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(Great Waves (1)

Su Chen and Ji Zitongs wedding was held at a cathedral in the suburbs of City Z while the wedding banquet was held at Imperial Sky Hotel.

Early in the morning, Mu Lingshi had already gone over to help out. Mu Yuchen went straight to Su Chens side whilst Xi Xiaye accompanied Ji Zitong.

Ji Zitong did not have many friends and even fewer good friends. When Xi Xiaye went over, she was sitting alone in the dressing room after the makeup artist had finished with her makeup. The pure white wedding dress that she wore complemented her, making her look even more beautiful and moving.

Xi Xiaye stood behind Ji Zitong and looked at her in the mirror. She could not help but exclaim,Zitong, youre so beautiful!

Ji Zitongs bright and emotional face very quickly flashed with a faint smile as she looked appreciatively at Xi Xiaye and said softly, Thank you, Xiaye.

Xi Xiaye pulled her to sit down on the sofa. I should be the one thanking you. You and I have technically worked together too, thanks to your protection back then, and there was Xiao Cheng too. Su Chen and Mu Yuchen are good friends. To see the two of you come to fruition is an extremely joyous thing. I can tell that Su Chen is quite sweet to you.

Upon hearing that, a faint hint of rare tenderness flashed in Ji Zitongs eyes and she did not deny it as she nodded to say, Mmm, hes really good to me. Indeed, hes a good man. You could see her blushing slightly. At this moment, her eyes were filled with a sliver of anticipation, but at the same time, there was a strand of bewilderment.

That feeling was one that Xi Xiaye clearly empathized deeply with because was this not how she had walked down a similar path too?

She used to be jealous of peoples long-lasting romance such as the ones that spanned a few years or a decade, or even more lasting feelings that never changed like Ah Mo and Mu Lingshi, who grew up together as innocent playmates. However, later on, she finally understood that when it came to things like feelings, they sometimes had nothing to do with the length of time.

Some people loved each other for many years but did not end up together in the end. Perhaps, after moving away, the next day they could all be stepping into the halls of marriage. After all, no one could be sure of what the future held.

Ive been thinking a lot in this period of time. Ive also been lamenting quite a bit. The more I go on with my days, the more I can understand how you and Chairman Mu felt. Ji Zitong fell silent for a while before looking up at Xi Xiaye again.

Xi Xiaye smiled gladly as she lowered her gaze and said calmly, With the way we get married, a lot of feelings still need to be accumulated bit by bit because we werent built on the foundation of loving each other. Later on, youll slowly understand. Every meal that he makes for you, every time he stands up for you, and every time he consoles and protects you, these things will slowly accumulate. By the time you realize these things and ponder over them, youd already have gotten in too deep.

Xi Xiayes words made Ji Zitong recall the times that they had spent together. She thought about it for a long while before smiling silently. Hes good at everything. Its just that sometimes hell be a little domineering. He likes to use that official jargon of his. Sometimes, he really drives me crazy.

Well, Su Chens like that, but Mu Yuchen thinks highly of his buddies. I believe that this time youve also gotten yourself an exceptionally good man. Xi Xiaye chuckled gently.

Before the laughter subsided, there was a knock on the door. Even before they could answer, a few rather young and beautiful girls donned in bridesmaids dresses entered through the door.

Zitong, the grooms car is here. Theyre right downstairs!

The bridesmaids were all Ji Zitongs good friends. Right now, Su Chen had gone straight to the hospital to pick up the bride. They would have to rush to the cathedral in the suburbs right away while the banquet was at Imperial Sky Hotel.

Xi Xiaye reacted quickly and got up. Quickly, she said to the makeup artist as she helped Ji Zitong put on her veil,Come, lets get ready!

The few bridesmaids helped her out too.

In a moment, they already heard the ruckus from outside the door. Xi Xiayes first reaction was to go and lock the door.

Lock the door! Dont let them in!

Zitong, this time Ill definitely get your husband to give us more red packets. I want them to know that our Zitong isnt that easy to marry. That way, theyll know how to appreciate you after that!

Right, right, and the wedding vows! Remember to bring the wedding vows!

Where are my heels? Are they ready? Xiao Mei, hide them. Make them dizzy trying to find the heels!

Ive hidden them well. Theres one on top of the cupboard. Ill see how they can find them.

Xi Xiayes face contained a faint smile as she hosted the guests busily while Ji Zitong pursed her lips slightly.

Just as the group of them was in chaos, there was a knock on the door. The first person to speak out was a girl,Hello, Im the service provider sent over to put on the veil. Well leave the door a little open, alright?

Pfft, how dare you play such childish games? Master Su, well have to see how sincere you are! That womans voice had just finished when the crowd laughed.

The people outside were quite frank. Before they could finish laughing, a few red packets were stuffed underneath the door, and at the same time, along with a card containing corny words of endearment. Xi Xiaye took a look at the corny words on the card. She was sure that this kind of rotten idea was probably only something Zhou Zimo could come up with!

Then, more than ten red packets were slid in too. They were still thinking about holding them back and extorting them for more when the door suddenly opened from the outside. All of them screamed, and Xi Xiaye immediately looked up too. What greeted her sight was Mu Yuchens noble and handsome face.

Chairman Mu!

The peoples eyes practically had pink bubbles in them as they were fixated on Mu Yuchens handsome face. At this moment, Su Chen, Zhou Zimo, and the rest came in too. Xi Xiaye was shocked that Qi Lei was one of Su Chens best men too!

Donned in a perfectly straight dark gray suit, he stood by the door and looked into the room with a devilish aura. His gaze very quickly stopped on Xi Xiaye.

Xi XIaye wore aqipaodress today with a blazer on the outside. Her hair was tied up into a refreshing bun, and she looked clean and elegant.

Xi Xiaye smiled and nodded gently at him, then turned to look at Ji Zitong.

Zitong, lets go get married!

Su Chen put the large bouquet of red roses into Ji Zitongs hands, then he wanted to carry her up, yet the two bridesmaids beside her reminded at the same time, Master Su, you havent found Zitongs heels!




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