood there in his black suit, the sunset rays casting a long shadow of him.

Qi Feng still wore his usual casual gray outfit along with a cap. He also wore a pair of huge sunglasses too.

When Morrison wheeled Qi Feng roughly 10 meters away from Gu Qiwu, Qi Feng gave him a signal, so he nodded and left. Qi Feng glanced at Gu Qiwu for some time without showing any particular expression. Moments later, he moved his wheels and slowly got closer to Gu Qiwu.




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