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(Great Waves (2)

When that was brought up, Su Chen remembered that his mother, Xie Jiajia, had once mentioned some sort of etiquette, so he subconsciously looked down at Ji Zitongs feet. Then, he lifted her skirt up and indeed found that her feet were bare. She did not have her heels on.

Immediately, a troubled look flashed across his handsome face. He muttered beside Ji Zitongs ear as she smiled with pursed lips, I just want to marry my wife. Whys it so hard?!

Everyone, help look for the heels! Su Chen then turned to say to Zhou Zimo and Mu Yuchen.

Zhou Zimo raised his brows and began to quickly look for it. Qi Lei helped out too. No matter how hard they looked around, they could not find it. Su Chen began to sweat nervously. However, Mu Yuchen, who stood frozen without moving, seemed so calm.

His calm gaze swept around the room briefly, and finally, it stopped on Xi Xiayes face. Because his gaze was just too obvious, Xi Xiaye had to turn away and ignore him. Even so, she could still feel his pressing gaze. After that, she turned away carefully and used the corner of her eye to sneak a look at him, yet she realized that his burning gaze was still on her.

Zhou Zimo and the rest had practically turned the entire room upside down. They only found the one on the cupboard, but there was still one more heel.

Zitong, wheres the other one? Dont miss the auspicious timing now. Lets not overdo it! Dont torment us now! Su Chen looked miserably pressured.

Xi Xiaye took a look at the few men. She then looked to Mu Yuchen, hinting at a certain bridesmaids bag.

Mu Yuchen received the hint, then a smile flashed across his handsome face as he declared,Its in that bag!

Qi Lei walked over and indeed he found the other side of the heels in that bag. Su Chen then followed Secretary Hes reminder to complete some simple etiquette before he finally managed to smoothly carry Ji Zitong out.

Everyone else followed suit too with Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye being the last two.

When they were walking out side by side, Mu Yuchen suddenly turned to his side and whispered into her ear,Id like to thank you on behalf of Su Chen for letting us pass.

Xi Xiaye stopped walking for a bit and squinted at him. I didnt say anything. Do I look like the kind of person whod be a traitor?

No, you dont! But I know that Im an exception! His tone was filled with certainty and the light in his eyes was unusually tender too.

She rolled her eyes at him and could not help but clench her fists before walking quickly ahead. He chuckled before chasing after her.

The grand and elegant wedding lasted for almost the entire day.

There was a wedding dress, a wedding bouquet, and a ceremony. Later on, there was a banquet too.

When all was done, it was already night time.

The entire Imperial Sky Hotel was reserved. The hotel was decorated jubilantly both inside and outside. When they were all done with the ceremony in the suburbs and had some fun, then rushed back, the hotel was already very lively.

The Mus, the Sus, and the Zhous had all arrived. They sat at the most front row. Meanwhile, Ji Zitongs parents, the Su parents, and so on were all sitting around the table.

Mu Lingshi had already changed into a professional blacksuit while wearing large black-framed glasses. As she ordered the subordinates around to work, she was no longer as gloomy as before.

The banquet was bustling. Su Chen and Ji Zitong had seven pairs of bridesmaids and groomsmen. At least, as they went around drinking, they could handle the alcohol.

Mu Yuchen and Zhou Zitong, who never left their table, could not escape the drinking either since most of the people attending the banquet were from the social scene. Glass after glass later, Xi Xiaye began to feel a little dizzy. Thankfully, Mu Yuchen would be concerned from time to time. Otherwise, she really dared not be sure that she could handle them all.

Upon seeing Xi Xiayes beautiful face flushing red, he steadied her considerately as he chuckled and asked,Go into the resting lounge to sit for a bit, hmm?

Xi Xiaye coughed lightly and nodded. She held onto his arms and practically lay her weight on him. However, she still had on a faint magnanimous smile on her face.

Mu Yuchen helped her to the resting lounge and had just poured her a glass of water when there was an urgent knock on the door.

Come in! Mu Yuchen responded and his profound eyes looked to the door.

The door was immediately pushed open and Li Sis tall figure greeted his sight. When his gaze shifted, Mu Yuchen quickly caught sight of the solemnness on his face.

Master, somethings gone wrong! Li Si practically rushed in as he exclaimed with a grave expression and was panting slightly. You could tell that he was worried.

Whats wrong? Mu Yuchen asked softly as he frowned slightly at Li Si.

Xi Xiayes heavy head seemed to have cleared up slightly. Her heart subconsciously tightened as she fixed her eyes on Li Si.

Li Si took a deep breath, calmed himself down, then said, Indeed, just as you expected, Master, somethings happened. Take a look at the news!

Li Si said as he handed the tablet in his hand to Mu Yuchen, Outside Qi Qimings ward in Hospital T, reporters are surrounding the place. I dont know how the reporters got the news so quickly. They knew Qi Qiming was hospitalized because he had been pushed by Qi Lei. In fact, theyve added all sorts of details up in regards to the fight between them. A lot of the speculation was about how Qi Lei isnt happy that Qi Qiming has a new game now, so he made a move on Qi Qiming. Also, look here, both father and son fell out because of a certain female artiste!

As Li Si said this, his brows furrowed into a knot. My God! What is this?! What do these media know apart from spewing nonsense?!

Mu Yuchens eyes flashed with a dim light after looking at the series of news.

Master, it must be Qi Feng. Its definitely him! But our people have already been watching him closely. We didnt see them make any moves. Where did they release these information from?

The other day, after Mu Yuchen tried to prepare for the worst, Li Si had also been more alert. Unexpectedly, they still could not prevent it, so indeed it was impossible.

How did this happen? Xi Xiayes brows furrowed into a tight knot as she took the tablet from Li Si and flipped through the news on the screen. Her misty eyes instantly recovered with clarity. Didnt Qi Qiming himself keep this matter a secret too?




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