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(Great Waves (3)

Xi Xiaye looked through it as her expression turned solemn. Then, she looked up at Mu Yuchen beside her.

Its like that right now. Our people from the hospital informed us. A lot of people have found out that Qi Qimings been hospitalized, and how he almost couldnt be rescued. The hospital corridor is filled with flower baskets as the reporters have swarmed in. Qi Qiming himself probably cant quite handle it! Right now, all these negative news have leaked out, so Ive told them to investigate. We roughly know that the news was leaked out this afternoon.

When he said this, Li Si paused and pondered for a moment before continuing, I heard them say that it seems that all the press received an anonymous letter informing them of this news. Then, they went to the hospital, and returned afterward to report these things!

Mu Yuchens expression remained calm, not seeming to have any ripples, yet Xi Xiaye could easily catch a flash of gloom in his eyes.

Master, what should we do now? Master Qis probably received the news on his end too. If we let this go on, Im afraid things wont look too encouraging, Li Si probed carefully.

Get Qi Lei right away. Tell him to return to his villa right away. Dont be too public about it and just use the special path. I think there are probably reporters waiting to ambush him outside the hotel right now, Mu Yuchen said calmly after pondering for a moment.

Alright, Master! Ill go tell Master Su and the rest too. Ask them to help cover up for a bit.

Tell Zhou Zimo to help temporarily suppress the pressure from the medias end, Mu Yuchen said before he slowly got up and turned to Xi Xiaye. Xiaye, go home with Grandmother and the rest first. Im going to make a trip to the office.

Xi Xiaye nodded gently before she said a little worriedly, Okay then, you two be careful too. Ill go look for Grandmother and the rest now. Youd better get going soon too.

Mmm, if youre not feeling too well, then go home earlier. It should be ending soon anyway. Ill give Su Chen a heads-up.

Unassured, Mu Yuchen still sent her back to the banquet hall himself. Then, he briefly gave Su Chen a heads-up before leaving.

At this moment, Qi Lei, who Li Si called outside, still did not know what had happened. When Li Si called him outside with a solemn expression, Qi Lei was still looking at Li Si in confusion. Whats happened? Why do you look like that?

Master Qi, our Master would like you to use a special passage to leave first. Dont ask any questions right now. Assistant Yangs already waiting in the car at the carpark below.

Mu Yuchen? What is it? The banquet hasnt ended yet! Im the best man! Qi Lei pulled at Li Sis sleeves and muttered unhappily.

Oh, my dear Master Qi, how are you so relaxed? Somethings happened! Quickly come with me. Theres a bunch of reporters downstairs. Well talk as we walk. Youll understand soon.

Li Si did not have time to explain too much, so he pulled Qi Lei and walked towards the special passage on the side. Qi Lei struggled for a bit, then helplessly let Li Si drag him away from the banquet.

The two of them used the special passage to reach the underground carpark where Li Si had arranged for Mu Yuchens car to wait. As soon as he stepped out of the elevator, the car drove over. Qi Lei did not hesitate much before getting into the car where Yang Sheng was already sitting inside with a solemn expression.

Chauffeur Wang, send Master Qi straight back to the Grand Lakes Villa area, Li Si said. Chauffeur Wang responded with a grunt before starting the car as Li Si quickly said by Qi Leis window, Master Qi, Assistant Yangs aware of the situation, so he will explain it to you. Our Master says that you can call him if theres anything you need.

After saying that, the car left.

In the car, Qi Leis brows were furrowed into a knot as he looked at Yang Sheng who had a heavy expression in the front. He asked, What happened?

Worried, Yang Sheng turned to look at Qi Lei, then handed the tablet to him. Master Qi, somethings happened. In fact, Im afraid that this time

Yang Sheng did not continue, but Qi Lei had already reached out to take the tablet. He looked at the screen, and in a short while, his handsome face immediately sank. He seemed as if gloomy clouds had covered his face in darkness. A chill instantly covered his obscure and unclear gaze. With a wave of his hand, the tablet flew to the side.

Qi Qiming was hospitalized? He did not know about that at all!

Where did the media get this information? Were some people too bored to be starting rumors!?

When was this news circulated? Qi Lei looked terrible as he asked Yang Sheng coldly.

Should have been this afternoon. Practically all the press has reported this. It will be too hard to stop them. Im afraid weve gotten into some trouble this time, Master Qi! Yang Sheng said worriedly.

Qi Lei took a deep breath while his dark eyes flashed with a dark light. He took out his phone and looked through it. Although his phone was switched on, there were no missed calls. Did his calls get redirected?

He looked down and stared at that screen. For a long while, he did not move until the screen dimmed. He clenched his fists tightly and leaned against the chair as he could not help but shut his eyes tiredly in frustration.

Master Qi? Are you okay? Yang Sheng asked softly, his tone filled with concern.

A few of the managers have called to ask what the situation is. Master Qi, with this incident, Im worried that when we get to work on Mondaythe companys sharesall of our hard work from before might be destroyed just like that. The managers are extremely worried too. What should we do?

Who planned this so deliberately? How could the press have known that CEO Qi was hospitalized? If even Master Qi didnt know about it, how did they? Could it be a rival of Qi Kais?

The only thing Yang Sheng could think of right now was Qi Kais rival because, given such an incident, he already knew that on Monday, Qi Kais shares would definitely plummet terribly. Initially, Wang Qins shocking death had already caused a huge impact on Qi Kais shares. Qi Qiming had spent a lot of effort to hold back the pressure and take South River Project No. 2 down before things started to look up. However, now with this

In fact, these incidents were more or less surrounding Qi Lei. He could not think of who their Master Qi had provoked. Already in such dire straits, he now had to bear such pressure. Initially, they had gone to City B and basically initiated that project a done deal, but they had not signed the papers. With such a commotion being stirred up now, the deal was sure to fall through.




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